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Noisy Miners | Reusable Gift Wrap

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Make your gift unforgettable by uploading a photo or video to your Tokki gift tag.  Just point your camera app at your Tokki (no download required).  All gift messages sent or received can be saved into your digital Tokki album.  This Tokki comes with a limited edition, 100% cotton “Noisy Miners” Tokki Wrap.  Made in the USA.  Please reuse over and over.   

how to

1. SCAN the qr code on the front of the band.

2. CREATE a message and add a photo, video, or GIF to make it memorable.

3. FOLLOW your qr card's journey as it's given from friend to friend. Give endlessly!

Still curious? Check out our how to & FAQ pages!


100% high-quality quilter's cotton

Durable - designed for endless reuse


small - 16.5” x 16.5”

medium/large - 26” x 26”

the most personal way to gift

QR cards connect us in a way paper never could. Add a sweet video of your kids or send a GIF to your best friend—this is gifting, reimagined.

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