Birthday Gifts for The Aries in Your Life | Perfect Gifts for the Fiery Zodiac Sign

Birthday Gifts for The Aries in Your Life | Perfect Gifts for the Fiery Zodiac Sign

Think about a friend that has endless energy, loves to be the center of attention, and never seems to take a break. You probably just thought of an Aries! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and are the boss-babes that we all need in our lives. They’re action-oriented, enthusiastic, and love to be #1. 

When it’s an Aries birthday, you can’t show up empty-handed! This gift guide is here to help you dazzle the passionate and opinionated Aries in your life. Whether they’re adventurous, bold, or just need to chill—Tokki has you covered with a list of gift ideas any Aries would swoon over. 

The best part, these gifts are Tokki Tested. Check out what that means.

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Plan a Hike 

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The active Aries is always looking for the next thing to check off their bucket list. Hiking isn’t for everyone—but for those that love the outdoors, this is the perfect way to show them you care!  Spending quality time with someone you care about is a great gift no matter what, but Aries will appreciate the opportunity to get moving. 

For readers in the Greater Seattle Area, we’ve found some amazing hikes to try out! 

  1. Rattlesnake Ledge Trail (Pictured Above)
  2. Mailbox Peak
  3. Poo Poo Point

Bath Bomb

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While Aries are known to be on the go 24/7, it’s easy for them to forget to take a break. Bath bombs are a great way to encourage a chill night in to reset their busy brain. 

The Magma bath bomb from Lush is a great option for Aries. The cinnamon scent is perfect for their spicy personality! Lush bath bombs have been tested by us here at Tokki, and have our stamp of approval. Lush is an awesome company that doesn’t test on animals and uses little to no packaging for their products, we’re here for it! 

Girl Boss Book 

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As we now know, Aries are boss-babes that deserve to be recognized for their hard work. Learning from others who have been in their shoes is a great way for them to get a first-hand look at women who have paved the way for the go-getters of the world.

 #girlboss follows the story of Sophia Amoruso and how she went from literally dumpster diving to leading one of the fastest-growing retailers in the world. If this babe can do it, so can your Aries! 

Aries Candle

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What better way to show an Aries you care than by gifting them a personalized candle! The phrase “Smells like you only ride shotgun” is incredibly fitting for the wild and adventurous Aries. Whiskey River Soap creates incredible, long-lasting scents that are 100% soy and hand-poured. 

Candles are the perfect gift to pair with a Tokki—they add a little extra something that the eco-conscious Aries would love. A candle would fit perfectly in our medium/large size wrap. Check out our next gift idea to see which print to pick! 

Aries Tokki

So which Tokki should you get for the Aries in your life? Many associate Aries with fire and the color red, as fire is their astrological element. With this in mind, our A Burst of Energy fits perfectly with the fiery personality of an Aries, and would be the perfect solution to wrapping one of these awesome gifts! 

By wrapping a gift using a Tokki, you’re not only giving something to the person you’re gifting to. You’re giving back to the planet by eliminating waste from traditional gift wrap, single-use cards, and you’re even planting a tree! Don’t worry—we do the hard part for you. For every Tokki that is gifted or re-gifted, we plant a tree to celebrate. 

Chili Chocolate 

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Theo chocolate has been a Seattle staple for years, and their unique flavors give a great option for an adventurous eater like Aries! Their spicy personality will pair perfectly with the ghost chili chocolate. Be warned—this one packs a punch! 

Statement Sunglasses 

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Bold style is something Aries have on lockdown, and these adorable sunglasses are the perfect addition to their accessories collection! As we move into spring, anyone with a birthday in April or March will appreciate some extra sunnies. 

Pala is a sustainable sunglasses company that prioritizes long-lasting products that won’t break after one trip to the beach. They give back to communities in Africa to change the lives of sight-impaired people every day. Their mission is incredible, and their glasses are cute! What’s not to love? 

Statement Earrings  

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If sunnies aren't her thing, earrings are a great alternative. Statement earrings are all the rage these days, and for good reason! They give people the ability to show off their style in a fun and unique way. This fits perfectly with Aries bold personality, and the red of these adorable earrings from Noonday Collection fits perfectly with the red hue of an Aries. 

Noonday Collection partners with artisan businesses around the world to build a flourishing world. They have 4,500 artisans in counting impacted by the purchases on their site, and we hope to see more contribute to their amazing cause! 

Aries Necklace 

Jane's Pick

Jane Park, CEO and Founder of Tokki

This adorable Orelia necklace is a great gift for the understated Aries! Not everyone loves a statement piece, and this constellation charm is perfect for those who want to show off their Aries pride in a small way. Orelia is a brand that wants to strike a balance between high-quality jewelry that doesn’t break the bank, so this is a great option if you are looking for something with a lower price point.

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Birthstone Ring  

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This is something we’re very excited about here at Tokki—Enso rings! This is cutting edge silicone technology used to create beautiful, long-lasting, high-quality rings. They give back to the community through Rings for a Reason, and the rings themselves have countless benefits that traditional metal rings don’t have. Silicone is useful as it’s durable but still flexible and is great for a busy lifestyle (think Aries—hint hint).  

For those born in March, choose a bloodstone or vibrant aquamarine as their birthstone ring. For those born in April, diamond and sapphire are perfect! For an extra special gift, wrap it in a Tokki. Check out the Tokki Start Pack, nature addition, for the perfect way to wrap a gift and waste less.

Fresh Honeysuckle Perfume 

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As the center of attention, Aries always wants to be looking (and smelling) their best. What better way to capture their fun and fresh vibes than with a honeysuckle perfume? Honeysuckle is Arie’s designated flower (along with thistle) and this perfume captures the spirit of an Aries perfectly. 

Fresh is an incredible company that prioritizes safety and sustainability in the creation of their products. Their site boasts “The earth is our founders’ original inspiration” and we love to hear that they use renewable energy sources and are working to reduce their carbon footprint!

Zodiac Wall Art 

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The ram is the animal that represents Aries, and their strong-headed opinions might get in the way of interior decorating. This adorable print is perfect for the stubborn Aries in your life, as they can show off who they are through their decor! 

Tie-Dye Sweatshirt 

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As we’ve mentioned—Aries love to show off their bold and unique style. This amazing new textile brand is a perfect place to shop for them! With some of the most unique style options and every kind of tie-dye, there’s no shortage of bold prints. At Riverside, all clothing is hand-painted and hand-dyed, so you know you’re getting the highest quality and the most unique pieces! 

Tokki Gift Wrap | The Eco-Conscious Companion for Every Gift 

Whatever Aries you have in your life, Tokki wraps, bands, and bows help you celebrate them in the best way possible. Choose the limited-edition wrap that celebrates that special person, and don’t forget to include a custom digital message to commemorate your special day. For every Tokki that gets gifted or re-gifted, we plant a tree to celebrate. Learn more at 

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