Birthday Gifts for The Capricorn in Your Life | Perfect Gifts for The Reliable Zodiac Sign

Birthday Gifts for The Capricorn in Your Life | Perfect Gifts for The Reliable Zodiac Sign

If you’ve stumbled upon this gift guide, lucky you! That means you probably know a Capricorn, and are looking to get them a gift as special as they areCapricorn’s loyalty, responsibility, and ambition make them one of the most rewarding relationships to have in your life. They will push you to reach higher, but are always there to catch you when you fall.  

Our Capricorn gift guide brings together a variety of unique and sustainable gift ideas that this zodiac sign will love. From a DIY vision board kit to map out their dreams, to “Capricorn coffee” (it’s just as cool as it sounds)you’ll have no trouble finding a gift for this reliable star sign. 

Tokki was NOT paid by anyone for these opinions (even by ourselves as it turns out). Each product has our "Tokki Tested" stamp of approval. Check out what that means.  

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Eco-Friendly To-DList Pad

eco-friendly to-do list pad

A to-do list pad will keep them sane and structured throughout their busy days. This star sign likes to plan, and tend to be visual learners. An aesthetically pleasing to-do list pad for their workspace will de-clutter their mind and give them some mental space. Plus—this one uses 100% eco-friendly materials for ink, paper, and printing!  


Air Pods  

air pods

If you’re looking for a gift that lasts forever and they’ll use a ton—this is it. Air Pods use Bluetooth technology to connect to your devices and allow you to listen to music without the pesky wires. A common Capricorn trait is their musical ear, so givthem the gift of a wireless melody.  


Capricorn Zodiac Candle  

capricorn zodiac candle

“Here's to being the most loyal friend and trustworthy confidant. Here's to knowing what you want, and going after it without fear. Here's to you, Capricorn.” 

This quote comes from our very own Capricorn candle, a part of our Zodiac Candle Collection that speaks to the best attributes of each star sign. We use eco-friendly coconut soy wax, phthalate-free fragrances, and wooden wicks for a clean burn every time. We love highlighting what makes us each unique, and this candle will spark the joy of recognition with each light.  


A Gift card To Their Favorite Local Restaurant  

hands serving food on table

Capricorn’s love to cozy up and stick to what they know, so a gift card to their favorite local restaurant is perfect for a night in! Choose a joint with local delivery so they can cuddle on the couch with their favorite pizza or yummy stir fry. They’ll know exactly what to order and you’ll be supporting a local business, a total win-win.  


Sustainable Watch

solios solar powered watch

If you have the room in your budget to splurge on your Capricorn, we're obsessed with this solar-powered watch from Solios. Not only is this watch sustainably made with an eco-conscious design, but it continues to spark a conversation around solar energy. Capricorn’s love to be on time (if not a little early), so a high-quality watch is a must-have for this zodiac sign.   


Deluxe Wine Gummies Gift Set

deluxe wine gummies and shiny eco envelope

This fun and fancy wine gummies gift set is just what your Capricorn needs after a stressful work day.  These sophisticated gummies come from a woman-owned, eco-conscious company that creates 100% organic vegan goodies. This zodiac sign appreciates quality and little bit of luxury, so a convenient way to sip rosé will be much appreciated. Plusthey come wrapped in one of our beautiful eco envelopes made of pressed plant fibers so you can up your gifting game and help reduce waste all at the same time. 


Birth Flower Necklace

gold birth flower necklaces on sheet

Tired of the same boring zodiac sign jewelry? These birth flower necklaces from GLDN are the classy alternative your Capricorn will love. Their earth sign roots will give them a deeper appreciation for some natural representation, and they’re super cute! If they have a December birthday, the festive Holly necklace will keep their spirits bright. If they have a January birthday, the classy snowdrop will look beautiful for everyday wear.  


Vegan Leather Laptop Case

black vegan leather laptop case

The professional side of a Capricorn is not to be messed with, and neither is their style. This simple vegan leather laptop case will keep their valuables protected and their outfit uncompromised. We love this black-owned brand for their high-quality design and attention to detail.  


Fellows Tea Kettle Gift Set 

fellow's tea kettle temperature control

Capricorn’s love their efficiency, and are always looking for a way to make the things they love doing that much easier. If your Capricorn loves tea (or really anything hot water related) the Fellows Tea Kettle will streamline the process and give them peace of mind. With user-friendly temperature controls, LCD display, and super-speedy heating—they’ll get the perfect pour over, every time.   


DIY Vision Board Kit  

recycled magazine clippings

It doesn’t always take a master crafter to enjoy a good DIY, and this vision board will be perfect for your forward-thinking Capricorn. Snag some pre-cut magazine clippings (made out of recycled magazines) from this Etsy shop, then choose some of your favorite photos to send along with them! You can put together a collage yourself, or send along all of the materials for them to take on the DIY. You could even get some for each of you and do it together, or if you’re sending from a distance set up a zoom link!  


Tokki Face Mask – Paris Café

tokki face mask in paris café print

This practical zodiac sign will appreciate a gift that speaks to their health and wellbeing—please enter, Tokki face masks. Our face masks use a six-piece fitted design, 100% quilter’s cotton, and adjustable ear loops for the best fit that doesn’t sacrifice their style. Our “Paris Café” print is inspired by designer-wear and even matches Capricorn’s zodiac color. 


KeepCup Glass Travel Mug

keepcup reusable glass coffee mug

A star sign with big goals, Capricorn’s sometimes need the boost of caffeine to help them achieve their never-ending to-do lists. This cool glass travel mug from Eco Roots allows them to sip anywhere they go, without the harmful waste of single-use coffee cups and plastic straws. We love this brand for their innovative sustainable products and commitment to 100% recyclable packaging and plastic-free shipping!  


"The Professional" Zodiac Coffee  

zodiac sign coffee

If you want to add a little something to their reusable mug, check out this zodiac-themed coffee from ZodiacGirlCoffee on Etsy. She creates hand-crafted blends specific to each Zodiac sign’s characteristics. Capricorn’s blend is dubbed “The Professional” and is comparable to a House blend, medium roast with a mild, smooth flavor 


Clean Greens Face Mask

clean greens superfood face mask

After all of Capricorn’s hustle and bustle, a moment to rest and recharge with a face mask will be the highlight of their day. We found this nourishing Clean Greens face mask on Blk + Grn, a marketplace for all-natural, black-owned products. They have everything from skincare to home décor, go stop by!  

Tokki Gift Bags & Wrap | The Eco-Conscious Companion for Every Gift

tokki gift bags

Whatever Capricorn you have in your life, Tokki gift bags & gift wrap help you celebrate them in the best way possible. Choose the limited-edition print that celebrates that special person, and don’t forget to include a custom gift message complete with a photo or video that lives in the Tokki gift tag attached to the bag. Our gift bags and gift wraps are designed to be used again and again, reducing the significant amount of gift wrap waste in landfills. Learn more about sustainable gifting here.


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