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frequently asked questions

where does the name “Tokki” come from?

“Tokki” (pronounced toe - key) is Korean for Rabbit! Our Co-Founder Jane was born in Korea and immigrated to Canada with her parents when she was four. "San-Tokki" (mountain rabbit) is a popular children’s song in Korea, one that her parents sang to her and she sang to her own kids.  

Tokki represents tradition and connection between the people we love most. We hope our Tokki’s will “hop” around the world, bringing joy from gift to gift and friend to friend.

can I reuse my tokki? how many times?

This is an amazing and valid question—but we can’t help but chuckle when we hear it. Our answer is a resounding YES!!! It’s the whole point!  

Reuse is something we’re super passionate about at Tokki. Not only does reusing your Tokki save thousands of pounds of wrapping material from ending up in landfills (high-five to mama earth)--it also makes the gifting experience waay more fun.  

With each reuse, your Tokki’s history can be saved and enjoyed for years to come. And there’s no limit to how many times your Tokki can be reused. So keep on scanning, saving, and repeating! 

how do I open my qr card?

Using your phone’s camera app, simply scan the QR code on your Tokki and click the magic link that appears at the top of your screen. No download required.

Isn’t technology the coolest? Now you should probably go thank the person who gave you such an awesome gift...

do I have to create an account or download anything?

Nope! No account needed and no download required. Just use your camera app and you’re good to go.

how do I save my qr card?

Create a free account by scrolling to the bottom of your card and pressing “sign in to save message & download media” where you can create an account. Your card will automatically be saved to your Tokki Album once you log in. 

what do I do with my qr card once I open it?

Definitely take a minute to marvel at the wonders of technology and the coolness of whoever gave you this gift! Then, we recommend saving the card to your Tokki album so you can admire it later on (see question above for extra help).

Now you’re ready to reuse! When you want to regift your Tokki, just click “add a new card”. Don’t worry—we'll give you a chance to save it before you go. 

can I share my qr card on social media?

We don’t have a feature to do this yet (we're working on it!) but in the meantime, we would love for you to screenshot your card and share it on your socials. Make sure to tag @tokkigifting so we can celebrate with you! 

how do I create a new qr card?

After scanning the QR code, click “create a new card” and follow the prompts! More uses = more fun (:  

what files can I upload and how big can they be?

Currently, we are able to support the following file types for uploading: .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .mp4, .m4v, and .mov. and support up to 2 minutes of recording time.

which is best: photo, video, or GIF?

This is really a matter of personal preference, but we thought it would be fun to give you some ideas!

Check out this blog post where we teach you how to craft the perfect personalized card. Jane is team photo and Taylor is team video (our two co-founders)—which team are you? 

oops I made a mistake! can I get a re-do?

Of course you can! Right after you create a new card, you have the option to edit the message you’ve written (text only) OR you can delete the card and start over (just click "regift & add new card").

who can see my photo/video cards?

Only you and your giftee will be able to view your gift message, photo, video, or GIF—unless you uncheck the box beside the option “only you and your gift recipient can view.” If you uncheck this privacy box, then others who have this Tokki in their possession and scan the QR code can view and share your qr card. 

Whether or not you check the privacy box, in all instances, the “To,” “From” and emoji “Occasion” lines will be visible to anyone who has access to the QR Code on your Tokki (and anyone they decide to share it with). For more about our privacy policy, click here. 

what's your return policy?

We want you to be delighted with your Tokki product or we will take it back, no questions asked. Please send it back to us in 30 days with the original packaging. More about our refund policy and return shipping here.