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From the unique “toasts” to the clean fragrances, our “Here's To" Candles are designed to bridge any distance to connect to the amazing people in our lives.
10% of proceeds of every candle go to support the American Red Cross.
  • libra | here's to your natural harmony
  • virgo | here's to your strength of character
  • leo | here's to your fierce determination
  • here's to your positive impact - class of 2020
  • here's to daring greatly - class of 2020
  • here's to making. it. happen - class of 2020
  • here's to your grand adventure - class of 2020
  • here's to dreaming big - class of 2020
  • here's to the class of 2020
  • here's to surviving homeschooling
  • here's to just one #$@& hour alone
  • here's to business on top, PJs on bottom
  • here's to not being stuck in traffic
  • here's to breathing in, and breathing out
  • here's to elastic waistbands
  • here's to date night in the den
  • here's to giving each other grace
  • here's to your generosity of spirit
  • here's to your unconditional love
  • here's to your inspiring strength

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