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Make it Memorable | How to Create the Perfect Tokki Gift Message

Make it Memorable | How to Create the Perfect Tokki Gift Message

Here at Tokki we are committed to developing products and experiences that help create meaningful connection between peopleWe do this by creating a digital experience that truly makes your giftee feel like you’re right there next to them when they open their gift (and maybe you are, but they will still feel extra connected) 

Digital gift messages change the gifting game and allow you to create the most personalized card imaginable. This is not an emailed digital gift card, but a card that they retrieve directly from their gift bag or gift wrap using the camera app on a smartphone. This patent pending technology reduces paper and plastic waste and removes the decision fatigue of standing in front of a wall of (seemingly-all-the-same) cards. It’s not magic (just really awesome tech) but it sure feels like it!  

So, you’re ready to make this the most memorable/beautiful/exciting/personal gift message ever, but where to start?   

How to Access Your Digital Gift Card  

If you’ve ordered a gift with us online, this part was done for you (woo hoo!)When you purchase a Tokki wrapped gift set, you will create this message as part of the product checkout. If you currently have a physical Tokki Tag and are staring at it in confusion, we’re here to help.  

Scan the qr code with your camera app.  Simply open your camera app (no download required!) and point it at the QR code (TIP: don’t press the snap photo button!). 

Scanning the Tokki Tag

A link to your gift message will float up on your screen. Tap to unlock gifting magic. 

Gift givers: create an account to access your gift card. Add an emoji, text, photo, video or the perfect custom GIF to make them smile. Keep reading, and we’ll give you everything you need to make a meaningful connection. 
Gift receivers: will go straight to view the message, no account necessary (until they are ready to regift the Tokki gift bag with Tokki gift tag attached). 


How to Create a Meaningful Gift Message 

You don’t need to be a professional author to write a meaningful message in your gift message. If you’re looking for a little extra help, we’ve got you covered. Here are some awesome examples from our team (feel free to steal them, we won’t tell).  

"Just link I told you the other day—I'm so grateful for everything you've done for me. I don't know what I would do without you and I appreciate the little things you do! Happy Mother's Day 🎉"

"Happy 30th Birthday! So happy to have you as a friend. Hope your day is filled with love and pampering!"

"You truly are stocked with everything I need and have been since day 1. Thank you for keeping me sane, happy, laughing, and hopeful. I can't wait to be reunited in person (soon) but no matter what, I'm so grateful for your love, it always makes me feel like we are together. I love you!" 

"I'm so grateful to have you in my life. You are truly one of the most thoughtful, generous people I've ever met. Thank you for your friendship. I can't wait for all of us to be together again soon. Until then, cheers!" 

Celebrate Any Occasion   

Not everyone is a wordsmith, and we know that’s a huge reason many choose to buy a witty card at the grocery store. The card says it for you, and how many ways can you really say “Happy Birthday!”? This is where our GIF’s come in, which make an easy and fun animated addition to your gift message.  

Here are some of our favorites but choose whatever feels right to you. You can search in the search bar for almost anything!


Add a Photo or Video  

This is one of our favorite parts of the gift message experience and can really wow your giftee. Adding a photo makes a lasting impact and joyous reminder every time they look back at your message.  

A video is even better and can be personalized to celebrate the occasion. We’ve seen the cutest videos of kiddos wishing grandparents a happy birthday, or daughters telling their moms how much they love them. If you’re having trouble coming up with the right words, here’s a great example of what to say:   


Save it Forever  

The beauty of creating a digital gift message (or one part of it) is the ability to save it forever, all in one convenient location. There are two ways to save your gift message, check it out:  

  1. Save them to your Tokki Album 
    • When you create an account, you can save all the gift messages you’ve given and received with Tokki into your Tokki Album 
    •  This is where you can see the “Trail of Tokki”:  see how many times your Tokki Tag has been used to regift! 
  1. Download photos and videos
    • Keep your special photos or videos by downloading them to your phone 

We created Tokki with the mission of creating connection through gifting in a more sustainable and memorable way. Since connection is so important to us, we would love to connect with you! Please reach out to help@tokki.com with anything you may need, or find us on Instagram @tokkigifting and send us a DM. Any questions, suggestions, or gifting brainstorm sessions are welcome. We’re a small and friendly company, come say hi! 

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