Make Gift Cards Personal with Tokki’s NEW Gift Card Holder + EverGREETING™️ Card

Make Gift Cards Personal with Tokki’s NEW Gift Card Holder + EverGREETING™️ Card

When was the last time you received a gift card? Who was it from, and how did it make you feel? Many of us get a gift card and think, “Yay! I can go buy that purse I’ve been really wanting!” or “OMG I get to go to my favorite restaurant for FREE?!”. They fill our Christmas stockings, stick out of birthday cards, and say “Thank You” when we want to show gratitude.  

Gift cards are fun because they allow the recipient to choose their own adventure, getting the gift that’s perfect for them. And as a giver, they’re quick and easy! On the way to a birthday party and forgot a gift? Keeping a few gift cards in the glove box is a go-to strategy, even for self-proclaimed super-gifters like the Tokki team.


But there are some (actually, a lot) of people who have reservations around giving gift cards. In a third-party study of over 1,000 consumers, researchers found that the #1 fear of gift givers is giving an “impersonal” gift. They found that 64% try to personalize gift cards with holders or décor, but 72% are unsatisfied with the personalization options available (pssst—that's where Tokki comes in). People are worried they’re going to look like they didn’t try, when in reality—sometimes a gift card is the best thing to give. 

Our biggest goal at Tokki is to create connections through gifting, and to make people feel seen. We hope to arm our customers with tools to make their gifts maximize emotional impact, while minimizing environmental harm. Our gift bags have helped thousands of customers personalize their most important gifts. But who says gift cards can’t be personal, too?  

Introducing the Tokki Gift Card Holder + EverGREETING™️ Card

Without further ado, let’s welcome the newest addition to the Tokki family—the Gift Card Holder + EverGREETING™️ Card. Our gift card holders are the answer to all the dissatisfaction found in giving a gift card. The QR code allows you to personalize a digital card (now dubbed the EverGREETING™️ Card)—and attach photos, videos, and GIFs directly to your gift card! 
The QR code is printed directly on the gift card holder. You scan the QR code to create, they scan to open. When the recipient scans, your personalized card will instantly appear! They can save the card to their Tokki Album, then click “add new card” and regift. That’s right—each gift card holder can be reused, endlessly. It’s like sisterhood of the traveling gift!  

But they also improve the gifting experience with aesthetic alone—I mean, who doesn't love a mini bag? Just slip the gift card into the slot in the back and voilà—a small gift with big impact 

We make all of our products out of recycled water bottles (rPET is the technical term)this Gift Card Holder included. By reusing our recycled products, you’re helping reduce the thousands of pounds of gifting waste that ends up in landfills each year ♻️ 

Our Favorite Ways to Use the Gift Card Holder + EverGREETING™️ Card 

Teacher & Coach Gifts 

One of our favorite occasions to use these for are teacher gifts and coach gifts. They get Starbucks and Target gift cards piled onto their desks, which are much appreciated (however impersonal). These are the people who take care of our kiddos every day, helping them learn and grow with tireless dedication. They deserve to feel special and get a gift that sees them.  

So next time, film a video of the classroom or team saying, “Thanks Miss Debbie!” or “Thank you Coach Carlson!”. Simply scan the QR code, customize your EverGREETING™️ Card with the adorable video, then hand it over and watch the joy happen. When Tokki’s Gift Card Holder is sitting next to a pile of other gift cards, you’ll be glad you spent the extra $5 to make their teacher or coach feel extra-special.  

Holiday Stockings & Christmas Tree Décor 

We have customers that love to hide gift cards during the holiday season—whether
that’s in stockings from Santa or carefully placed between the branches of their Christmas tree. This year, we can’t wait to see our Gift Card Holders hanging from the tree like little ornaments. These are the best ornaments ever, though, because they hold a gift card AND a sweet video message from your loved ones. Or check out this customized Santa Message site where you can have an AI-generated Santa say hello to your kids! 

Long-Distance Loved Ones 

If you were planning on sending a birthday card to your daughter across the state, or a thank you to your mother-in-law across the country—these Gift Card Holders + EverGREETING™️ Card are going to help them feel the love from so far away. Camera shy? You can send a GIF of their favorite actor (we use Leonardo Decaprio much too often) or favorite sports team—so they can celebrate with them, no need for a photo shoot.  
Hopefully by now, your fears around impersonal gifting have been squashed. Our EverGREETING™️ Cards will make every gift you give thoughtful and fun and no need to buy a paper card! Want to personalize a bigger gift? Check out our medium, large, and wine gift bags. Here’s to more memorable, sustainable gifting 🥂 
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