Personalized Gift Ideas for Kids at Any Age

Personalized Gift Ideas for Kids at Any Age

Doesn’t it feel extra special to receive a present that is customized just for you? Yeah, kids think so, too. It’s exciting to open a gift – it’s even more exciting to have that gift be personalized in a favorite color, name, or representative of something unique to them.

The popularity of personalized gifts has grown so much, in fact, that customizable gifts have popped up everywhere. Searching for the perfect gift for the child in your life can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve collected the ten most awesome personalized gift options we could find. 

There’s something for children at any age and every gender in this guide. Have a read, select your favorite, and get ready to receive a big “THANK YOU SO MUCH” when they open the gift you customized just for them.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: We were NOT paid by anyone for these opinions (even by ourselves as it turns out…).

Personalized Gift Ideas for Kids ages 0-7

Name Crayons: Personalized Kids Letter Crayons

Letter Name Crayons by Crafty Crayons

Crayons – you know them, and your child most definitely loves them. Surprise them with a new take on an old favorite with these crayons shaped as the letters in your child’s name. 

Crafty Crayons make these sets in primary colors, a customizable solid-color set, and a wild and crazy marbled set. For the very adventurous there’s even a glitter-coated set (although we understand if you pass on that one for clean up’s sake). No matter which set you choose for the little one in your life, they’ll be set to create fabulous, fridge-worthy drawings for months to come.

Primary Wooden Name Toy Train

Primary Wooden Name Train from

The wooden train is a staple in many families toy chests, but how many of those toy trains are made from your child’s name? Your youngster can enjoy hours of playtime as they roll their name-train from across the wild terrain of your family room floor, up the rocky mountain stairs, or across the swamplands of their bedroom rug. Colorful, simple, and totally adorable, this train set is a sure-fire winner.

Personalized Children's Picture Book

Personalized Picture Book by Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods has come up with a bunch of different inspiring, motivational stories that are personalized for the child in your life. The favorite? The “I Can Change the World” title, which teaches children that no matter who they are or where they come from, they are important and can make powerful, positive change in the world. Two thumbs WAY, way up. We agree kindness can definitely make the world a better place. Books can easily be wrapped in a size medium/large Tokki wrap for a truly memorable and eco-friendly gifting experience.

Kitchen-Ready Adorable Kids Apron

Personalized Kitchen Apron by Growing Roots

For the child who is already planning their appearance on Top Chef, gift them this cute and functional personalized apron from Growing Roots. Printed with their name in a playful font, these aprons can be made with or without a pocket. 

Like the pocket idea? You have four colorful options to choose from. Not keen on the name, but still want to make it personal? Growing Roots will print whatever text you like so long as it fits in the designated text space. Get creative!

Personalized Gift Ideas For ages 7-12

Martial Arts Belt Holder

Martial Arts Belt Holder from Personalized Creations

Know a child who is destined for a black belt but who still has a way to go? Give them the gift of visible progress with this custom Martial Arts belt holder from Personal Creations. As they earn their belts, they can place them neatly in a row up the wooden ladder. 

Easy to hang on the wall, this belt holder can be inscribed with their name, up to nine characters. The young martial artist will be filled with increased drive and motivation to keep working hard with their belts so proudly on display.

Custom Name Vinyl Decal Constellation Wall

Custom Name Vinyl Decal by Kenna Sato Designs

Do you know a child who adores astronomy? Do they enjoy looking at the stars at night? Maybe they have a telescope and are already fascinated by the sight of faraway planets and constellations. 

Every young night-sky-lover will go nuts for this constellation-inspired wall decal in their very own name. Created by Kenna Sato Designs, they can be purchased in a multitude of colors, including silver and gold. Easy to apply and wall safe, this custom decal will light up your child’s room – and their heart!

Lucky Elephant Initial Necklace

Personalized Elephant Necklace by MignonandMignon

Dainty, precious, and perfect for the young-but-fashion-forward child in your life, these lucky elephant initial necklaces are sure to delight. Made by Mignon and Mignon, these delicate little pieces can be made in gold, silver, or rose gold, and come stamped with the child’s initial. 

They advertise these necklaces as “baby necklaces,” but with a chain length of 17.5” these lucky little elephant pieces are perfect for a 7-12-year-old. These necklaces are so sweet and trendy, they may even love to wear their specially-made piece well into their teenage years. For an extra special and sustainable gift-giving experience, wrap it in a size small Tokki wrap.

Personalized Gift Ideas for Kids Ages 13 and Up

Birth Month Flower Necklace

Birth Month Flower Necklace by Uncommon Goods

Another jewelry option – this time for a slightly older child.  These personalized necklaces from Uncommon Goods are a whimsical spin on the traditional birthstone necklace. Made with delicate pressed flowers and resin, these birthstone flower pendants are a lovely way to celebrate the teen in your life.  

Handmade by a jewelry artist, the pendant comes with an 18-inch sterling silver chain and is set in silver-plated pewter. It looks as great with jeans and a t-shirt as it does with a bright, airy summer dress. Your teen will cherish this piece for years to come.

Letters To My Future Self - Postmark Memories

Letters To My Future Self by Uncommon Goods

Do you know that nostalgic feeling that comes over you when you discover an old childhood journal, letter to Santa, or another piece of writing from when you were younger? That’s how they’ll feel in a few years – or decades! – when they open up this set of letters they wrote to their future self

Each letter has a touching, creative prompt to spark creativity and deeper thought. We’re wiser than we know when we’re young. Sometimes we need that wisdom to return to us at important stages of our life. With this letter set from Uncommon Goods, your child will be able to communicate to their future self and remind them that they are amazing no matter what they’re going through.

Personalized Gift Ideas For Kids of Any Age

Kid Quotes Custom Wall Art

Kid Quotes Custom Wall Art by Uncommon Goods

As the saying goes: “Kids say the darndest things.” Capture a child’s funny comment, joke, or signature catchphrase with this custom wall art from Uncommon Goods

You can choose from several vibrant water-color inspired backgrounds and can also add a child’s name, age, and even a little context as to what inspired the quote. No matter what age they are, and even as they grow into adults, children will appreciate this celebration of their wit and hilarity. 

Personalized Cup

Personalized Cup by Vacay Mode

Who doesn't love their own personal cup or mug? This versatile personalized cup makes the perfect gift for a kid of any age. Vacay Mode offers 40 designs to choose from that can be personalized with a character and name. The cups are enamel, stainless steel, and very lightweight so they are durable and long-lasting for little or bigger hands.

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Personalized gifts for kids at any age

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