Birthday Gifts for The Cancer in Your Life | Perfect Gifts for The Empathetic Zodiac Sign

Birthday Gifts for The Cancer in Your Life | Perfect Gifts for The Empathetic Zodiac Sign

Although they might not like to admit it, the Cancer zodiac sign will be highly anticipating their birthday gift this year. Not because of the gift itself, but gifting is a way to show this zodiac sign that you appreciate their empathetic and supporting nature. Cancers tend to shoulder a lot of emotional burden because of this empathy, and a birthday gift that allows them to release this burden is just what they need during these trying times.  

Many perceive this empathetic nature as sensitivity, and this can be true sometimes, but many Cancers are known to find strength in their emotions and not shy away from them. This is a quality worth admiring, and sometimes they need a little help with this reflection. This gift guide for the Cancer zodiac sign features products that can help ease the emotional distress that comes from supporting the people they love, while also providing ideas that can help them have a little fun.  

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DIY Movie Night Basket  

popcorn movie gift basket
Photo courtesy of Theresa Gillett on Pinterest. 

A major value of the Cancer zodiac sign is their commitment to family time. Quarantine might have them pulling their hair out with a bit too much of that family time, but typically they can’t get enough.  

This DIY movie night basket is a great way to create an experience for them to enjoy with their whole family. Put in some of their favorite snacks to show you care, and choose a movie you know they love (or a movie they have yet to see). They will appreciate your attention to detail!  

CBD Products

CBD is a huge trend these days, and its benefits clearly showcase why that is. If you haven’t already looked into CBD, we can assure you that it is not the same as it’s controversial counterpart THC. CBD products cannot get you “high”, but they do have tremendous applications when it comes to pain, stress, and anxiety relief.  

mission farms CBD cream

Cancer is a sign constantly worried about everyone but themselves. They have a huge emotional capacity that can sometimes be overridden by stress and anxiety. This CBD cream from Mission Farms is loaded with full-spectrum CBD to relax your mind and body while rejuvenating your skin. 

bath soak spilling out of package

Homebody prioritizes quality ingredients and is customer-focused when generating new products. This CBD-infused bath soak will not only make your bath water pretty, but it will help the Cancer in your life unwind after a long day.

Weighted Blanket  

grey folded weighted blanket
Photo courtesy of

This is another great example of a product that is proven to reduce anxiety among users. Weighted blankets have been popping up more and more, and the Cancer in your life is sure to love the added comfort of a cozy “artificial hug”.  

This blanket from Luxome is made from 100% organic Lyocell Bamboo and is cooling, moisture-wicking, thermal regulating, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and ultra-soft.  

Moon Lamp

glow in the dark moon lamp on wood stand
Photo courtesy of

The Cancer sign is ruled by the moon, and we love this beautiful 3D moon lamp from Lunar Lamps. Although this seems like a very literal representation of this connection, it’s easy to forget where our sign draws power from celestially. This moon will not only cast an iridescent glow that transforms their room, but it will remind Cancer of their roots every time they switch it on.   

Calming Tea

chamomile tea bag and loose tea

A great way to incorporate mindfulness into a Cancer's life is to take time to decompress. Coffee can increase feelings of anxiety, so switching to tea might be a good option for them!

This caffeine-free chamomile blend from BLK + Bold is perfect for de-stressing after a long day. This brand is a proudly black-owned business seeking to provide young people with an opportunity to better themselves, and we LOVE their mission and focus on impact. BLK & Bold pledges 5% of its profits to initiatives aligned to sustaining youth programming, enhancing workforce development, and eradicating youth homelessness.

Handmade Watercolors 

handmade watercolors palette on flowers and leaves
Photo courtesy of

We are obsessed with these handmade watercolors from artist Kristen Cooner at Hushwing Watercolors. They are made using natural ingredients and a high pigment ratio, so they will meet all of Cancer’s artistic needs.  

