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here's to just one #$@& hour alone
here's to just one #$@& hour alone
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, here's to just one #$@& hour alone
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, here's to just one #$@& hour alone

here's to just one #$@& hour alone

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Here’s to the glorious memory of when everyone used to leave the house and we were able to luxuriate in silence.  Here’s to not even asking for a whole room of our own, but just wanting an hour in any room on our own.  Here’s to our sanity and our lovable monsters who chip away at it.  Here’s to us.

Our "Here's To" candles were created to celebrate your most memorable moments. From the unique “toasts” to the clean fragrances, each candle is designed to bridge any distance to connect to the amazing people in your life.


  • Seasonal Scent created with phthalate-free skincare grade ingredients.
  • Hand-poured using eco-friendly vegan coconut soy wax. Made in USA.
  • Wooden wick burns best when trimmed to 1/8 inch before each use.
  • Net weight 9 oz.  Enjoy 50+ hours of burn time. 

    what people are saying

    Her smile when she opened the video gift message and saw her puppy jumping was everything. She loved that even more than the actual gift! 

    Lisa S. from New York, NY

    I love being able to send a photo or video of my girls along with my gift, especially when we can’t be there in person. There's no better way to make a gift more special.

    Alice G. from Los Angeles, CA

    We’ve already reused our Tokki five times! It’s so fun to scroll through the history, and I love teaching my kids the joy of reuse and cutting down waste.

    Margaret Z. from Spokane, WA

    It was seriously the most simple gift (socks!) but it was my absolute favorite because of the experience of opening the digital message from my son.

    Megan R. from Seattle, WA

    I'm not great with gift wrap, but I was able to wrap six wine bottles in just a few minutes with no mess. They ended up gorgeous, and I loved gifting something sustainable.

    Barbara L. from San Francisco, CA

    I love getting the email notice every time the Tokki I gave my friend is reused. It's like sisterhood of the traveling gift wrap.

    Liz T. from Toronto, ON
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