Gifts for Mother’s Day You Can Give From Near or Far

Gifts for Mother’s Day You Can Give From Near or Far

With Mother's Day approaching, we're looking for ways to celebrate the women who continue to be our biggest supporters, teachers, and motivators. After a year of chaos, many of us are excited and grateful to spend in-person time with our moms for this special day. But there are still many celebrating from a distance, and we want you to know that you can still make an impactful connection from afar. 

Whether you're celebrating in person or apart, we've brought together some incredible Mother's Day gifts that will help us connect and pay homage to the special mommies in our lives. Send a message of love, hope, and gratitude with the perfect gift. 


Tokki was NOT paid by anyone for these opinions (even by ourselves as it turns out).

Gifts that say, “You’re a badass”

A Karaoke Machine

 karaoke machine

"I love this karaoke machine so much that I’ve given one to my mom and another to a girlfriend for her 40th birthday.  The Bluetooth connection makes it easy to play songs off of your phone (we use the KaraFun app), and you can also use it as a PA system to make announcements at picnics or as a wireless speaker (lasts for several hours)."

- Jane Park, CEO and Founder of Tokki


A Workout Subscription Like barre3

suga yoga mat
This is the perfect time to start getting active again if you and your mom have been taking some time to rest. An online workout subscription like the option from barre3 is perfect for any fitness level and is a great way to help your mom, grandma, or a new mommy in your life keep their body moving. As the weather gets nicer you might even be able to find some outdoor, in-person classes to attend together!

Not only will it help their body, but regular fitness clears the mind and enlivens the spirit - very important things after months inside. Pair the membership with one of these yoga mats from Suga. They’re 100% recyclable and made completely from wetsuits.

"Here's to your inspiring strength" Candle 

inspiring strength tokki candle

This candle toasts to your mama's inspiring strength, and celebrates the tough moments she's been through this year. Through it all, she was able to inspire and support those around her and that is a HUGE achievement. Let her feel your gratitude with every light. 

Gifts that say, “I wish I could be with you”

Netflix Subscription with Your Favorite Mom Movies Queued Up for Quarantine

netflix movie night

If she doesn’t have a subscription already, get her the streaming service, and load a playlist with some mom-focused movies. From feel-good films to tear-jerkers, you and your mom can hit play on your separate TVs or snuggle up in-person this year!

Some of our fave options: Little Women, Bad Moms, Lady Bird, Terms of Endearment, Kramer Vs. Kramer, Boyhood.

Bonus: Make it a movie-and-beauty night with some sheet masks and spa water while you’re watching the films.

Centeredness Gift Set from Tokki

tokki centeredness gift set

Looking for the perfect spa treatment to go with your movie night? Send her our centeredness gift set and she will be relaxed in no time. Bright grapefruit sugar scrub, nourishing face masks (the fun kind), and an inspiring candle of your choice—all wrapped up in a reusable Tokki gift bag. Add photo & video to your QR card to make her feel seen and loved, whether you're near or far 💞

Mother-Daughter Book Club

the jetsetters book

Another fun way to celebrate and stay connected is to start your own mini book club. Make a list of books you’ve both wanted to read, set a time to chat, and have your book club meetings via Skype, Zoom, or on each other's couch if you're luck!

Some titles we like: The Joy Luck Club, The Poisonwood Bible, A New Earth, and anything from the Reese Witherspoon Bookclub. Get all the matriarchs involved by creating a club that includes moms, teens, and adult kids, mothers-in-law, and grandmothers.

Bonus: Small businesses need our support during this time so consider ordering from your local bookshop. Hard-copy books, not your thing? Try an audiobook subscription that supports local bookshops like this one from Libro.

Mother-Daughter Wine Night

mom wine night

Isn't a wine night always the right answer? Send your mom or mother-in-law a bottle of wine you love and buy yourself a bottle of the same and then share a glass while catching up on FaceTime or over the phone. Make it a new tradition by taking turns picking a new bottle to share every other week or so. (Okay, okay, maybe every week. We won’t judge. ;) )

A Mother's Day Candle Trio from Tokki

mother's day candle trio tokki
This candle trio makes it easy to send your gratitude to the Mom in your life. Three heartfelt and timely messages in our top-selling fragrances will fill her home with love and joy this Mother's Day.

The best part? The candles are wrapped in a reusable tokki gift bag and tokki gift tag. We wrap, we ship. You customize it with a digital message.  And suddenly you’re there when she opens her gift.

tokki gift tag and qr card

Gifts that say, “Here’s something to help take the edge off being my mom”

A TruShiatsu PRO Foot Massager

foot massager
Let’s be honest, if it makes Oprah react like this, we’re in. It’s ideal for an expecting mama, a new mom, or your grandma. You may not be able to resist picking one up for yourself, either, once you hear from them how incredible it feels.

Ugg Slippers

ugg slippers
Ultra cozy slippers like these are a must, must, must for long days spent lazing around the house. These slippers have a sturdy sole and encase the whole foot, so they provide stability, while still being comfy, fluffy, and warm. Have them sent right to her door and boost her lounge attire game to a whole new level.

CBD Powder Elixir to Help Her Sleep

cbd powder elixer
Who else but a child would give this to their mom? CBD is buzzing in the media these days - and it’s not fake news. This hemp-based powder makes a calming elixir and promotes peaceful, deep sleep. She might be skeptical at first, but once she tries it, our guess is it’ll become a nighttime staple for her.

For an extra special gift, consider wrapping in a reusable tokki gift bag and personalize with a digital message in the tokki tag.

