Birthday Gifts for The Aquarius in Your Life | Perfect Gifts for The Unique Zodiac Sign

Birthday Gifts for The Aquarius in Your Life | Perfect Gifts for The Unique Zodiac Sign

The unique beauty of an Aquarius is unmatched—but finding them a gift that reflects their individuality can be a daunting task. It might seem like this zodiac sign needs the most niche, difficult-to-find gift to feel satisfied—but deep down an Aquarius really just wants to feel like you’re paying attention. This star sign thrives when they’re around humans that make them feel understood, and tailoring your gifts to what they care about will be what wins them over!  

We've pulled together some killer gift ideas to get you started, each highlighting the many special qualities of the Aquarius zodiac sign. Everything from beautiful handmade earrings to grounding crystal starter set—this unique star sign will feel like you knew exactly what to get them all along.  

Tokki was NOT paid by anyone for these opinions (even by ourselves as it turns out). Each product has our "Tokki Tested" stamp of approval. Check out what that means. 

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Go Thrifting 

thrift store clothes

This might be one of our very favorite gift suggestions, and it fits so perfectly with the Aquarian mindset. Shopping second hand is the best way to reduce waste, and it is absolutely the most fun! The joy of finding just the right piece for that special person in your life is unmatched.  

We suggest looking through the knick-knack and home décor aisles, or take a look at the funky jackets and retro pieces. Aquarians will love knowing their gift is one of a kind and that you took the time to hunt for them.  

Black Lives Matter Hoodie

black lives matter hoodie

This zodiac sign is known for their progressive mindset, and there is no doubt in our minds that many Aquarians are supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. They are constantly seeking to make the world a better place and are not afraid to make their goals of social justice known. This hoodie’s simple and sleek design will fit right in to their cool-toned color palate and is sure to become new favorite.  

Swedish Dish Cloth Gift Set

swedish dish cloth gift set

Along with their goals of social justice and equality, this star sign cares deeply about the environment. They are always looking for ways to reduce their footprint in small and convenient ways—making this Swedish Dish Cloth Gift Set an easy choice.  

These crazy absorbent dish cloths replace up to 17 rolls of paper towels—and look good while doing it. Choose a witty candle from our selection of 100+ (even our Aquarius candle 👀) and send it all wrapped up in a beautiful reusable tokki gift bag. It’s the ultimate eco-friendly gift for your eco-minded friend.  

Pearl Moon Phase Earrings

pearl moon phase earrings

The bold and unique designs from this Seattle-based jewelry maker are absolutely stunning and will make your Aquarius feel one-of-a-kind. Our personal favorites are these pearly-white moon phase earrings, which fit seamlessly into Aquarius’ sleek and dreamy aesthetic.  

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

we're not really strangers card game

Although you might not associate emotions with this star sign, they can be surprisingly forthcoming once you get them to open upOne of their deepest desires is to feel understood, and having meaningful conversations can make them feel fulfilled.  

We’ve been seeing this card game all over the internet—and have really resonated with their emphasis on creating meaningful connection. The game can be played with people in any kind of relationship and moves through three carefully crafted levels of questions to help deepen your bond.  

Aquarius Zodiac Candle

aquarius tokki candle

“Here's to being truly one of a kind. Here's to your open communication and strong voice. Here's to always striving to make the world a better place. Here's to you, Aquarius.” 

This quote comes from the back of our Aquarius candle, which toasts to every beautiful thing that makes them who they are. Our zodiac candle collection was launched to celebrate each sign’s unique characteristics, and our Aquarius candle does just that. Each candle can be wrapped in a tokki gift bag, which can be reused again and again. Add your digital message to the gift tag to make the memory last forever. 

Handmade Head Scratcher

handmade head scratcher

Independence can be a blessing and a curse—especially when you’re trying to reach an itch that you just can’t scratch on your own. This handmade head scratcher is an Aquarian’s dream, for when they need a little touch therapy without another person around.  

Tokki X Gravitas Face Mask - Fly Away

tokki x gravitas face mask in fly away print

This socially-conscious air sign will appreciate something that keeps themselves and their communities safe, but they’ll definitely want it to go with their outfit. Our “fly away” face mask print screams Aquarius, and gives a nod to their adventurous side. This is a sign that is really missing travel right now, so any piece of escape is welcome.  

Travel Hammock

girl in blue travel hammock

If they don’t have a travel hammock yet, this is a no-brainer. These light and packable hammocks are an ode to their adventurous nature. They make heading to the woods for a last-minute escape easy and fun!  

“Best olive oil in the world” Gift Set 

olive oil gift set

Since we can’t travel the world, finding a way to expand our palates might be the next best thing. Our “Best olive oil in the world” hails from Spain—it's rich, smooth, and emulsifies like magic. Trying new things in the kitchen is that much easier with a tasty base, and this olive oil goes with everything.  

Crystal Starter Set

crystal starter set instructions

Crystals are slowly making their way into mainstream media, and we’re willing to bet your Aquarius has dabbled in the spiritual properties of stones at one point or another. This is a zodiac sign naturally drawn to strong energy and can be very sensitive to it, so finding a way to mitigate that exchange will be invaluable to them.  

Energy Muse is a woman-owned energy healing company on a mission to make learning about and using crystals easy and accessible. This crystal starter pack is a great place for your Aquarius to start exploring and connecting with their inner selves.  

Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker

solar powered bluetooth speaker

As a forward-thinking sign, Aquarians love innovation. They’re always on the market for the next-best tech gadget or something that will inspire them. This solar-powered bluetooth speaker will keep their jam sessions going while traveling the world, and never run out of juice!  

Skyjo Gift Set

skyjo gift set

One last gift idea to add to their carry-on, Skyjo is a fun and portable game that can keep their mind occupied on long flights around the world. It’s engaging, easy to learn, and fast-paced—so their quick minds will stay active on the go.    

Tattoo Parlor Gift Certificate

tattoo piercing neon sign

This sign’s creative expression is at its peak when it comes to tattoos. They love collecting experiences and documenting them forever can be a beautiful experience all on its own. A gift certificate to a local tattoo parlor might seem intense, but they will appreciate your support in something they love to do!  

Tokki Gift Bags & Wrap | The Eco-Conscious Companion for Every Gift

reusable gift bags

Whatever Aquarius you have in your life, Tokki gift bags & gift wrap help you celebrate them in the best way possible. Choose the limited-edition print that celebrates that special person, and don’t forget to include a custom gift message complete with a photo or video that lives in the Tokki gift tag attached to the bag. Our gift bags and gift wraps are designed to be used again and again, reducing the significant amount of gift wrap waste in landfills. Learn more about sustainable gifting here.

 aquarius gift guide pin

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