Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Are you looking for an Easter basket gift that can last, be appreciated, and spark joy? Our Tokki team put together a gift guide of our favorite Easter basket items for all ages. We added an extra filter of less plastic and more sustainability.

Sustainability and Easter basket gifts don’t always mix. Plastic can be found everywhere on Easter morning: the colorful plastic eggs filled with candy, the green shredded plastic “grass,” and even the easter baskets themselves can be made almost entirely from plastic. The Easter Bunny called. He’s over plastic. And so are we.

Luckily, In 2020 there are plenty of creative and unique options to make Easter gifts for kids, teens, and adults totally eco-friendly - and totally fun. These gifts are Tokki Tested and include Easter basket options, DIY, and personalized gifts.

Okay Easter Bunny, here we go.

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Eco-Friendly “Easter Basket” Options

Let’s start with the Easter basket. Walk right on by those bright, shiny plastic baskets and opt for one of these sustainable choices instead. Not only are they far kinder to the environment than plastic baskets, but they can also be used in multiple ways all-year-round - a bonus in our book!

1. Convertible Tote Bag

Photo of Convertable Tote Bag Courtesy of Nordstrom

This award-winning convertible bag from Notabag comes in a bright, cheery yellow and is the perfect companion for spring-time. Kids, teens, and adults can all benefit from this bag, which can be used as a tote for groceries, a backpack, or a purse - not to mention a totally cool carrier for Easter morning goodies!

2. Terrarium

Choose from five different shapes and sizes for this rose-gold terrarium from Vallari Decor. Yeah, sure, it’s meant to hold succulents or candles, and it totally can - but after it’s been filled with candies and presents for Easter.

Once you’ve presented your gift the receiver has a beautiful decorative piece to use however they wish. (Our vote is for the succulents!)

3. Tamaduni Basket

These traditional Kenyan baskets are skillfully handmade by women in a remote Kenyan village. Each basket can take up to seven full days to complete. After Easter, use these baskets to store socks, toys, or even as a natural pot for plants.

4. A Tokki

Ray of Sunshine Tokki Reusable Bag

A Tokki wrap like our Ray of Sunshine style is a reusable, sustainable way to gift for Easter. Fill it up with goodies, and finish it off with one of our Tokki bands, which also acts as an ecard for even more eco-friendly goodness.

Easter Basket Gifts for Kids

1. Basket of Items Kids Need

Who says Easter gifts can’t be practical? Give your kids the gift of daily joy with playful-but-useful versions of everyday products like a toothbrush, bubble bath, a natural rubber ducky. We love this Shampoo and Conditioner from Shea Moisture which is excellent for multiple hair types - especially curls!

2. Plantable Wish Cards

Photo of Plantable Wish Cards Courtesy of

This simple gift teaches your child how to care for their dreams until they are fully realized. Have your little one write their dreams, goals, and wishes on these cards and then plant them in the earth. With sun, water, and time they will bloom into colorful flowers! It’s an important lesson that also brings more natural beauty into the world.

3. Slumberkins Peeps

Slumberkins has multiple lines of adorable stuffed animal pals for your child to snuggle with, but the mini peep may just be our favorite. This fluffy little one is perfect for cuddling with during story or nap time. If your child’s more of a bunny fan, don’t worry - they have that, too!

4. Kid’s Gardening Kit

From growing their own produce to tending a small window box garden, developing your child’s green thumb early will serve them well throughout their life.

This gardening tool set from Kinderific helps them feel all grown up as they work alongside you in the family garden. Add a few packets of purple carrot or pumpkin seeds for you to plant together for extra garden magic.

Easter Basket Gifts for Teens

1. 4Ocean Bracelets

Jane Park Founder and CEO of Tokki

Jane's Pick

Jane Park, CEO and Founder of Tokki

"I love 4Ocean bracelets because they are beautiful, and each bracelet represents one pound of trash pulled from the oceans.  My favorite is the Leatherback Sea Turtle bracelet because these beautiful creatures have been around for over 100 million years.  They mostly eat jellyfish, so plastic bags can easily be mistaken for food, which can be fatal.  My bracelet reminds me to do what I can each day, and I hope they do that for my teens too!"

4Ocean Bracelet The Leatherback Sea Turtle Photo Courtesy of 4Ocean

2. Bulk Candies in a Reusable Muslin Bag

Ditch the wrapping and go for a blend of your teen’s favorite candies in a reusable muslin bag. Put a little bit of each into one bag, or separate them out for several bags full of sugary deliciousness.

