Shop Women-Owned Businesses | Our Favorite Must-Have Products and Services

Shop Women-Owned Businesses | Our Favorite Must-Have Products and Services

As a small, woman-owned business, we deeply value the work women put into building authentic and meaningful brands. We have an all-women team here at Tokki, and we are constantly searching for ways to support other teams of strong, inspiring ladies. After COVID-19 hit, our founder’s focus was supporting our team and those who are fighting at the front lines of the virus—which is how the Tokki x Gravitas mask was born. Jane partnered with her good friend Lisa at Gravitas New York and pivoted like no other—changing our business model and surviving because of it.  

This partnership sparked a conversation here at Tokki about what we can be doing to further support small, women-owned businesses that are still struggling to survive due to COVID-19. We were lucky enough to continue this conversation with the founders of some of these businesses, and hear what methods of survival they have courageously taken on during these uncertain times. Even though it sounds cheesy—we found strength in the fact that we truly are all in this together.  

We have put together this list of amazing products and services from women-owned businesses, that you can support right now! Many of these companies were created by powerful women in our own back-yard, and this is the perfect time to flood them with love. You can shop comfortably knowing these products and services are high-quality and long-lasting and come from businesses that prioritize sustainable practices. We love them, and we know you will too. 

Eco Collective  

This incredible store was created to be a one-stop-shop for all things sustainable. They strive to create a community of people who are passionate about the outdoors and committed to keeping it beautiful. They own a storefront in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, but you can buy their products from the comfort of your own home as well. This shop makes understanding zero-waste living easy and provides you with all the tools necessary to get started.  
This thoughtful mission was born from its three inspiring co-founders: Summer Hanson, Genevieve Livingston, and Marimar White-Espin. We were lucky enough to get to speak with Marimar to understand how Eco Collective has been adjusting to this crazy COVID-19 world. We asked what her advice would be to anyone struggling to adapt, and she gave us some beautiful sentiments to remember.  
A great place to start our low-waste living is in our kitchens. Buying a few products that are alternatives to single-use kitchen utensils is a great way to make a positive impact on the planet. Their wooden dish brush is the perfect swap for traditional sponges, and this dish soap block is great for cleaning dishes plastic-free. Another item that can liven up cooking are these herbal spice blends, which come from a black-woman-owned business right here in Seattle! Finally, these Swedish dishcloths are family owned and have the cutest designs, perfect for cleaning up spills without single-use paper towels.


Anders is a lovely storefront located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. They believe that “We shouldn’t have to choose between style and sustainability”, and we couldn’t agree more. As a company, they support local U.S. makers who can trace the origins of their products and trade fairly when importing goods. They carry anything from clean beauty products to hand-crafted ceramics, and you can shop knowing you’re making a positive impact.  

This Wildflower eye mask is a multifaceted product that we can’t get enough of. It’s not just to rest your eyes, it acts as a migraine relief solution that relieves tension and lifts spirits. The charming print will look cute on your nightstand, and put it in the freezer or the microwave for both cold and heat therapy.  

Boma Jewelry

Boma is a family-owned business focused on how they can use their business and infrastructure as a force for good. They create beautiful jewelry for every occasion that is built to last, and each piece is created with sustainable and ethical commitments in mind. Their founder, Suzanne Vetillart, believes in being an example of generosity, love, and long-term commitment to people and the planet. We had the opportunity to speak with her about how this pandemic is affecting herself and her business, and she left us with a great reminder and survival technique.  

We love this Parel Double Pearl Necklace for those who like simple designs. This piece is a part of the Limited Run collection which was designed in small batches with sustainability in mind to reuse, reduce waste, recycle, and up-cycle.  

Hot Cakes

This dessert restaurant is everything you could want and need when it comes to curing your sweet tooth. Their mission is to create beautiful, organic desserts that savor and celebrate your most important moments. Their founder, Autumn Martin, began selling their best-selling molten cakes back in 2008 at the Ballard Farmer’s Market. She soon opened her first storefront on Ballard Ave., and has been spreading the chocolate-love ever since.  
Since it’s incarnation with just one flavor of molten cake, they have expanded their menu to include tons of delicious organic creations. Visiting them in person can give you an idea of the amazing selection they have, or you can order one of their take-and-bake options online.

This Mix and Match Molten Cake Pack gives you six jars of molten cake to make at home, and you can choose three of their different flavors to enjoy.  

Frankie + Jo’s

This amazing plant-based ice cream is not only delicious, but rooted in values that Tokki can easily get behind. Their co-founder, Autumn Martin, believes in caring for the environment by paying special attention to farming practices and nurturing meaningful relationships between humans and the earth. You might recognize her name, and that’s because she also founded Hot Cakes (see above). After a long career in the food industry, she co-founded Frankie + Jo’s with Kari Brunson, a lover of plant-based cuisine and excellent customer service.  As a company, they prioritize making a positive impact on the communities of people, animals, and plants everywhere.  
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We love their mission, and we love their ice cream even more! They have locations in the Capitol Hill and Ballard neighborhoods of Seattle, so if you have a chance to visit their store in person we highly recommend. There is something about the atmosphere that makes enjoying your ice cream next-level! If you can’t make it in, you can choose four or more flavors to add to a box and get it shipped right to your door.  