Cancer is a water sign, and love to connect to themselves and others through art. Watercolors are a great option to gift the Cancer in your life, and there are a variety of color palettes to choose from so you can pick the one that’s right for them.  

Personalized Friendship Bracelet  

plain gold bracelet
Photo courtesy of

Not only are Cancer signs empathetic, but they are extremely loyal and supportive of their friends. They are always ready to lend a listening ear to someone struggling and will stick by you no matter what. A high-quality friendship bracelet is a great gift to show you care, and something they can remember you by always.  

This Gorjana bracelet allows you to personalize your inscription on the simple gold band. Some suggestions for personalization include names, dates, or even the coordinates of where you both live (for those long-distance besties).

Video Collage  

photo collage
Photo courtesy of

One of this signs most prominent values is loyalty, and this is really highlighted in their relationships. Their sentimental side loves to reminisce on the memories you have made together. Having a culmination of their memories with you is an easy and fun gift that really shows you care. Rather than making a traditional photo collage, try this video collage app for a unique twist.  

Quarantine Gift Set  

tokki being next to you soon candle and puzzle

Even from afar, we can still show our love and appreciation for the Cancers in our lives. This birthday might be a little difficult to celebrate when you’re apart, but our quarantine gift set is a great option to connect at a distance. This set includes our “being next to you soon” candle, who’s message is all about the joy that our friends bring when they're near. The back of the candle reads, “Here's to being in laughing distance. Here's to the way I miss doing nothing with you for hours. Here's to how your presence brings me joy. Here's to you.”  

This candle is paired with a fun magnetic puzzle, and one of our Tokki face masks.  Our face masks are made with 100% quilters cotton and are built to last, so you can help keep the people in your life safe. Everything in the gift set is wrapped in one of our beautiful Tokki’s and you get to add a personalized message to the digital gift tag.  

Paddle Board 

ROC paddle board

As a water sign, Cancers find peace and stability in their connection to the sea. This ROC Inflatable paddle board is sleek and stylish, and will give them hours of invaluable time on the water. This set comes with all the necessary equipment so they will be ready to go when it’s time to jump in!  

White Roses  

white roses in circle box

Not only are these roses beautiful, but they last forever! No more buying flowers just to see them die in a week. Fleurs de Paris offers a wide variety of colors and box shapes to house their elegant roses.

This bundle of four white roses is a great option to gift your cancer, with its understated and everlasting beauty. White roses are the designated flower for those born in late June and early July, and this product allows your special someone to enjoy them for years to come.  

Personalized Cutting Board  

personalized cutting board

Personalization can make any gift shine, but these cutting boards are next level. This Etsy shop takes the design from your hand-written recipe and turns it into a beautiful cutting board work of art! Cooking is a fun activity for many Cancers, as it allows them to spend time with the people they love AND eat yummy food.  

Gratitude Journal  

Start Where You Are journal

As we’ve mentioned, the emotions of a Cancer can be overpowering. Their deep empathy for others creates a need for reflection, and this journal “Start Where You Are” can give them the much-needed space. The book nurtures their creativity, mindfulness, and self-motivation and is a great way to help your Cancer navigate daily life.  

Buddha Board  

Buddha board

Last but not least, the Buddha Board. This is a gift that keeps on giving. It combines the peaceful connection to water that Cancer’s love, and the joy that comes from creating art all in one. It has virtually no clean-up and is available to ease their mind at all hours of the day. The board is a great way to practice living in the moment because the art you create only sticks around for so long.  

Tokki Gift Wrap | The Eco-Conscious Companion for Every Gift  

Whatever Cancer you have in your life, Tokki wraps and bands help you celebrate them in the best way possible. Choose the limited-edition wrap that celebrates that special person, and don’t forget to include a custom digital message to commemorate your special day. For every Tokki that gets gifted or re-gifted, we plant a tree to celebrate. Learn more at

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