Gifts We Love From Sustainable Black-Owned Businesses | Shopping With a Purpose

Gifts We Love From Sustainable Black-Owned Businesses | Shopping With a Purpose

On Juneteenth, we at Tokki are leaning (wholeheartedly, if somewhat awkwardly at times) into ally ship, asking with every decision, "how can we do better?" We are continuing to read, discuss, watch, and committing to maintaining our momentum.

We know we are in the messy middle. We are joining in the important work done by many others for much longer. As a small business, one thing we know for sure is that consumer support can make a real difference. So we wanted to share some of our favorite black-owned businesses with you. Not only will these products make wow-worthy gifts, but they come from brands with incredible missions and visions for the future. It is a privilege to connect with these companies to build our tomorrow together.

Tokki was NOT paid by anyone for these opinions (even by ourselves as it turns out).

For The Skin Care Fanatic 


Klur was born out of a love for clean, ethical, and inclusive beauty. They prioritize sustainability not only in their manufacturing processes but also in making products that are built to last. Lesley Thornton created the company after years of helping people achieve their skin goals as an esthetician, and has built it with the goal of human connection in mind.  

Klur skin soil brown bottle

Skin Soil

We know that with a founder like that, their products must be incredible! If you have a skincare fanatic in your life, Klur’s Exfoliating Skin Soil is a unique option that will leave their skin feeling clean and refreshed. They can mix it with their daily cleanser to create a low-friction exfoliating paste, which helps remove pore-clogging debris and increase cell turnover.  

Moonbeam Body Therapy

Skincare doesn’t just stop at the face, your whole body deserves nourishing products! That's where Moon Beam Body Therapy comes in. This company focuses on all-natural, environmentally-friendly products that are cruelty-free and believes that treating yourself doesn't have to mean mistreating the planet (psst—we agree!)  

gilded rose facial serum

Gilded Rose Facial Serum

This Gilded Rose Facial Serum is a luxurious oil that combines jojoba, rosehip seed, and almond oil to create a deeply hydrating formula their skin will love. It even has 24-karat gold flakes added to hydrate and improve skin’s overall appearance, what’s not to love?  


This brand was specifically created out of a desire for plant-based skincare that was designed with melanin-rich skin in mind. The founder, Jane Ormon, says she tapped into her Black Girl Magic to create this brand for all skin tones and skin types because “with Nolaskinsentials, there’s no glow left behind.”  

pumpkin enzyme mask in white jar

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

The Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is a perfect pick for your skincare-loving friend. Pumpkin clears congested skin and gently exfoliates while treating your nose to a spicy fall aroma. It’s also packed with 10% glycolic acid to fight pesky breakouts.  

For The Always-Perfectly-Accessorized  

SPGBK Watches

This company was created by two African American fraternity brothers from Fayetteville, North Carolina. They noticed that the watch industry was complacent and lacked originality, so they created SpringBreak (SPGBK) to challenge the norm. Their goal is to develop purposeful watches that are affordable, sustainable, and ethically inspired. 

wooden watch with bracelet on wrist

The Reid Ross Watch

The Ried Ross watch is a great gift for someone who seems to already own every accessory. Wooden watches are unique and stylish, and this one was created with eco-friendly maple-wood and mineral glass with a hardened finish to reduce breaking. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, so they can wear it on any adventure.  

White/Space Jewelry

This jewelry company was created by Khadijah Fulton, who—after becoming a stay at home mom—found that she needed to find a way to inspire her creative nature once again. She began designing jewelry that speaks to versatility and longevity, and at its core is built to be worn and loved for years to come.  

pearl drop earrings on person

Oona Empress Earrings

The Oona Empress earrings are a beautiful and unique gift that will get the wearer plenty of compliments. They are constructed with 14k solid recycled gold and a detachable freshwater baroque pearl, creating an elegant piece to add to the ever-growing collection of the accessory-obsessed.  

Bobbie Made This

This small online retailer is a great place to find affordable statement jewelry made with love. Each piece is hand-crafted in North Carolina by Bobbi herself, and her four children helping with production and packaging.  

black and white polymer clay earrings

Polymer Clay Statement Earrings

She is always launching new pieces, so you have to grab them before they’re gone. Each piece is one of a kind, and Bobbi even offers customized earrings upon request. These black-and-white teardrop earrings are fun and bold, and would make a great addition to your friend’s wardrobe.  

For The Outspoken Ally  

The Carter Brand

This brand is loud-and-proud about supporting the black community, and encourages support from BIPOC and allies alike. They believe that fashion lies at the intersection of culture and self-expression, and use their brand to create culturally sensitive and relevant pieces that speak to the humanity in each of us.  

rooting for everybody black t-shirt

"Rooting For Everybody Black" T-Shirt

This “Rooting For Everybody Black” T-Shirt is a great example of this, and would be a wonderful way for your friends to show support boldly and unapologetically. Without saying a word, this shirt tells people that you stand with the black community and aren’t afraid to say it, which is exactly what we need right now.  


Llulo is a creative collective that represents prolific design, lifestyle, and cultural identity within the digital space and retail forum. As a brand, they are constantly striving to improve the quality of life and happiness in Africa by creating more jobs and shelter for those in need.  

black hoodie with African continents

Leather Motherland Hoodie

Their designs are diverse and wearable, and create conversations wherever they go. If you have an ally in your life looking to show off some beautiful African-inspired designs, this is a great place to shop.

