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Collection: Quarantine Candles

Maybe we can’t sit next to each other right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be there for each other.  From the absurdities of homeschooling to commiserating over endless piles of dishes, our COVID-19 world is more manageable when shared.  These candles were inspired by real conversations between couples and girlfriends as we continue to see each other fully – with both rueful smiles and grace.
  • here's to just one #$@& hour alone
  • here's to business on top, PJs on bottom
  • here's to breathing in, and breathing out
  • here's to surviving homeschooling
  • here's to elastic waistbands
  • here's to date night in the den
  • here's to giving each other grace
  • here's to not being stuck in traffic

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