Birthday Gifts for Her: The Perfect Gift for Every Age 20 - 60+

Birthday Gifts for Her: The Perfect Gift for Every Age 20 - 60+

When it’s time to celebrate your friend, girlfriend, mother, sister, or grandmother, where do you go to find the best birthday gifts for her? You don’t want the same-old-same kitschy picks – you know she needs something extraordinary, something bold, something…as awesome as she is. You want a gift that says, “I love you for the badass, epic, lights-out-amazing woman you are.”

Whether we’re talking a gift for your mom on her 50th, or it’s your bestie’s 30th birthday, gifts for her big day are as essential to the festivities as that four-layer-chocolate-on-chocolate cake you ordered from her favorite bakery. That’s why we’ve put together our most thoughtful birthday gift ideas for every age. As always, you can trust us because we have no incentives other than helping you release the inner gifting goddess within (e.g. no one is paying us for these recommendations). ‘Here’s to up your gifting game.

Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Women in Their 20s

1. For the Supreme Court Justice in the Making: This RBG Pop Art iPhone Case & Cover

Because of RBG everything. When she pulls out her phone she’ll get an instant burst of inspiration from this sassy, bright case – printed with Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s on-point “don’t mess with me” face.

2. For the Health-Conscious Girl on the Go: This Monthly SnackSack Subscription

She’s busy, working hard, and making moves – so much so that sometimes she doesn’t even have time to eat a full meal. With a subscription from SnackSack she’ll always have a healthy munchie on hand – even when her hands are busy typing, texting, or prepping for a big meeting.

The great part? Every time she receives her monthly box she’ll be reminded how much you care for her. That’s what we call a sweet treat!

3. For the Newly Adulting One: These Low-Maintenance Purifying Plants

Photo courtesy of

Listen, we all have to start somewhere. It might not be time for a dog, a cat, even a fish, but these low-maintenance succulents (and other plants) from Urban Stems will brighten up her apartment, or room – without asking for too much in return.

Just a little bit of water every once in a while, and maybe a few loving words on her way out the door and these plants will remain happy, healthy little pots of joy in her home.

Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Women in Their 30s

1. For the Romantics, Dreamers, and Lovers of Stars: This Your Night Sky Map

Photo courtesy of

This is for the moment you knew you two were in love, or the moment she brought her new little one into the world. It’s for the nights that defined her life and the moments that made her catch her breath.

Totally unique, and completely personal, these prints of the night sky can be customized to suit her aesthetic and come with the date and time of her special moment. This is a gift she’ll never forget – just like the night it celebrates.

2. For the One Who Never Says No to a Good Cocktail: This Infuse & Pour Alcohol Kit

Shaken or stirred? With this infusion kit from Uncommon Goods, the answer is: either. These crafty containers hold fan-tested ingredient combos like dried orange peel, cinnamon, and clove, or dehydrated blueberry, lemon, and lavender.

All she has to do is remove the ingredients from their packaging, add her favorite spirit, and kick back for a week or so as the infusion process works its magic. Then it’s happy hour, honey!

3. For the Self-Love Super Star: A Nice Bottle of Vino and A Copy of Bird by Bird by Annie Lamott

Photo courtesy of Anchor Books

When I can’t be with my girlfriend, I love having Annie and a glass of wine stand-in for me.  Whether your girlfriend is a writer or not, this hilarious how-to book is funny, generous, and actionable.

Wrap this duo up together in one of our limited-edition Tokki wraps – topped off with a Tokki band, complete with e-card where you can tell her how much she means to you.

4. For the Die-Hard Yogi: This 2-in-1 Yoga Mat

If she loves hot yoga but is sick and tired of battling a slippery mat, then this 2-in-1 mat and towel combo from Aurorae will be the best birthday gift for her. The more sweat this mat takes on, the more grip it has, which means your yogi friend can focus fully on their flow – not their slip-n-slide mat situation.

Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Women in Their 40s

1. For the Oolong Lover on the Go: This Tea Tumbler

Teabloom Tea Traveler
Photo courtesy of Teabloom

Coffee fans get a lot of love – but what about the women who prefer tea? This tea tumbler is the perfect way to show your loved one you care – and that you pay attention to her beverage preferences. ;)

The built-in infuser gives her the chance to steep her tea on the go, and the thermos itself is made of bamboo and stainless steel – a great eco-friendly option. And, yes, even if she does enjoy coffee, this portable tumbler can be filled with the cold or hot coffee beverage of her choice.

