New Style Drop: Introducing The Tokki EverGREETING™️ Card

New Style Drop: Introducing The Tokki EverGREETING™️ Card

We couldn’t be more thrilled to launch a brand-new style (and new prints!) of our beloved gift bags. The Tokki EverGREETING™️ Card is the new way to gift—allowing you to upload photos, videos, and GIFs directly to our thoughtfully designed reusable gift bags.  

Not only have we trademarked a new name for our digital card experience, but we’ve evolved the physical bags with new grosgrain handles, matching piping, and beautiful new prints. These new bags are perfect for birthday gifts, teacher gifts, anniversary gifts, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day—you name it, and we can help you gift it.  

We’ve also made the digital card experience better than ever, making it look and feel like you’re opening the Best. Card. Ever. All while bringing you more value at a lower price point.  


EverGREETING™️ Card: An endlessly reusable, digital greeting card.  


Yes, it’s a digital greeting card—but it’s more than that. The “Ever” represents the idea that each of our cards can be reused for-EVER! They’re “Evergreen”, allowing us to cherish our special memories each time we scan or login. They represent an endless chain of gifting as the bag gets reused, keeping us connected and keeping single-use paper cards out of landfills. 


Brand NEW Prints by Local Women Artists  


We are so excited about these prints! We have new bags for birthdays, thank you gifts, teacher appreciation, and so much more. Our two new collections were created with your special moments in mind, showing off a range of bold brights and chic pastels. 

Each of these collections includes new sizing—our medium, large, and new Extra-Large give you ultimate flexibility. Fit everything from jewelry to toys to kitchen appliances. You can find specific dimensions on the product pages.  

We partner with local women artists to create these vibrant, aesthetic prints. We love being able to support fellow women entrepreneurs and have them contribute such amazing work to our collections. And we’re always looking for more fantastic women to work with! If you know someone or are someone, let’s work
together — 


It’s All in The Details 


Oh Snap! 

At the top of each of our bags, we’ve incorporated a small snap. This little guy helps you hide your gift, eliminating the need for single-use tissue paper. But of course, you can use that if you’d like! If you do, we recommend recycled and biodegradable paper. Tokki is all about choosing your own adventure, while being mindful of our environment 🌎 

Space For Dry Erase 

When you use our bags, you’ll scan the EverGREETING™️ Card to see who it’s to/from. But what if you’re giving a lot of gifts, and don’t know which bag is for whom? We thought of that, too. On the side of each bag, we left a little space for dry erase. Just use any dry erase marker to write your giftee’s name, then easily wipe to remove!  

Bottoms Up 

Just like our previous style, we’ve included all of the information you need on the bottom of the bag. Instructions and inspiration follow the bag after you take the packaging off, making it easy to gift with confidence.  

Easy to Handle 

We’ve sourced recycled grosgrain ribbon to make beautiful, sustainable handles that hold up over time. They’re the perfect length and elevate the visual presentation of your gift! We also match the piping to the handles to keep the cohesive aesthetic.  

Made with 100% Recycled Water Bottles 

Per usual, we make our bags out of 100% recycled water bottles (rPET is the technical term). We are thoughtful about how we create our bags, and ethically source recycled materials to keep you and Mama Earth happy.  


Gift Card Holder + EverGREETING™️ Card  


You may have already heard about our Gift Card Holders, but if not—we’re here to introduce you. These mini bags are the very best way to add WOW to every gift card you give. Many people have reservations around giving gift cards and wish they could be more personal. We hope to give you the ability to stand out when you give a gift card, and that’s what these Gift Card Holders do! 

We love them for teacher and coach gifts—uploading a video of the team saying “Thank you coach!” or a classroom saying “We appreciate you!”. Check out more ways to use these adorable mini bags & cards in our recent blog post.  


Same Quality, Better Value 

This new style is not only beautiful, but lower in price. We keep value at the forefront of what we do, so we can stay as accessible as possible. Our goal is to have everyone be able to gift with Tokki, so we can make gifting more memorable and sustainable together. If more people use our reusable gift bags, less waste ends up in landfills—woo hoo!  


Our medium size starts at only $6, making it an easy swap for a paper gift bag, greeting card, and tissue paper which can add up to $12+. It’s a one-time purchase that keeps things oh-so-simple! 


A Fresh Digital Experience 


So yes, we’ve made some awesome improvements to the bags themselves—but our secret sauce is making the digital experience even better than a paper card. When you scan an EverGREETING™️ Card, a digital card with the recipient's name will “open”—revealing your personal photo, video, or GIF and a handwritten message. They can then send a thank you, save it to their album, and track the bag’s journey as it’s been regifted.


So, what are you waiting for? Get these bags for a year of spectacular, sustainable gifting. We can’t wait to see all of the different moments you celebrate 🥳


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