Gifts that say, “Thank you for all the family memories”

Picture Puzzle of the Family from Shutterfly

personalized family puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to pass the time, stay focused, and create a peaceful, clear mind. Trade a standard puzzle for a custom puzzle of your own creation for her to put together.
Upload an image of your family, extended family, or just the two of you and have it shipped directly to her door. You can choose from four different puzzle sizes - anything from 60 pieces to over 1,000 pieces - based on what you think she’d enjoy.

A Board Book for Her to Read with Her Kids

customized board books


We love this one for new mommies. Surprise her with a custom board book she can read to her new little one over and over again. Organize some mommy-and-me photos (you might need to enlist the help of other friends and family for this) and work with Pint Size Productions’ online application to build a book from a variety of templates.

This is one gift she won’t see coming but will love long after her kids are grown.

A Birthstone Necklace of All Her Children (and Grandchildren)

birthstone necklace
Have a custom bar necklace made for grandma with little birthstone gems to represent her children and grandchildren. These pieces are sweet, simple, and can be worn with anything. She can wear it every day to remind herself of all the beautiful people in her family that love her.

Gifts that say, “I see how hard you work”

A Pampering Kit

pampering kit
With a kit like this, you’re a shoo-in for the “Best Daughter of the Year” award.

Parachute Towels

parachute towells
She would probably never think to buy these for herself, which is exactly why they’re an ideal gift for a busy mom who could use a little TLC. These towels are plush, quick-drying, and completely free of synthetic dyes or chemicals. For a mom who works as hard as yours does, these are a must-have.

A Rabbit Electric Corkscrew

wine de-corker
This is great for moms and grandmas whose wrists and shoulders may not like the twist-and-pull motion of a regular wine bottle opener. This baby pops bottles quickly and with more ease than the regular manual openers. It’s also sleek and stylish, so it’ll look great on her bar or counter.

Gifts that say, “You are the bouquet of flowers in my life”

Sunflower Grow Kit

sunflower grow kit
No matter what climate she lives in, this sunflower growing kit from Uncommon Goods will allow her to grow something special. She can start the kit in her home, and move it outside when the time is right. Cute, easy, and fun!

A Lula’s Garden Jewel Garden

luna's garden
Even the box is a gift with this one. These adorable little succulent gardens come packaged in their decorative box and are ready to display as soon as it arrives at her door. This is such a sweet, simple way to add some brightness and joy to her home.

DIY gifts that say, “I want to help you the way you’ve always helped me”

Two Hours of Tech Support

mom and daughter on computers
Help her troubleshoot a computer problem, teach her something new about her iPhone, or walk her through downloading some useful apps for her tablet. Even just a couple hours on the phone with her can transform her technological world.

Deliver Groceries or Make a Home-Cooked Meal 

cooking with mom

Does your mom live close? Delivering groceries is a beautiful way to help them stay healthy. Develop a grocery list together and drop them off for a COVID-safe Mother's Day gift. And if you're lucky enough to get close to your mama, chef up and use the ingredients to cook a meal together!
Bonus: If your mom or grandma doesn’t live close, but you still want to celebrate her in this way, set up a subscription to a meal service like Sun Basket.

Gifts that say, “I know you love your furbaby just as much as you love me”

An Embark Test Kit

embark app and dog
This test allows the furbaby mama in your life to learn about the potential health risks of their dog before they become a problem. The kit involves just a simple swab, and then they send the test off to be analyzed.
Breed, ancestry, traits, health, and even relatives (that’s right, the test can locate puppy brothers and sisters) are discovered through Embark. This is an invaluable gift for any dog-lover.

Matching Dog/Human Shirts

matching dog and human shirts
Mother’s Day is on May 10th, but National Dog Mom’s Day is close behind on the 11th. Help the dog mom in your life celebrate in style with these matching mommy-doggy shirts from Dog Threads. Ethically made in Ukraine, and 100% cotton, options like this cute coastal sweater give her the chance to take all the selfies with her pup this Mother’s Day.

Minimalist Cat Print

minimalist cat print
For the one who is low-key in love with her cat, get her this chic minimalist cat print from City Art. The muted oranges and block colors give us Rothko vibes, but with a little feline flair thrown in.
Bonus: Have the print custom framed so it’s ready to be hung as soon as she receives it.

Last-minute gifts that still say a big, “I love you, mom!”

A Lotus Flower Vase from Anthropologie

anthropologie vase
The lotus flower represents perseverance, fortitude, and grace under pressure. The flower presses its way through the mud before it reaches the surface where it can bloom into the stunning blossom we’ve admired for thousands of years.
A vase inspired by this hopeful, brave flower is a thoughtful gift for your mom during a time in our history that is filled with so much uncertainty. It’s a gift that says, “it’s going to be okay. In fact, it’s going to be better than okay.”

Schedule a FaceTime Happy Hour

facetime mom
What your mama probably wants most of all is some one-on-one time with you. Even over the video, quality time is invaluable. Whether you share a long-distance meal, a glass of wine, or watch a movie, an afternoon spent together over FaceTime will be a gift full of memories you both can look back on fondly even years later.

Mother’s Day Gifts with Meaning | Tokki Reusable Gift Bags

tokki gift bags
Tokki is here to help you give your mom a gift wrapped in love. Our eco-friendly, limited edition gift bags are meant to be regifted and our Tokki tags let you keep a digital album of your fondest gifting memories. 
Let this Mother’s Day be the one that brings you and your mom closer than ever - whether you're apart or together.

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