For the Hiking Nut: This Patagonia Women’s Nano Puff Jacket

This mid-layer, insulated piece from Patagonia is a must-have for any hiker’s wardrobe. Wear it as your main jacket on warmer days, or underneath a thicker jacket on cold winter hikes. It comes in several colors and will keep her looking chic as she climbs her next mountain.

Noisy Miners Tokki Wrap and Tokki Band

This jacket can be easily wrapped in a size medium/large Tokki wrap and band. Personalize the digital card for an extra special gifting experience. Plus, every time this Tokki wrap is regifted, Tokki will plant a tree (and it creates less gift wrapping waste).

For the Tech-Savvy Power Woman: This iPhone/Apple Watch Charging Station

Photo courtesy of belkin

With this cool gadget she gets to keep her Apple Watch close, and her iPhone closer. Built to fit multiple generations of Apple products, this sleek charging station from Belkin is an ideal birthday gift for women who cannot afford to have their batteries die midway through the day.

Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Women in Their 50s

1. For the Fast-Paced Business Woman: This Unwind Lavender Gift Set and Soak It In Bath Gem

If she struggles to get to sleep at night, this lavender gift set from Uncommon Goods will soothe her. Lavender is known for inducing a calm state – much needed for those with a busy, hectic lifestyle.

As if that wasn’t enough bliss-in-the-making, top it all off with a CBD bath gem from Prima. With all this bedtime pampering she’ll say bye-bye to insomnia and hello to a deep, peaceful sleep.

2. For the Modern Maven of Home Décor: This 2D:3D Foldable Bowl

These unique bowls are perfect for holding fruit, remote controls, tea, keys, you name it, it will hold it beautifully. Inspired by origami, these bowls ship flat and feel magical to fold up. They are gorgeous and fun either filled or empty. As a bonus, you never have to worry about them breaking if you drop them, so you can leave them at toddler or puppy height. That's especially nice for a bowl that holds so much. I love mine because it magically transforms my clutter into approachable elegance.

3. For the One Who Loves Puzzles: This Drawing Room 1000 Piece Puzzle

We think this puzzle will be worthy of framing once it’s done – that’s how gorgeous it is. Either way, she’ll love spending carefree Sunday afternoons focused on this bold, bright puzzle by Collyer’s Mansion. For more puzzle fun, check out the Garden Room and Great Room options as well.

From our CEO/Founder Jane Park: "My VERY favorite puzzles are the magical ones made by Liberty, which are SO popular that they are only making them to order, currently (but check back in case they can make more!). The wood pieces slide in with a satisfying click, and there are so many points of celebration along the way. I always tell people, "this is not a silent puzzle, there will be some whooping involved." Also, the pieces themselves are gorgeous - shaped like eagles, giraffe, turtles - and they fit together in delightfully surprising ways. I never thought I could love a puzzle so much. The only thing I love more is sharing it with others!"

LIberty Puzzles offer the most amazing puzzling experience.

Send this one along with Tokki’s Ready to Gift toffee package so she’ll have something yummy to munch on while she’s in puzzle-mode.

Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Women in Their 60s and Beyond

1. For the Ultimate Matriarch: Time with Family

Time with family
Photo courtesy of by fauxels

Women over 60 regularly report that their favorite gifts aren’t things – they’re experiences. What tops the list? Quality time with family. Whether it’s a meal at home, or a full-blown family reunion, she’ll appreciate the time spent with her children, grandchildren, and other important family members.

2. For the One Who Wants a Little More Fresh Air: This Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Fan

Photo courtesy of Dyson

This is the superhero of fans. Aside from cooling or heating her room with its 350-degree rotational capability, it just knows when it’s time to purify the space and will detect multiple types of pollutants at once. If she’s a light sleeper, not a problem – the fan comes with a night setting, which lowers the volume but not the power of this multi-functional machine.

3. For the Keeper of Family Memories:  Digitize her slides, videos, negatives and home movie reels

Breathe new life into old photos, slides, negatives, or videotapes with this preservation service.  And better yet, spend some time going through it with her and maybe capturing her stories on an audio app on your phone, “This American Life”-style.  She’s not the only one who will be grateful. 

The Best Gift Deserves the Best Wrapping

Wrap her special birthday gift upright with our limited edition, eco-friendly Tokki gift wrap options. Browse our selection to find the perfect style to match her personality. 10% of our profits go toward protecting our planet. Learn more at

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