Father's Day and Graduation Gift Ideas

Father's Day and Graduation Gift Ideas

June is upon us! Summer is in the air, sunshine is on our minds, and it’s a busy month of gift-giving here at Tokki. On top of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other regularly-scheduled celebrations, in June we also show extra love to all the amazing dads on Father’s Day, and our graduates as they embark on their next big adventures. That may feel like a mountain of gifts, but don’t worry if you’re feeling intimidated: we’re here to provide the ropes and harness to summit June’s many celebrations  (not to brag, but we’re pretty skilled gift-mountain-climbers). And luckily, there’s a warm, sunny light at the end of the tunnel: survive gift month, and it’s officially ‘toes in the sand, cocktail in hand,’ season.

Before we get to the gifts, let’s talk about June’s other main event: Pride! Pride Month is an annual celebration and commemoration of  LGBTQ-plus culture, history and activism. It’s an especially important time to seek and support the LGBTQ-owned businesses in your local community (here's a resource we love to help!) Here at Tokki, we’ll be having extra fun climbing the mountain of June gifts while celebrating Pride and highlighting LGBTQ-owned businesses. 

Okay, the end-of-gifting-tunnel cocktail is calling. See below for Tokki team-approved gift ideas for dads and grads from LGBTQ-plus owned businesses, and a few of our favorite Tokki bags to go with them. Don’t worry, we’ll get you down this mountain scratch-free and with a few extra ideas to keep in your back pocket. 

Gifts for Dad

Curated Coffee Subscription

This gift goes out to the dads who take the morning shift. There’s nothing like a blaring alarm to take the delight out of your otherwise-delightful cup of coffee, but this Father’s Day, we’re helping dads reclaim the joy of their morning cup of joe. LGBTQ-owned Equator Coffee offers a monthly subscription box of unique blends, curated and handpicked by their expert roastery team to put the fun back in coffee. Dad may not mind his alarm as much as he smells the hazelnut, chocolate and apricot blend brewing!

The Perfect Pairing
bag in neutral cream palette with rainbows

No gift is complete without a Tokki, and we recommend the “dream” print for your Equator Coffee gift! The strong, vibrant coffee blends are sure to wake dad right up - dare we say - from those sweet dreams?! 

Socks...But Not What You Think

While socks may be known as the “I don’t know what else to get dad” gift, Conscious Step Apparel’s socks are far from basic. Conscious Step is an LGBTQ-owned give-back brand, donating proceeds from every purchase to organizations such as The Trevor Project, Conservation International and Habitat for Humanity. Pick individual pairs of handsome designs or a special set for dad and support the causes he’s most passionate about. In other words, help dad look good while doing good.

The Perfect Pairing
black reusable gift bag with pink and blue modern asian flowers

Complete your gift with the “inspire” Tokki! We love when the pattern matches the message, making this the perfect pairing for Conscious Step’s socks to make the world a happier, safer, and cleaner place. If dad didn’t believe you that socks weren’t the backup gift, buying a Tokki and putting a thoughtful message that matches the give back cause you chose for him will erase his doubt.

Cocktail Bitters
cocktail bitters

We thanked the early-morning warriors, now this one goes out to all the dads on the night shift. You made it through the bedtime routine, and that deserves to be celebrated. 18.21 Bitters, owned and operated by wife-and-wife team Missy and Kristin Koefod, sells handcrafted, premium cocktail bitters, tinctures, shrubs, syrups, and tonics. Let’s be real: a normal weeknight is way more fun when Tart Cherry and Saffron Bitters, Yuzu Tonic, or Watermelon Mint Shrub is involved. 18.21 offers a mix for everyone, including a non-alcoholic herbal gift set. When the kids go down, the bitters come out. 

The Perfect Pairing 

Does this one even need an explanation? The cocktail bitters gift simply isn’t complete without the Tokki “cheers” bag. In fact, the family can say cheers to sustainable gifting practices (and dad, of course) over the first cocktail -- sounds like the perfect toast to us! 

Gifts for the Grad

Inclusive Jewelry 
jewelry that feels inclusive in its design

Would this even be a gift guide without a jewelry suggestion? But hey, classics are classics for a reason, and jewelry just so happens to be one of the best ways to celebrate major life milestones. At Tokki, we love LGBTQ-owned brand Automic Gold as your grad-gift-go-to because they believe jewelry can be for everyone. Plain and simple. When Founder Al Sandimirova struggled to find jewelry they felt good in as a nonbinary person, they created Automic Gold--gender inclusive jewelry from reclaimed materials. It’s a gift made with purpose, given for a special purpose.
The Perfect Pairing
red background reusable bag with cream flowers and qr card

Graduating is no small feat! School is a journey of ups and downs, and we love the “admire” Tokki for your jewelry gift to show your grad their dedication, passion and commitment hasn’t gone unnoticed. 
Home Essentials For The Next Adventure

Whether their next adventure is the first step on a carefully planned life path, or one giant question mark, there’s a home good for every grad. We love New York-based, LGBTQ-owned Lockwood Shop’s online store for home essentials. Their playful, functional and beautiful hand-made products are the perfect nudge towards (young) adulthood. Choose a gift from Lockwood’s wide selection that matches your graduates path and passions, whether it’s decor for the dorm, kitchenware for the new apartment, or special self-care sets for traveling.
The Perfect Pairing
playful colorful reusable bag with various jewel colored flowers and a qr card

We recommend the “play” bag to accompany your Lockwood Shop gift! Yes, home essentials are preparing your grad for their next life step, but the reminder to “play” is equally as important. In our busy, driven world, it’s easy to forget that the post-grad years are for exploring, adventuring and just enjoying! If any grads are reading this -- yes, adults can play too!
Build a Book Box
Loyalty bookshop logo

We love the idea of compiling a unique, personalized selection of books your graduate can use as a guide through their next big phase, whatever it may look like. Ask family members, friends and whoever else knows your grad best what books they loved (or wished they had read) as a recent graduate. Inspiring memoirs? Travel guides? Eye-opening novels? LGBTQ-owned Loyalty Bookstores is one of our favs—browse through thousands of titles, buy the can’t-miss reads, and put together this meaningful mini collection!
The Perfect Pairing
light pink large reusable gift bag

Our large size "fall" design is the perfect Tokki for your book box gift! It’s a bigger, better party when more people are involved. Remind your grad just how many people are celebrating their achievement!

Enjoy all of the special occasions you are celebrating this month and beyond, with a memorable and sustainable Tokki gift bag and a thoughtful and impactful gift. Cheers!
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