The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2023 | Gifts For Everyone On Your List

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2023 | Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Here at Tokki we’re passionate about gifting, so you can understand that the holidays are an especially exciting time for us. It’s one big excuse for us to go all out for the people we love. We want to give the BEST gift, every time—which is why we created a gift bag with a built-in digital card to make every gift memorable. But how do we come up with such amazing gifts to put inside our gift bags? Research. And we’ve done all of that for you 🤝 

Whether you’re gifting for Christmas, Hannukah, Duwali, or just because you feel like it—we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas to make everyone on your list feel seen and celebrated. Read on for mom & dad gifts, BFF gifts, teacher gifts, second-cousin gifts (ok we left those out but we're sure they would love these too), and more. We went on an internet deep-dive to find the best of the best and can’t wait to share them with you!

Gifts for Dad  

North Face Jacket

High-quality outerwear is a practical choice many dads would appreciate. This parka from Everlane will keep him toasty and dry and is made with 100% recycled fabric! As a brand, they’ve committed to removing 90% of virgin plastic from their supply chain. That’s a brand we can get behind!  

Custom NYT Birthday Book

Yes, this would be a great birthday gift—but it would also make a fantastic holiday gift for dear old dad. This custom New York Times book brings together the front page of every NYT issue from the day of your choosing. Starting on the day they were born, your dad can reminisce on the newsworthy happenings of his lifetime. It’s a sentimental keepsake that’s always a hit and is super fun to look through if you’re opening gifts with the rest of the family. 

Put your dad’s book in a Tokki gift bag and you’re ready to gift! Our snowflake print is classic and can be customized with the built-in digital card. Just scan the QR code and personalize with a photo or video from your camera roll. He’ll scan and appreciate the coolest card ever.  

Gifts for Mom 

Book Nook Reading Valet

Ever heard of a “reading valet”? Us either! No need for a bookmark, this wooden piece holds mom’s place—along with her coffee (or cocoa!) and glasses. Add a book from her TBR and this is the ultimate cozy gift. Our favorite place to shop for books is, as it donates to local small bookshops around the country and helps keep our communities thriving.  

Lettuce Grow Farm Stand 

Whether your mom is an aspiring gardener or just likes some greenery, this farm stand from Lettuce Grow will give her fresh veggies all year round. It takes only 15 minutes of weekly maintenance and can go right in her kitchen! She can spice up her recipes with fresh herbs or make a delicious homegrown salad all from the comfort of her home. Plus, they use recycled ocean plastics to make the stand itself, just like us!  


Gifts for Teachers  

Gift Card with Personal Video Message

Gift cards are a go-to teacher gift for a reason. They allow teachers to spend on what they really want and need, but they don’t always communicate just how much we appreciate them. What if you could give a gift card and make it personal?

Our gift card holders do just that! Slip the gift card in the back of the mini bag, then scan to customize your digital card. You can upload a video of your kiddo (or even the whole class) saying thank you and happy holidays! It’s something teachers will hold onto forever while they can spend their gift card on exactly what they want.  

Island Pine Plant from The Sill

A plant to put in their classroom or decorate their home is a lovely way to show teachers you care. The Sill is a woman-owned online plant shop with tons of beautiful greenery to spruce up your space. You can choose a cute pot for your plant to arrive in, we love this duo-tone black and cream number.  

Gifts for Your BFF 

DIY Trinket Box 

These little trinket boxes have been circulating the internet, and we’re in love. You can customize an any little box (we used altoid tins) and fill it with small things your bestie would like. Think chapstick, lipgloss, cool lighters, friendship bracelets, cool coins, unique pins, rings—basically anything you would find at the bottom of your purse that brings a little bit of joy. You can modge-podge the inside with different magazine clippings or quotes, making it a super personal and adorable gift.  


Forever Eye Mask & Soothing Eye Serum

We love this eye mask from Dieux Skin because feels heavenly on the skin, and it’s endlessly reusable! You can use it with all lotions and potions that hydrate the skin, but this duo is designed to maximize the serums hydrating powers. It’s a really cool gift for skincare enthusiasts or a friend that could use a little R&R.


