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We'reTokki, and we’re on a mission to ignite joy through gifting. We work hardevery day to make gifting more memorable and sustainable with our reusable gift bags & gift card holders. Each comes with a built-in QR greeting card, that you can personalize with your favorite photos, videos, and GIFs. Then reuse, endlessly! We’re woman-owned, carbon-neutral, and donate 1% to the planet 🌎

our story

Our founder, Jane Park, was cleaning up her living room one Christmas morning and found herself asking: can I recycle all of this? 

A quick google search revealed that if it’s too sparkly, shiny, thin, or color-saturated—it goes straight to the landfill. She learned that every year, Americans use enough single-use gift wrap and greeting cards to wrap around the earth nine times! 

She knew there had to be a better way. She remembered that her grandmother would wrap important gifts in squares of silk, which her family used again and again over the years. She was inspired by this Korean tradition, and wanted to find a way to take it a step further. Jane hoped to make re-gifting a more fun and memorable experience, something that connected us and helped out the planet in the process.  

That’s why she created Tokki: the coolest, easiest, most cost-effective way to make your gifts unforgettable. Our gift bags and gift card holders combine thoughtful technology with beautiful designs, fit to celebrate every occasion. They make birthdays brighter, holidays merrier, and cleanup less terrible. Join us in more joyful gifting!  

meet our founder

In both her personal and professional life, Jane Park is deeply committed to the idea of doing better each day. That’s why she starts companies. Before Tokki, she grew her brand Julep from a Seattle-based brick-and-mortar nail parlor into a beloved social beauty brand distributed nationally at Sephora, Nordstrom, Ulta and QVC. Before that, she worked on innovation at Starbucks and consumer goods & retail at the Boston Consulting Group.

Jane melds her leadership experience and empathy to create an engaging and entrepreneurial culture at Tokki. Aside from Tokki, she is a nationally renowned speaker, mentor, writer, mom, wife, sister, girlfriend, daughter, and aunt. Her favorite place is being underwater with turtles and her favorite writer is Juhmpa Lahiri.

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meet our president

Angie Snyder is an experienced business leader with a passion for helping build brands large and small. Before joining Tokki, she was the CMO of Aegis Living, led Marketing and Strategy teams at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack, and was a Brand leader at Marriott Hotels. She’s a rockstar at business strategy, loves building and empowering teams, and is always looking for ways to enhance our customer's experience.   

In her personal life, Angie loves spending time with her family and friends—especially outdoors. She’s a frequent “forest-bather” (check it out!), pilates-goer, cross-country skier, and avid reader (audio books are her jam). Angie is grateful to run Tokki beside her long-time friend, Jane, and looks forward to continuing our work building a more sustainable and memorable way to gift!   

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