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Ultimate Mommy-Approved Gifts for Baby

The Best Baby Gifts: The Ultimate Mommy-Tested Guide

When I found out I was pregnant I spent that entire 10 months researching every product I could for infants and toddlers. So much so that I have since had three friends reuse my exact baby registry for their baby showers. The major factors in my purchases were whether they were safe, sustainable, durable, and (let’s be honest…) attractive. I have never been a huge fan of clunky plastic toys or the frustrating and wasteful packaging many baby products come in.

Now that these products have been used by not only one but two boys, I can safely say that these are some of the best products out there - period! So, whether you are looking for a gift for a baby shower, preparing for a new baby, or a birthday gift for your own baby or toddler, you can purchase with confidence knowing that every one of the baby gift ideas on this list is parent-approved.

Tokki Wrap + Tokki Band - Digital Album

Tokki: Tokki Wrap + Tokki Band

Paired with: Willow Leaves Falling Tokki Wrap

Here at Tokki, we know that a new mom’s baby shower is special and deserves to be remembered. One of the gifts below paired with our Tokki wrap and band makes your baby shower gift a memory in the making.  Pictures and videos can be uploaded with each gifting moment so all of the messages of love and celebration throughout the years are never lost. If you are looking for a Tokki Tested baby shower gift - be sure to check out our Ready To Gift - Baby Bundle, which includes items featured in this gift guide wrapped and ready for the mama to be!

The Ollie World: The Ollie Swaddle

The Ollie World: The Ollie Swaddle

Paired with: A Waddle of Penguins Tokki Wrap

With all the swaddle options out there, new moms are bound to get confused. I bought just about every swaddle on the market (except the Ollie 😓) for my first child and never could make any of them work. They were either too hot (this was usually the issue... my kids run warm!), not hot enough, too easy to get off, or too uncomfortable. 

With our second child, I ordered the Ollie Swaddle before he was born and it was the only swaddle we used! Its moisture-wicking fabric, stronghold Velcro, and easy-to-access diaper area checked all the boxes, but most importantly it kept our baby asleep! We were able to use it well beyond a traditional swaddle’s lifespan because you can use it with the baby’s arms out - genius! It’s no wonder why it’s been named The Bump’s Best Swaddle for the past two years. 

Binxy Baby: Shopping Cart Hammock

Binxy Baby: Shopping Cart Hammock

Paired with: Ocean to Mountain Tokki Wrap

If you have ever had a newborn in the winter, you understand the urge to keep your baby safe during cold and flu season. But once your meal train comes to an end you must venture to the store. Enter the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock - and this thing is cool! 

You can attach it across the shopping cart and either have the baby lay in the hammock or strap your infant car seat into the hammock with the attached buckle. This leaves room in the cart below the hammock for you to shop till you drop and keeps your baby away from germs - it’s a total mom hack!

Cheeky Cloth: One Size Reusable Swim Diaper

Cheeky Cloth: One Size Reusable Swim Diaper

Paired with: A Gam of Whales Tokki Wrap 

We LOVE Cheeky Cloth swim diapers! These reusable and 100% adjustable diapers are eco-friendly and adorable. Disposable swim diapers are totally lame, and you have to buy them in a particular size leaving you with an abundance of extra diapers as your child grows. These swim diapers grow with your child (they can be worn from newborn to toddler years), can be worn alone or under a bathing suit, and are machine washable. 

My youngest uses his Cheeky Cloth swim diapers every week for swim lessons and our swim instructors always comment on how cute and unique they are. I suggest getting two (one for backup) so your swimming outing doesn’t end too early! 

BABY BREEZ - Heather Teal Convertible LUXIE™

BABY BREEZ - Convertible LUXIE™

Paired with: Wolf Pack Tokki Wrap

These stretchy and incredibly soft pajamas by Baby Breez are my absolute favorite. I’m not exaggerating when I say my boys have TWENTY pairs! The fold-over handcuffs are perfect for the newborn stage but what is really cool is that they use the same design on the feet, so you have the choice to have their feet cuffed or not. (My oldest calls them his ‘super socks’!) 

In terms of design, the solid colors and marble prints win over my minimalist heart. They have been worn and washed more times than I can count and hold up so well. It’s safe to say we are obsessed!

Ryan and Rose: Cutie Pat Round Pacifier

Ryan and Rose: Cutie Pat Round Pacifier

Paired with: Noisy Miners Tokki Wrap

My firstborn wouldn’t take a pacifier for what felt like forever! I have this picture of all the types of pacifiers I purchased for him lined up and I named it the ‘binky graveyard’ because not one of them did the trick. Jump forward a year, Ryan and Rose invented the Cutie PAT and my second child was born. He took his Cutie PAT IN. THE. HOSPITAL. (Faint!) 