Complete this reusable gift with a reusable gift bag! Our ornaments gift bag is classic and fun, hand-designed by local artist Corinna Ren. The medium size is great for smaller gifts like skincare, books, jewelry, candles, etc. You can even upload a tutorial video of how to use the products you’re gifting! Customizing your Tokki EverGREETING™️ card instantly takes your gift to the next level.  


Gifts for Your Sister 

Convertible Heels

For the indecisive and eco-conscious sister—Pashion Footwear is a stylish gift that will transform her wardrobe. This brand is re-imagining how we buy shoes, with removeable and swap-able heels in every color and style. You can change out the heel of your shoe to whatever you’re feeling at the moment—or just go with flats!  

Pashion is all about practical fasion (get it? ‘pashion’?!). They strive to make pieces that can be used over and over again for all kinds of different occasions, so there’s no need to buy a whole new pair of shoes for every event. These are a great gift that your sis can keep on customizing!  


An Artsy Reserve Wine 

The McBride Sister’s wine is as delicious as it is beautifully packaged. We love this collection of reserve wines, hailing from California to New Zealand. This gift will also support a company making an impact, founded in 2019 the co-founding sisters “dedicated their efforts to close the gender and race gap in leadership positions in male dominated fields by providing professional development scholarships and grants to emerging women leaders.”  

Our wine bags are the best way to give your next bottle. You can upload a silly memory of you and your sister, or a photo of the two of you back in the day. The personal touch of your very own memories is the best way to add WOW to her wine!  

Our wine bags are the best way to give your next bottle. You can upload a silly memory of you and your sister, or a photo of the two of you back in the day. The personal touch of your very own memories is the best way to add WOW to her wine!  

Gifts for Your Brother  

A Skincare Routine

The collective gasp when a man says all he does is splash his face with tap water... it’s time to up your bro’s skincare routine. Complete with a lightweight cleanser, moisturizer, SPF, and oil-removing sheets—this set will change his skin game for the better.  

Recycled Beanie  

This beanie from Coal comes in tons of colors and is soft and warm for the colder months. The best part? They’re made from a new fiber material called Polylana, a patent-pending eco-friendly material that saves 5 liters of water for every beanie bought. We love choosing an eco-friendly alternative when it’s just as cute and affordable.  

Wrap it up in a Tokki bag and you’re ready to gift! Scan to create a card with a photo or video of you and your bro. Buy a bundle and save 65%! Now you’re ready to give every gift on this list 🤩 

Gifts for Employees  

Gift Card with Personal Video Message

While you might not be best friends with your employee, it’s important to show you care around the holidays. A gift card to a place you know they like to shop is a great gift, but add a video addressed to them in their digital card and it's instantly more thoughtful.  

Our favorite gift cards to give employees are Grub Hub (because who doesn’t love a little food delivery?) and Target (because who doesn’t love a target run?). Slip one in the back of our gift card holders and scan to attach the coolest card ever.  


Sugar & Salt Gift Set

This beautiful cooking set will spruce up their kitchens during the holiday season and make everything taste extra delicious. The company is woman and minority owned and on a mission to authentically celebrate cultures from all over the world. We love being able to share new flavors with the people we’re gifting to!  

Gifts for Your Partner  

The Adventure Challenge Couples Book

If you’re all about experience gifts, this book is for you. 50 adventures to make memories with whoever you’re gifting it to. We love this way of connecting with your partner, it feels like a gift to both of you! This is also the perfect gift for those with a quality time love language. There are some really fun things to explore together in here.  

Where We Met Map Wall Art

While couple’s art can be a little cheesy, it’s a really sweet way to commemorate your relationship and to celebrate the places that are special for you both. This map of where you met is simple and joyful décor! You can even include custom text to make it super personal.  

Whatever you’re gifting this year deserves to be wrapped beautifully without stress. Buy one, get one free for black friday week on (does not include Target collection). Get gift bags that help you gift better, easier, and more sustainably.

Happy holidays from Team Tokki 🎄

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