Birthday Gifts for The Pisces in Your Life | Perfect Gifts for The Compassionate Zodiac Sign

Birthday Gifts for The Pisces in Your Life | Perfect Gifts for The Compassionate Zodiac Sign

There’s something about the chilly weather of late February that makes us extra-excited to celebrate warm and compassionate Pisces. This sign has spent the last year taking care of everyone else, and it’s time they get some recognition for their unending support.  
We’re willing to bet if you have a Pisces in your life, you’re wondering how you could possibly one-up the last birthday gift they got you. They go above-and-beyond for the people they love, and we want to do the same for them! This gift guide features gifts that infuse thoughtfulness and care into every aspect to truly wow them on their special day.  

Tokki was NOT paid by anyone for these opinions (even by ourselves as it turns out). Each product has our "Tokki Tested" stamp of approval. Check out what that means.

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Geode Vessel  

geode rock and air plant
Pisces's have an innate ability to look for the best in others, and a physical representation of their compassion will be a beautiful reminderThis geode vessel from Tal & Bert has a unique inspiration, "Our work is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, finding the beauty in imperfections. We take the cracks and breakages in the concrete and turn them into designs inspired by minerals we mine.”  

DIY Card Set

DIY card making 

Homemade gifts are this sign’s specialty, and they're the kind of people that truly mean it when they say “it’s the thought that counts”. Creating something for them (or with them) will be deeply meaningful—even if you're not a professional artist.  
This DIY card making set from Shop with a Mission will be an awesome creative outlet, whether you’re hand-making their card or gifting it for future use. We recommend the purple set, as purple (and all its various shades are Pisces’s designated color. This site is a fair-trade non-profit marketplace that supports artisans around the world and assists refugees, single mothers, widows, the physically disabled, and more. This small purchase will make a big difference!  

Color by Candlelight Gift Set  

color by candlelight
A coloring book can be the simple creative outlet this sign needs to take time for themselves and reflect. They can explore their creativity stress-free and connect with their inner artist. Our Color by Candlelight Gift Set includes beautiful pen and ink illustrations from renowned artist Johanna Bradford, high-quality double-ended colored pencils, and an inspiring Tokki candle. This one in particular toasts to discovering who they are meant to be, something your soul-searching pices will appreciate.

Karma Necklace  

karma necklace 
This is one of the most generous zodiac signs, and when generosity is second-nature it’s always uplifting to think about Karma. The philosophy that “what goes around comes around” is represented in this circular pendent necklace, and comes from an inspiring brand. Kind Karma Co. Employs at-risk and homeless youth to make handcrafted jewelry, and proceeds from each sale go to support their housing and educational development.

Cocktail Infusion Kit

blackberry DIY infused cocktail
Pisces are more than just compassion and emotion—they can be a lot of fun too! Their imaginative spirit is an exciting companion on a night out, and starting it off with a few unique cocktails will win your Pisces over. These cocktail infusion kits make a Friday night at home feel special, and they come from an awesome black and woman-owned Etsy shop.  

Manifestation Journal  

manifestation journal
With so much compassion and empathy, it can be easy for Pisces to bottle up their emotions. They tend to be on the sensitive side, and need a good outlet to write out their thoughts, fears, and dreams. This manifestation journal will allow them to do that and more, plus it’s made of 100% recycled paper. 

Tokki Pisces Candle

pisces tokki candle  

All of the traits we have talked about so far are worth celebrating, and reminding your Pisces of their genuine compassion is a beautiful gift. Our Zodiac Candle Collection toasts to each Zodiac signs unique characteristics so they feel seen and celebrated with each light. We hand-pour each candle using eco-friendly coconut soy wax, phthalate-free fragrances, and clean-burning wooden wicks. This is what you’ll find written on the back of our Pisces candle 
"Here's to striving for compassion in everything you do. Here's to sharing your wisdom with the world. Here's to your generous spirit. Here's to you, Pisces."

Music Plaque  

acrylic music plaque 


Their intuition and musical ear will allow this sign to appreciate a nod to their music taste. A fun way to showcase their favorite album or artist is this music display plaque, where you can customize a wall piece with a song of your choice.


Virtual Wine Tasting Box

virtual wine tasting  

This is our top pick from this list if you can splurge for your Pisces’s birthday this year. Cheers In a Box is a woman-owned company that provides everything you need (think class wine bar, zoom-style) with fancy sommeliers and high-quality wine pairings. Especially as a romantic gesture—your Pisces will enjoy a little escape from the comfort of their own home.

Fictional Novel

such a fun age bathtub and candle photo 
When this sign is looking for an escape from reality, many will turn to fiction as a way to explore new worlds while relaxing in the tub. A recent favorite of ours is Such a Fun Age, which follows a young black babysitter as she navigates the beginnings of adulthood. This book is equal parts educational and entertaining, making it the perfect gift for your Pisces.  

Centeredness Gift Set  

sheet masks and body scrub gift set
Create the ultimate relaxation-station with our Centeredness Gift Set. With so much focus being placed on the people they love, this sign could use some extra R&R. This gift set includes nourishing face masks, bright grapefruit body scrub, and an inspiring candle to light up their mood. You choose the candle, add a customized digital message to the tokki tag, and we wrap it up in a beautiful reusable Tokki gift bag. It’s gifting, reimagined.  

Body Pillow

eco friendly body pillow
Step aside, Pisces's true love is sleeping. They love to be cuddled too, and a body pillow is a necessary addition to their bed. This one is sustainably made from sheep’s wool to avoid the harmful toxins often found in pillow foam.  

Tokki Gift Bags & Wrap | The Eco-Conscious Companion for Every Gift

tokki gift bags 
Whatever Pisces you have in your life, Tokki gift bags & gift wrap help you celebrate them in the best way possible. Choose the limited-edition print that celebrates that special person, and don’t forget to include a custom gift message complete with a photo or video that lives in the Tokki gift tag attached to the bag. Our gift bags and gift wraps are designed to be used again and again, reducing the significant amount of gift wrap waste in landfills. Learn more about sustainable gifting here. 
pisces gift guide pin
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