Calming Gifts to Make it Through Mercury Retrograde

Calming Gifts to Make it Through Mercury Retrograde

Your TV stopped working. You’ve been screaming at your laptop even more than usual. You forgot to schedule that doctor’s appointment, again It’s not you, it’s Mercury in retrograde. If you’re suffering any of these symptoms—well, 1. we’re sorry and 2. you're not alone! The past week has felt incredibly long and if you keep asking yourself “WHY?!”, our best advice is to blame it on the stars.  

In astrology, the planet Mercury rules communication, technology, and travel. “Retrograde” comes from the Latin word “retrogradus” meaning “backward step”. Combine these two terms and you have Mercury Retrograde—a few weeks out of the year where the planet Mercury appears to go backward across the sky. This isn’t the only planet that goes retrograde, but when Mercury does it can wreak havoc on our daily lives. Small inconveniences pop up everywhere you turn—technological breakdowns, scheduling mishaps, and a general air of brain fog permeate these few weeks 

So now you’re wondering—when does it end? Mercury Retrograde happens three times in 2021. These are the dates to look out for:  

January 30 to February 20 
May 29 to June 22 
September 27 to October 18 


It’s important to note that as far as what the stars have in store for us, it’s not all bad. Mercury Retrograde can be a great time to reflect and take time to slow down, especially if life is handing you hardships all over the place. Whether you’re taking time relax or just trying to survive, we have a few calming gift ideas to get you and the people you love through Mercury Retrograde.  


CBD Infused Coffee  

strava cbd coffee

While relaxation is the ultimate goal—we still have to get through inconveniences that require extra focus and attention. CBD infused coffee is like the magical baby of relaxation and productivity, and it will make the perfect addition to your morning retrograde routine.  

Freddie Mercury Mug

freddie mercury mug

This gift speaks for itself. We all need a little more Freddie and a little less retrograde.  

Centeredness Gift Set 

centeredness gift set tokki

“Centeredness” is exactly what we’re looking for these days, and this gift set delivers. Soothing sheet masks and bright grapefruit body scrub are bath time additions we can’t recommend enough. Choose any of our candles (our Mercury Retrograde candle included) to create the ultimate relaxation experience, and we’ll wrap it in a beautiful reusable tokki gift bag.  

Send a Scrapbook  

scrapbook on bed with flowers 

Taking a moment to slow down amidst the chaos is sometimes easier said than done—and going through old photos can be the perfect way to take a night off and reminisce. Having a physical representation of your favorite memories also eliminates any technical difficulties you may be experiencing lately, so it’s a win-win!  

Mercury Retrograde Candle

mercury retrograde tokki candle 

“Here’s to having nothing be your fault for a few weeks out of the year. Here’s to blaming it all on the stars. Here’s to staying flexible and patient while Mercury is in retrograde.”  

This quote comes from the back of our new Mercury Retrograde candle, which serves as a wonderful reminder when things get toughLighting this candle will bring flexibility and patience when you need it most, and also gives you permission to flip a middle finger to the stars.   

Therapy Dough

therapy dough

Therapy dough came into our lives at just the right time. It’s modeled after the clay used by art therapists and is infused with essential oils for blissful stress relief. A lot of extra time is spent on electronics during Mercury Retrograde, and therapy dough is an amazing way to give yourself some tactile play after a stressful day.  

Whether they’re for yourself or someone else you care about, these gifts can make Mercury Retrograde feel a little more manageable. So let’s give each – and ourselves – a lot of grace. Here's to making it through Mercury Retrograde, together. 

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