Birthday Gifts for The Scorpio in Your Life | Perfect Gifts for The Passionate Zodiac Sign

Birthday Gifts for The Scorpio in Your Life | Perfect Gifts for The Passionate Zodiac Sign

The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and Scorpios are getting ready to celebrate. A Scorpio’s birthday is the perfect chance to recognize their undeniable passion for everything they do. Their lust for life and loyalty to the people they love make them incredible friends, and their air of mystery makes it that much more special to truly get to know them.  

This mystery can make it a little harder to find them the perfect birthday gift—but we have you covered. This gift guide features carefully curated products from brands we love that your Scorpio will love too! With everything from a red clay face mask (red is Scorpio’s color) to delicious dark chocolate caramels, you'll find just the right gift to make them feel seen.  

Tokki was NOT paid by anyone for these opinions (even by ourselves as it turns out). Each product has our "Tokki Tested" stamp of approval. Check out what that means. 


Gender-Neutral Musky Perfume  

 musk gender neutral perfume

Some adjectives that describe both Scorpio's and this gender-neutral perfume: passionate, sexy, and a bit dramatic. This sensual scent from Kiehl’s just screams Scorpio. It uses bergamot nectar, orange blossom, rose, and ylang ylang for a modern musk.   

Kiehl’s is committed to reducing their environmental impact and bringing their customers high quality, sustainably minded products that are never tested on animals. We love their skincare and their values!  


Red Clay Face Mask  

 red clay face mask

When a Scorpio sets their mind to something, there is little that can sway their course of action. This determination and commitment to hard work can take a toll, and a gift that says “treat yo self” is just what they need.  

This red clay face mask from Asarai is their #1 bestseller for a reason. This rich, buttery mask uses red clay from the Outback with natural antioxidants to detoxify and leave skin feeling glowy and smooth. Also—red just happens to be Scorpio’s color, so they’ll feel extra special when applying a mask just for them.  


Tokki Puzzle It Out Gift Set  



Scorpios are a very strategic sign. They like to think through problems and find a unique way to solve them. Puzzles are perfect for them, especially ones that really pay off in the end.  

That’s why our Puzzle It Out Gift Set is the ultimate gift for your Scorpio. We sourced the most beautiful puzzle from Bewilderness with 330 pieces of pure joy. This brand is based in Washington and creates puzzles that are the perfect level of difficulty and works of art when completed.  

Not only do we source high-quality, sustainable brands—but we include our own awesome products as well. Our Tokki Celebration Candles allow you to customize this gift for any occasion and find the right message for your Scorpio (pro tip—you can choose the Scorpio Candle from our Zodiac Collection). It all comes wrapped in a stunning reusable Tokki gift bag, and you personalize it with a digital card. We make memorable gifting magic easy, and you make your Scorpio happy.  


True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t Book 

 true facts that sound like bullsh*t book

Scorpio’s are straight shooters. They tell it like it is and like to stick to the facts. This hilarious book from Shane Carley will beef up their conversation-starters and baffle them with facts about everything, from hippo sweat to stars in the galaxy.  


Ouija Board 

etsy ouija board

This star sign is known for having a spooky side, especially falling during the month of October. They like to explore the supernatural and give themselves (and their friends) a bit of a scare from time to time.  

This Ouija Board we found on Etsy is legit AND cute. We didn’t even know Ouija boards could be cute—but this one is!  Support an independent artist while delighting your spooky Scorpio.  


Pinky Swear Necklace 

pinky swear necklaces

This necklace is a lovely way to commemorate the promise of friendship with the most adorable pinky swear design. Scorpio’s are loyal (sometimes to a fault) and if you’re friends with one, they’re in it for the long haul.  

This necklace comes from GLDN, creators of beautiful handmade jewelry that have a commitment to “making it personal”. This company was founded by a single mom looking to make an impact with personalized gifts made from eco-conscious materials and sustainable production methods.  


Sustainable Sunglasses  

black sunglasses

The mystery of a Scorpio is hard to miss. They like to keep things to themselves, and usually put up a front when first meeting people. Once you get to know them, though, their relationships are always deeply meaningful.  

Their mystery is one of their charms, and they love to capitalize on it. Some stylish shades will be the perfect way to keep them out of the spotlight. This sustainable brand is focused on the art of people’s daily lives and the connection between us and our planet.  


Tokki x Gravitas Face Mask 

red plaid face mask

In the era of face-mask-wearing, Scorpios are thriving on the anonymity. Going to the grocery store with shades and a mask is the ultimate incognito mode—just what a Scorpio is looking for. 

They might as well look good while doing it, and our Red Plaid print is perfect for the sensual Scorpio. The classic design is simple enough to go with everything and gives us all the fall vibes. Yes please!  


The Box of Emotions 

the box of emotions

As a water sign, Scorpios feel all the feelings—but don’t always want to feel them. This Box of Emotions allows them to explore their inner self and understand 80 different emotions better. Plus, the cards are aesthetically pleasing and a great conversation starter.  


Tokki Chocolate Lover’s Gift Set 

chocolate lover's gift set

First of all—who doesn’t love chocolate? Second of all—the rich dark cocoa flavor of these dark chocolate caramels and full-bodied drinking chocolate make so much sense for a Scorpio. Their dark and moody nature is complimented by these delicious treats! 

Each of the brands featured in this gift set were hand-picked and Tokki Tested, so you know they’re brands we absolutely love. Flying Bird Botanicals makes hand-crafted take-home beverages right here in Washington and is fully woman-owned and operated. Bixby & Co. is another amazing woman-owned brand with values rooted in sustainability, creating high-quality organic goods for all. What’s not to love? 


Wooden Lockable Keepsake Box 

wooden keepsake box

As we’ve said, Scorpio’s do like their privacy. Having a place to hold onto all of the things that are most important to them is a must—and you might as well make it a beautiful hiding place.  

This wooden lockable keepsake box from Etsy is beautifully hand-crafted out of walnut and cherry wood. You can even personalize it with their name or whatever you want (an inside joke, perhaps?). They will appreciate your respect of their privacy and love to have a special place for all of their hidden gems.   


Tokki Zodiac Candle – Scorpio  

 scorpio candle

We created our Zodiac Candle Collection to celebrate the best qualities of each zodiac sign, and our Scorpio candle does just that. The back reads, “Here's to your conviction in a sea of uncertainty. Here's to your belief in yourself and the ones you love. Here's to passion that spurs beautiful change. Here's to you, Scorpio. 

Our candles use clean-burning wooden wicks and are hand-poured in Spokane, Washington using eco-friendly vegan coconut soy wax.  


Dark Lover’s One-Line Art Print  

dark lovers art print

Intimacy is a huge part of how Scorpio’s connect. They need to feel like they are truly understood by a person in order to let them in. This print from Society6 is simple but expresses so much beauty and emotion—a lovely gift for the intimate Scorpio.  


Tokki Gift Bags & Wrap | The Eco-Conscious Companion for Every Gift  

Whatever Scorpio you have in your life, Tokki gift bags & gift wrap help you celebrate them in the best way possible. Choose the limited-edition print that celebrates that special person, and don’t forget to include a custom gift message complete with a photo or video that lives in the Tokki gift tag attached to the bag. Our gift bags and gift wraps are designed to be used again and again, reducing the significant amount of gift wrap waste in landfills. Learn more about sustainable gifting here 


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