Our New YOU-ser Experience and How to Give the Best. Card. Ever.

Our New YOU-ser Experience and How to Give the Best. Card. Ever.

Tokki is rooted in innovation, helping you personalize your most important gifts in a way nobody has done before. By scanning the QR code on Tokki gift bags, you’re able to personalize your gift with an EverGREETING™️ Card: an endlessly reusable, digital card. You can upload personal photos, videos, and GIFs to connect with loved ones near and far. They scan, and your card instantly appears!  

Our forward-thinking team always has YOU at the forefront of our innovations. Your words, your celebrations, your connections, the people you love—YOU are what makes Tokki so special. That’s why we’re so excited to share our new "You”-ser experience, something we have been dedicated to making the best it can be. We wanted the Tokki experience to capture the joy of opening a physical card, but with the surprise of your photos & videos inside. We even added a photobooth, so you can customize further with fun themes and hilarious stickers.  

The possibilities are endless with The EverGREETING™️ Card.
Let’s dive in! 

Easily Create a Custom EverGREETING™️ Card

To create a card, you’ll first create an account so you can save all of your custom creations. Then you’ll be directed to add the To/From names, occasion, location, and the message you’d like to write in your card.

Then the most fun part—uploading media! “Media” can mean a personal photo or video from your camera roll, a GIF (we’re connected to GIPHY, which means you can add any of your favorite celebrities, sports teams, cartoons, and more), OR click “photo booth” and transform your card into a truly one-of-a-kind creation!  

NEW Photobooth Feature 

That’s right—the Tokki Photobooth is ready to make your occasions even more special. Choose from some of our favorite filters, silly stickers, and fun masks—then say cheese! Once you’ve taken the perfect pic, easily add it to your card. You can also save the photo to your camera roll to revisit again and again. 

Opening the Best. Card. Ever.  

One of our biggest updates is the look & feel of opening your card. We wanted it to resonate the same way opening a paper card does, but with the added WOW of seeing their friends/co-workers/sisters face once they open it up. This feature allows the recipient to scan and see a matching envelope with their name on it, which then opens to reveal a “handwritten” message and photo, video, or GIF of the giver’s choosing.  

Matching the envelope to the gift bag you’re giving is just another small detail that makes gifting with Tokki so special. It brings forward our goal of uniting the physical gifting world with the modern digital age, making the experience seamless and aesthetically pleasing.  

 Follow The Gifting Journey as Your Tokki Travels 

One of our customers' favorite features has always been the ability to track as your Tokki is regifted. It’s SO fun to get a notification (optional, we won’t spam you) every time someone uploads a new card to the bag you had gifted them. It’s like the sisterhood of the travelling gift bag!  
Now the gifting journey is better than ever, with the location and message joined together. It's so special to see the community of humans gifting thoughtfully, and to know that we're all connected
in this unique way.  

We’ve had people use this feature for all kinds of gifting—whether you’re sending the same Tokki back and forth with your best friend or watching as it “hops” to strangers around the world. This is something a paper card could never capture.  

And don’t worry, if you want to keep things private—simply click the privacy box below your card and your photos and
videos will be hidden!  

Save Every Card You Give & Receive to Your Tokki Album  

Where do you put your greeting cards once you read them? Under your bed? In the back of your closet? ….... in the trash? No judgement, we’ve all been there. Some cards just aren’t worth cluttering your space. Other cards you might have wanted to save and cherish, but they got lost in the shuffle of life.  

Being able to have all of your cards in one place is a really special thing. Scrolling through our celebrations and special moments brings us so much joy and having them in one spot instead of littering our bedrooms makes it easy to reminisce.  

Send a Thank You

This new feature is a really thoughtful and easy way to show how much you care. It’s so easy to forget to respond to a mailed card or offhanded text, but when you open your EverGREETING™️ Card sending a message of gratitude is simple. Just click “text” or “email” and you’ll be prompted to send a message to the gift giver, instantly winning you best giftee award 🏆 

See How Much Waste We’re Saving from Landfills!  

While we’re having so much fun giving the coolest cards, we’re also saving waste from ending up in landfills. 1,427 Giraffe’s worth—to be exact. Over Tokki’s lifetime, we’ve saved 24,243 feet of single-use gift wrap from ending up in the trash.  

Tokki was created after our founder, Jane, woke up the day after Christmas and found a mountain of non-recyclable gift wrap and cards littering her living room floor. When she took to google, she found that in the US there’s enough single-use gift wrap to go around the earth 9 times each year. And almost all of that goes straight to landfills after prettily wrapping our gifts.  

This statistic put Jane into action, determined to come up with a better—more earth-friendly way to gift. She also wanted to make reuse FUN, and remove the stigma around regifting.  

That’s how Tokki was born, and we’re so grateful to continue making your gifts more personal and sustainable every day.  
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