Gifts for Mother’s Day You Can Give From Near or Far

Gifts for Mother’s Day You Can Give From Near or Far


With Mother’s Day approaching, we’re looking for ways to celebrate the women who continue to be our biggest supporters, teachers, and motivators. In this busy spring season, it can be hard to find the gift you feel like a special mom in your life deserves, but not to worry! We’ve pulled together some of the best gifts from all corners of the internet that are perfect for any mother.

Whether you're celebrating in person or apart, pay homage to the special mommies in our lives. Send a message of love, hope, and gratitude with the perfect gift. 


A Karaoke Machine

 karaoke machine

"I love this karaoke machine so much that I’ve given one to my mom and another to a girlfriend for her 40th birthday.  The Bluetooth connection makes it easy to play songs off of your phone (we use the KaraFun app), and you can also use it as a PA system to make announcements at picnics or as a wireless speaker (lasts for several hours)."

- Jane Park, CEO and Founder of Tokki


Wine Night

mom wine night

Isn't a wine night always the right answer? Grab a bottle of wine you love and spend the evening with mom or mother-in-law gabbing over a glass of rosé and a charcuterie board. Who knows, maybe this can spark a little tradition every other week (or even every week, we won’t judge;)

Elevate wine night by gifting mom a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in one of Tokki's wine gift bags!


A TruShiatsu PRO Foot Massager

foot massager

Let’s be honest, if it makes Oprah react like this, we’re in. It’s ideal for an expecting mama, a new mom, or your grandma. You may not be able to resist picking one up for yourself, either, once you hear from them how incredible it feels.

Ugg Slippers

ugg slippers

Ultra cozy slippers like these are a must, must, must for long days spent lazing around the house. These slippers have a sturdy sole and encase the whole foot, so they provide stability, while still being comfy, fluffy, and warm. Have them sent right to her door and boost her lounge attire game to a whole new level.

Vegan CBD Chews to Help Her Relax

CBD is buzzing in the media these days - and it’s not fake news. These healthy vegan chews will quickly ease any stress or tension she could have. She might be skeptical at first, but once she tries it, our guess is it’ll become a life-saver on stressful days.

Put the Gifting Power in her Hands with a Gift Card

Every mother is unique, and so is their taste in gifts. Gift cards are great when it's hard to pin down exactly what would excite her. Whether it's a gift card to a luxurious massage or a Sephora shopping spree, gift her something that lets her have the shopping spree of her dreams!

While some might feel like a gift card is impersonal, Tokki is here to make any gift-giving experience a heartwarming moment with our gift card holders and digital messages. Have the kids pick out what gift card they think she'd love and record them explaining why!

Take the Kiddos out for a Photoshoot

Take the kids out to get their pics professionally done and surprise Mom with pictures that will melt her heart! Put them in some nice frames so she can display them at home and admire them for years to come, even after the nest inevitably empties.

Picture Puzzle of the Family from Shutterfly

personalized family puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to pass the time, stay focused, and create a peaceful, clear mind. Trade a standard puzzle for a custom puzzle of your own creation for her to put together.
Upload an image of your family, extended family, or just the two of you and have it shipped directly to her door. You can choose from four different puzzle sizes - anything from 60 pieces to over 1,000 pieces - based on what you think she’d enjoy.

A Birthstone Necklace of All Her Children (and Grandchildren)

birthstone necklace

Have a custom bar necklace made for grandma with little birthstone gems to represent her children and grandchildren. These pieces are sweet, simple, and can be worn with anything. She can wear it every day to remind herself of all the beautiful people in her family that love her.

Parachute Towels

parachute towells

She would probably never think to buy these for herself, which is exactly why they’re an ideal gift for a busy mom who could use a little TLC. These towels are plush, quick-drying, and completely free of synthetic dyes or chemicals. For a mom who works as hard as yours does, these are a must-have.

Aesop Room Spray Kit

Decor is only part of what personalizes a space, go a step further with this Aromatique Room Spray Kit from Aesop. Make Mom’s spaces a luxe with the decadent scents from the iconic Australian fragrance house. With a kit she can explore all they have to offer, removing the awkward guessing game for gifters!
A little gift-styling tip: Aesop's beautiful and minimalist packaging matches perfectly with Tokki's Ginkgo Bag!

Humdakin Bath Creamer

For moms who love to unwind after a long day with a warm bath, elevate their relaxation with these floral and fragrant bath creamers from the Danish wellness company Humdakin. What’s even better is the cocoa butter, shea butter, and almond oil in the bath bombs will leave her skin pampered and moisturized!


A Rabbit Electric Corkscrew

wine de-corker

This is great for moms and grandmas whose wrists and shoulders may not like the twist-and-pull motion of a regular wine bottle opener. This baby pops bottles quickly and with more ease than the regular manual openers. It’s also sleek and stylish, so it’ll look great on her bar or counter.

A Flower Vase from Anthropologie

A beautiful and bold vase like this one from Anthropologie is the perfect addition to any space. This one in particular is made of organic ceramic which is perfect for dried and preserved stems, meaning she can keep the blooms in it for months with no maintenance required! Make sure to fill the vase before gifting it to her!

Tokki Reusable Gift Bags


Tokki is here to help you give your mom a gift wrapped in love. Our eco-friendly, limited edition gift bags are meant to be regifted and our Tokki tags let you keep a digital album of your fondest gifting memories. 
Let this Mother’s Day be the one that brings you and your mom closer than ever - whether you're apart or together.

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