My Filibo

This brand was created by a fashion enthusiast looking for a way to encourage the celebration of African and Caribbean heritage and give them an outlet to show off their beliefs and ancestry in a fanciful and adorable way. They chose the name because Filibo are colorful candies made from sugar cane in the Caribbean. Filibo represents the sweetness of ancestral heritage wrapped together in colorful light.  

black lives matter patches

Black Lives Matter Patches

Some of our favorite products on their site are their patches and pins, which can be added to any piece of clothing or accessory to amplify the voices of the BLM movement. This set includes both the “resist” fist and a unique Black Lives Matter design, so we can show our support anywhere we go.

For the At-Home Chef

The Spice Suite

This company started as a brick-and-mortar store in DC when Angel—lover of all thing's food and fashion—decided to open a space for culinary delights. The store became a haven and has now hosted over 400 free pop-up shops for black business owners.  

row of spices and oils

SpiceBox Subscription

Their gourmet, exotic and tantalizing spices were in such high demand that Angel decided to bring the business online—and thank goodness she did! Now we can all enjoy these new flavors with their monthly Spice Box subscription. This is a great gift for the home cook that likes to switch it up and comes with six half cup jars of a variety of different spices each month.  

Zach + Zoë 

two kids smiling in front of logo

Zach + Zoë was created out of a desire to find a natural remedy for allergies and has grown into a thriving online business providing raw honey for all to enjoy. After their family learned about not only the health benefits of honey, but the dire fate of the honeybee, they set out to become beekeepers themselves.  

They have tons of different flavors so you’re sure to find one suited to the chef in your life. They also have a wealth of amazing recipes on their website that show you just how versatile honey can be in cooking!  

Re-Mix Waffles

This waffle mix company is on a mission to make delicious waffles accessible to anyone, regardless of skill. Waffles are a comfort food many of us would love to stuff our faces with these days, and Re-Mix waffles makes that so easy.  

re-mix waffle mix and waffle

Re-Mix Waffle Mix

Their mix has both traditional and gluten free options, and you can even buy a waffle maker from them! They're made with natural ingredients and aren’t too pricy, so this is a great pick for the home-cook that doesn’t need anything too fancy.

For the Home-Décor Enthusiast


girl smiling while painting wall blue

Clare was created to make shopping for paint beautiful and painless, exactly what home-decorating should be. They re-imagined the paint shopping experience with designer-curated colors, technology to guide you, mess-free paint swatches, and the highest-quality paint and supplies, delivered. They also prioritize sustainability and safety in their products, which we love!  

This is a brand all of us should consider trying the next time we need to re-decorate. If you have a friend that’s into interior design, a gift-certificate from Clare could make all their painting dreams come true.  

Khristian A. Howell 

This brand seeks to take the fear out of color, pattern, and design. Khristian A. Howell has been a designer for years and decided to create her own line that encompasses her life experiences. She creates beautiful home décor pieces that are relatable and unique, perfect for the interior decorator in us all.  

inky cow print pillow

Bessie Throw Pillow

This Bessie throw pillow is a modern take on cow print, with a simple color palette that will look classy in any space. 

Bolé Road Textiles

As an interior designer, Hana Getachew wanted to find a way to combine her love of Ethiopian handwoven fabrics with her career in interior design. Thus, Bolé Road Textiles was born and seeks to pay homage to her cultural inheritance and reflect her personal global modern aesthetic.  

grey bath set

Karo Bath Set - Sable

We love the simplicity and vibrancy of her designs. This one is a bit more subdued, but you can see the quality of the fabric even through the photos. If your friend is looking to spruce up their bathroom, this bath set in “Sable” would make a great addition.  

For the New Mom

Harperiman Dolls

We love the mission of this company, and you can see it in every product they sell. Harperiman Dolls wants to show children of all colors, shapes, and sizes, that they are seen and heard. They want to reinforce to children of color how important and talented they are, and for their dolls to provide positive affirmations of themselves that they can identify every day.

keepsake doll with colorful dress

Lexi Keepsake Doll

This Lexi handmade keepsake doll is a great gift for the new mom that wants to diversify their kids’ doll collection. Visibility is so important for kids to understand that they are capable of anything regardless of their skin color, and companies like this make that easy with such incredible products.  

Brave + Kind Books

This online bookstore is a haven for those looking to keep their kids' reading relevant and insightful books. Brave + Kind Books was created to bring a unique selection of diverse, classic, and artful stories into the hands of our youth.  

four kids books

Story Book Bundle

They've created a story book bundle option on their site that would be perfect to send to a new mom in your life. They send a hand-curated collection of beautiful picture books, perfect for budding curious minds.  

Happy Mango

Happy Mango is an eco-friendly baby, pregnancy, and kids boutique located in Atlanta, Georgia. Their mission is to fully support parents on the wild journey of having kids, by bringing reliable and environmentally-conscious products to their physical and online stores.  

nest diapers

Nest Baby Diapers

These plant-based Eco Diapers are made with hand-selected sustainable materials and are free of harmful chemicals, perfumes, and allergens. These diapers might be a bit more expensive, but the new mom in your life can rest easy knowing their kiddos are covered safely.  

bamboobies nursing bra

Bamboobies Nursing Bra

Another great product is the Bamboobies nursing bra, which is a very popular seamless style that is “sweatpants for your boobs” as the site boasts. It’s also made with bamboo, which is a more breathable, softer, and eco-friendly alternative to cotton or nylon. This is a great option to gift a new mom, as we know how difficult finding the right bra can be.  

Every single one of these brands carries sustainable, thoughtful, and unique products that will truly make wow-worthy gifts. Buying from black-owned businesses should not be a trend—it should be a standard in our everyday lives. This is just one of the many ways we can support the Black Lives Matter movement at this time, but we hope that this support continues well-past an arbitrary date. We will continue to create gift guides with amazing sustainable, diverse, and ethical brands that we love. This is merely the beginning and we are all so much better for it. 

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