Pivoting Back with Purpose | Gifting More Sustainably and Joyfully in an Ever-Crazy World

Pivoting Back with Purpose | Gifting More Sustainably and Joyfully in an Ever-Crazy World

Hi there! We're Tokki, it's nice to re-meet you. Our founder, Jane Park, would like to introduce you to your new favorite way to gift. 

(Re-)Introducing Tokki 


“But I thought you make those fabulous face masks?” you ask, and that’s a good question. Why, yes we do. But way, way back, before the coronavirus was a glint in the universe’s eye, we were a fledgling gifting company. We made beautiful keepsake, reusable giftwrap out of the highest quality unbleached cotton. We created a patent pending digital gift message experience so you could show up with your gift, magically tucked in the QR code of our Tokki Gift Tag. 

Now that we’ve got you all masked-up, we’ve been turning our attention back to our core business. (Don’t worry, we’re still working on seasonal mask prints that will make the bummer of wearing masks a little less bummer-y). 

We designed the world’s most beautiful gift bags, combining elements of the Korean traditional wrapping cloth (bojaki) with the ease of American gift bags.  More importantly, what makes it beautiful is your message – which your giftee can now access with just a tap of their cell phone. No download required, because who has the time or data for that? 

Yeah, it’s a little more pricey, because we’re made in the garment district in our beautiful NYC. Our holiday gift bag is made of recycled water bottles, so if you’ve ever used a single use water bottle you should really buy our gift bags. It’s an all-in-one solution: If I was on QVC as I was back in my beauty company days, I would show you a tray with the gift wrap roll, ribbon, tape, scissors, gift card and envelope, times the hundred times you can reuse it in your adult lifetime. Then I would sweep it dramatically off the table and replace it with a single beautiful Tokki Gift Bag.   

The coolest thing about everything we do is the Tokki Gift Tag.  You can upload a video of your cute kids who grandma misses like crazy, or a message to your clients so they remember what you look like and come back to you when they can. It’s creepy to send a client a picture of yourself, but it’s not creepy to say, “Here’s to 2021!” in a Tokki Tag. In fact, it’s heart warming and brings us all a step closer to world peace. All with a tap of your mobile phone.

And that’s not even to mention the time and frustration you’ll save. What price would you put on all that? At least $16 right?  (Which is where our smallest keepsake Tokki Gift Bag + Tokki Tag begin). 

One more thing: We and our corporate credit card have been hard at work to bring you the best stuff to put inside our bags. Listening to our early handful of customers, who became hundreds and now thousands (much to our disbelief because, uh, the pandemic), we are introducing the most thoughtful gift sets on the worldwide interwebs. Right now. As you read. Consider yourself introduced! 

We are a small company, so we can’t compete on selection. For a litany of reasons, we are no Amazon, and that too is a good thing.  But just because we’re a small company doesn’t mean we have to settle for offering you stale nuts and weird shortbread. I mean, actually, we do have shortbread, and okay, okay, it has rosemary and salt, but it’s the world’s most f-ing amazing shortbread so you should be so lucky to gift it and luckier to receive it. 


Because we’re a small company, we’re going to act like your best friend and set you up for success in gifting. Think of us as your gift whisperers. We dare you not to be loved more after this holiday season. 

"We dare you to not be loved more after this holiday season."

The Los Aljibes Olive Oil is our piece de resistance. I had to figure out how to import it from Spain, that’s how much I dreamed of it from the first taste. I call this “Magic Olive Oil” because it tastes like the essence of goodness and also it emulsifies like nobody’s business. You can’t buy a bottle anywhere else in the fifty United States or any of our territories, and it’s my favorite gift to give. If I like you, I’ve likely gifted this to you. If you haven’t received it from me, you should re-evaluate our closeness. (Or maybe I’m gifting it to you this holiday season, so you can save your re-evaluation until January). 

So welcome to the New Tokki. We’re still working hard to shepard our new company through these crazy times. Profit is but a distant dream, but helping our community and finding joy is front and center.   

We are a small team of passionate, thoughtful women trying to help you gift better. Waaay better. It’s so easy. You should listen to us.   

Our gift sets are insanely thoughtful, and made by companies we both admire and would drink a beer with. It’s wrapped in keepsake, beautiful gift bags that are sure to be pulled out and reused over and over again. Each time, your giftee will think, “Wow, I’m really grateful to that thoughtful ___ who gave me this amazing gift.” Each time, there will be less gift wrap in the garbage because most gift wrap is too sparkly, adorned, coated, thin or saturated to be recycled. Imagine the world shedding itself of enough giftwrap to circle the earth more than 116 times, which is how much we use in just America alone each year. 

So this holiday season, won’t you please consider letting us help you show up in the most thoughtful way to the people you appreciate? 

With gratitude, 

Jane H.S. Park 

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