Not only have they come out with different stages of Cutie PATs (for babies with teeth as well as flat-shaped), they also have Cutie Clips, Cutie Teethers, Rattles and much more. The teethers are still my 18-month old’s favorite car toy. I gift Ryan and Rose to all the new moms! 

George Hats: Stripe Trucker Hat

George Hats: Stripe Trucker Hat

Paired with: A Parliament of Owls Tokki Wrap 

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a hat? But getting a baby and toddler to wear a hat can be harder than it looks. They don’t like to wear anything that’s uncomfortable which usually results in the hat being thrown on the ground. That’s why we are in love with George Hats’ adorable designs that are perfect for tiny heads! 

These handmade and high-quality hats are super stylish and easily adjust to your little one’s head size so they forget they are even on. They release limited edition prints every Friday. Some of our favorite designs are the construction trucker, foxes trucker, camo trucker, and 5-panel stripe - you are bound to find the perfect design for your little one and they’ll be the stylish baby in town! 

DockATot: Deluxe+ Dock

DockATot: Deluxe+ Dock

Wrapped with: Tokki Bow

If you have had a baby in the last few years you have probably heard about the DockATot. These ‘docking stations’ are perfect for just about anything involving your baby: sleeping, tummy time, playing, traveling - you name it, the DockATot does it. 

Both my boys have slept in DockATots since the day they were born, and they STILL use them every day and night. We used the Deluxe size until they were about 8 months old and currently use the Grand size in their toddler beds, so they don’t roll out - and because they just love them! 

They have traveled with us across the United States and all over Europe. You’ll want an extra cover because you won’t ever want to go without it. I’ve gifted the DockATot to close friends for their baby shower and it is truly their most-used baby item.

Hope & Plum Roosevelt Sling

Hope & Plum: Roosevelt Sling

Paired with: Fields of Sunshine Tokki Wrap

I didn’t discover ring slings with my first son until he was six months old, but my second practically lived in one for months! Baby-wearing is all the rage these days and there are tons of carrier options out there, but ring slings are the most comfortable and attractive choice I have found. 

My friend introduced me to Hope & Plum slings and I’m in love with their handmade, soft, and beautiful fabrics - perfect for snuggling your tiny babe. They carry different sizes so you can get a custom fit for your body type. It takes a bit of practice to get the sling adjusted just right but once you get it you won’t want to use anything else to carry your baby - including your arms!

Big Bee Little Bee: ScrubBEE

Big Bee Little Bee: ScrubBEE

Paired with: A Flutter of Butterflies Tokki Wrap

We discovered the ScrubBEE a few months back and it’s been a hit during bath time, so I knew I had to include it in our favorite baby items. My boys love using it themselves, but I wish so badly I would have had it while my babies were newborns as it’s the softest silicone bath scrub and makes bathing super easy. It’s a night and day difference from using a washcloth - you won’t want to go without it! These are going in all my baby shower gifts from now on.

BlaBla Kids: Socks the Fox

BlaBla Kids: Socks the Fox

Paired with: A Zeal of Zebras Tokki Wrap

Move aside teddy bear, here comes your baby’s new BFF.  These dolls are so darling! We are in love with the bright and whimsical colors, snuggly soft fibers, and charming characters. On top of being handmade with safe and non-toxic materials and sustainable and fair-trade practices, each doll purchased plants one tree to help reforestation (that's a cause we can get behind!). 

Their small dolls can be wrapped in a size small Tokki wrap (in zippered pouch) and their larger doll in a size medium (in zippered pouch).

RAGS: Sketchbook Floral Romper

RAGS: Sketchbook Floral Romper

Paired with: Windows of Opportunity Tokki Wrap

To say I’m a huge fan of these rompers would be an understatement - we’re talking more like addict status. My boys live in RAGS and have been wearing them for over three years. I don’t even want to count how many we have. 

These stylish, stretchy, snap free rompers are my go-to gifts for baby showers, birthdays and holidays, and those who receive them instantly become die-hard customers. It makes dressing your kids easy peasy - just pull it up and you're ready to go! 

Oh, and Dads love them, too - no more trying to track down a matching outfit! They release new prints every week and can sell out super fast - so if there is one you have your eyes on don’t hesitate, you won't regret it. Get ready to become obsessed!