Give Joy & #GiftNaked with Tokki Bow-Cards

Give Joy & #GiftNaked with Tokki Bow-Cards

We have spent the last two years selling beautiful, sustainably sourced, reusable cotton gift bags. Our founder, Jane, was inspired by her grandmother’s use of old scarves to wrap gifts—and recognized the positive impact each reusable wrap had on the environment. She (and the rest of the Tokki Team) believes strongly that small steps to decrease waste are better than no steps, so we try to make easy eco-friendly choices every day. When Jane launched Tokki, she wanted to elevate our gifting game with fun prints and high-quality fabrics that would help save the planet without sacrificing the beauty of a wrapped gift.  

We have absolutely LOVED seeing our customers opt for a more sustainable way to gift. But as new research enters the google-sphere, we’re learning that there’s an even more sustainable, less expensive way to wrap. And it’s way more fun. 

Enter: The Tokki. A revolutionary bow-card that turns anything into a gift—wrapped or unwrapped. Whether you use an old scarf like Jane’s grandma or #giftnaked with nothing at all—clip The Tokki on and you have yourself a stunning presentation with a fraction of the carbon footprint.    



But bows already exist—right? Can't you just stick a bow onto your gift from the supermarket and call it good? You can, and using less wrapping paper or gift bags is awesome! Our bow-cards are more than just sparkly cellophane, though. 

The high-quality grosgrain ribbon is made from recycled water bottles (how cool is that?!) and can be reused again and again... and again. The bow is attached to a patented clip and completed with a unique QR tag where you can upload a photo, video, GIF, or some sweet words for your giftee. We’ve seen first-hand how joyful a personalized message can be, and believe The Tokki will revolutionize the way we gift.  

show up with your gift three phones

So it’s the coolest card you’ll ever receive—AND it replaces the bow, card, and wrapping paper all at once. Here’s how it works.  


1. Create your photo/video card  

QR codes practically run the world now, but if you haven’t used one before—we got you. No need to download a new app, your camera works just fine! Open up your phone’s camera app and point it at the little black square. A magic link will pop up at the top of your screen. Just click it and get ready to create a killer digital card. This is where you add that meaningful message, or make it easy on yourself (we do this too) and copy/paste a quote from your favorite author or celeb. Add a photo, video, or GIF and you’re good to go! 

2. Attach to your gift

Our bow-cards have a metal clip on the back that makes it (almost too) easy to slip onto any gift. A cup of coffee, a gift card, a shopping bag—you name it, we’ve giftwrapped with it. We encourage getting creative with your giftwrapping materials or get comfortable and #giftnaked.  

3. Celebrate!

OK—we've probably said every part of gifting with a Tokki is “the best part”... but we really mean it this time. Celebrating with your giftee and getting to see their reaction when they open the gift is invaluable. Whether you’re near or far (highly recommend facetiming while they open it if you’re not close by)--The Tokki creates a lasting connection and gives us a new way to celebrate!   

4. Rescan & Repeat

Our bow-cards can be reused over and over again for unlimited joy-filled gifting occasions. See how far your Tokki can go (we have a customer who sends hers back and forth to her bestie in Costa Rica—how cool is that?!) or keep it in the family—all we ask is that you have fun!   

 So, if you want to make your life a little easier and spend a lot less time (and a lot less waste) creating beautiful and thoughtful gifts—start gifting with The Tokki today.

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