Once they’re done with the candies they can refill their bags with more goodies, or they can “recycle” them by letting you use them for dry goods at the market.

3. Hydroflask

Hydro Flask Spearmint Courtesy of Hydro Flask

These durable, reliable water bottles are the perfect Easter gift for your athletic teen - or just to have on hand for daily hydration. They keep hot beverages hot for 24 hrs and cold beverages cold for up to 12 hours and are BPA-free. Go for one of their pastel options in celebration of the holiday.

4. Flower Seeds for the Garden

If you have a home garden, gift your teen some perennial flower seeds and spend a Saturday or Sunday planting them together. Then watch them grow year after year! Bonus points if you get them their favorite flower varietal.

Easter Basket Gifts for Adults

1. Elegant Easter Eggs

Photo of Alabaster Easter Eggs Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Adults love Easter eggs, too, you know! These sleek alabaster Easter eggs in a rainbow of pastels are beautiful enough to display all year round, but they will certainly make an impact as a central part of their Spring decor. Twelve, not enough? No problem. They also come in a 24-pack which includes some deeper, richer hues.

Consider gifting special hand-painted eggs each year to build an easter egg tree. This is a special tradition and lasts a lifetime.

Wood hand-painted easter eggs
Hand-painted Easter eggs hanging on flower branches
wood hand-painted easter eggs in tokki wrap

2. Hedgehog Aloe Plant

If the cute name wasn’t enough to convince you then try this: the hedgehog aloe plant is non-toxic, cleans the air, and can be used as an ingredient in homemade hand sanitizer, or as a sunburn treatment.

It’s also so easy to take care of. Get it for your friend who could use a little greenery in their life but who may not have the schedule to care for a temperamental plant.

3. Balance and Tranquility Grow Kit

Photo of Balance and Tranquility Grow Kit Courtesy of

Made in the USA, this grow kit is designed with your serenity in mind. The entire process is intended to be meditative. Begin by planting seeds for herbs like sage, bergamot, lavender in the included egg carton. Eventually, the seedlings will need to move to a window box or small garden outside.

When they’re grown, your gift recipient will have the herbs they need to make soothing tinctures, essential oil blends, lotions, and more. The kit even comes with recipes and instructions of how to make smudge sticks and other peaceful creations.

Environment-Focused Books for Easter

Books are always a great gift idea for any age. We’ve gathered some of our favorite eco-conscious titles here for kids, teens, and adults. Add one of these entertaining and informative books to their Easter basket and snag a copy for yourself while you’re at it!

Easter Books for Kids

1. We Planted a Tree

Photo of We Planted a Tree Book Courtesy of Dragonfly Books

Two families on opposite sides of the world each plant a tree. Inspired by Kenya’s Green Belt Movement.

2. One Plastic Bag

A true story about a woman in Africa who found a solution to reduce plastic bag pollution in her community.

3. Grow Kind

A gardening metaphor about cultivating community and spreading kindness.

Easter Books for Teens

1. Generation Green

Photo of Generation Green Book Courtesy of Simon Pulse

Easy ways for teens to become more eco-conscious now and in the future.

2. Imaginary Borders

A personal essay from a hip-hop artist and environmental activist about climate change and the importance of tending to our environment.

3. Wolf Girl

A coming-of-age true story of a girl who falls in love with tracking wolves throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Easter Books for Adults

1. How to Give Up Plastic

As the title suggests, this book is about how to eliminate plastic from your office and home.

2. Don’t Even Think About It

An interesting read on the psychology of denial in regard to climate change.

3. 8 Master Lessons of Nature

Photo of The Eight Master Lessons of Nature Courtesy of Dutton

How to have a deeper, more fulfilling connection with the Earth.

Non-Plastic Easter Egg Ideas for Painting Fun

Plastic eggs are so passé. This year, try these more sustainable egg-painting options.

1. Kraft

2. Wood

3. Ceramic

Easter DIY Projects to Give as Gifts

Show your love with one of these DIY gift options. Make it a gift for you and your loved one by creating them together for a full afternoon of crafting fun.

1. Macrame bracelets

Photo of Macrame Bracelets Courtesy of

2. Egg Bath bombs

3. Basket of flowers to plant

Your Most Eco-Friendly Easter Ever Starts with Tokki

Sustainable gifting has never been simpler - or more fun - with Tokki. Our starter sets give you four limited-edition styles in different sizes - perfect for Easter gifting for the whole family. For every Tokki wrap purchased we plant a tree to celebrate your contribution to more sustainable living. Yay, you!

Tokki Starter Set Brights

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