Seattle Elderberry

With so much fear surrounding our health these days, a product that can help out our immune system is a welcome addition to our lives. Seattle Elderberry was created when its founder, Holly Cooper, was looking for a natural remedy for cold and flu to treat her young family. She then discovered the magic of elderberry syrup, but didn't like the unnatural ingredients in store-bought brands. So—she made her own! And now we’re all lucky enough to enjoy it ourselves. We had the chance to speak with her about how Seattle Elderberry has adapted over the past few months and what we can do to further support each other.  

They have a few different flavors (which as their site boasts, are all freaking delicious) and even some DIY kits that you can explore at home! This starter set is a great way to introduce you and your family to the wonders of elderberry. They also use 100% recyclable packaging—how cool is that? 

For first-time purchasers—use code “YAY10” for 10% off your first order!  

Seattle African Braids

Many of us have been dying to get back into a salon during this quarantine, and Seattle African Braids is ready to welcome us with safe social distancing guidelines. Their commitment to customer service and beautiful braids are unmatched, and worth checking out if you need protective styles from Boxbraids to Goddess locs, passion twists, and more.  

You can take a look at all of their braid options here, and book a future session today! 

Public Goods and Services

This low-waste living shop has everything you need to start living your life with less harmful waste. They are your go-to resource for sustainable goods and refills on bulk products, located in West Seattle. This shop makes the transition to a low-waste lifestyle simple and easy, which are typically not two things we associate with clean living. They take the pain out of this transition, which is invaluable to our lives and the earth! 
If you’ve been considering some low-waste alternatives to implement into your life, a sustainable wellness kit is a great way to start. The Lucy in The Sky natural deodorant is vegan and comes in a glass jar, reducing the waste of plastic in traditional deodorant packaging. Another great product to add to your wellness kit is this detoxifying facial cleansing bar. Suitable for all skin types, this bar is made with hydrating mango, shea, and coconut—specially formulated so it won't clog your pores. The last piece to your low waste puzzle is this boar bristle hairbrush, which will naturally condition your hair, improve the texture, and reduce the need for styling products. 

Lemonade Pursuits

We love the mission behind this unique puzzle company. After realizing how helpful puzzles are for her anxiety, Abigail Stavrand created Lemonade Pursuits to reinvent the jigsaw puzzle. These puzzles are created to harness the mental energy that causes anxiety and to help relieve it one piece at a time. We were lucky enough to speak with Abigail about how Lemonade Pursuits is surviving during the pandemic.  

Their puzzles are just one of several products that we love! This Frida Kahlo Cross Stitch Kit comes with everything you need to get started with the relaxing activity, and when you’re done you have a beautiful work of art.  

Our Fabric Stash

This innovative, eco-friendly fabric shop is a warm and welcoming business in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, founded by Deborah B. (pictured below). They were created so “STASH-aHOLics" have a place to stir their creative juices, organize, share, and grow their fabric stash.

We love that they are taking a new spin on the way we buy and sell fabric, and their commitment to the earth is a refreshing presence in the fashion industry. Check out their memberships and discover how you can help contribute to their growing stash, without harming the planet.  

French Girl Organics

This is the place to find natural, sustainable skincare that looks as good as it feels. French Girl Organics believes in the power of self-care and conscious consumption to create a healthier worldview and a better world. And they don’t just say it, they mean it—“Through organic, sustainable ingredients, ethical business practices, and a cruelty-free supply chain, it is our mission to support the Earth, to celebrate self-love, and to make life beautiful.”   

This Lavande Blanche Bath Experience is the perfect treat for someone looking to relax and unwind. It comes with their signature Sea Polish, which is a hydrating body scrub composed of organic ingredients that gently exfoliate the skin. The set also comes with a soothing bath soak and body glow oil, so your skin will be glowing after a long hot bath.  


Fran’s began with the intention of creating extraordinary chocolate with the highest-quality ingredients. It’s known that their founder, Fran Bigelow, celebrates life and the pursuit of joy in any given situation, much like we do here at Tokki!

Her edible artistic creations are enjoyed by many, and there are tons of different flavors to choose from. These Gray Smoked Salt Caramels are delicious and have our personal stamp of approval.  

Trophy Cupcakes

This fun-filled cupcake shop believes that every day should be a party. They create breath-catching creations that are full of confetti and yummy surprises. This is the place to go if you’re in need of a little extra sweetness in your life. They have several locations across Seattle, but you can also order from home!  

If you’re looking to order something for you and your friends, check out this DIY Yumfetti kit! They provide you with all the necessary ingredients to decorate their delicious cupcakes, and you can get creative with your cupcake decorations.  

One of our favorite initiatives is their “Pay it Forward” campaign where you can choose from a variety of cupcakes to send to healthcare heroes and first responders. They take the work out of the donation process, and you get to feel good knowing you got some delicious cupcakes to hard-working humans.  

Altogether Lovely Life

Have you ever heard of Afrotanicals? We hadn’t either, but we’re so happy we did! Altogether Lovely Life provides skincare and botanical products created with Wildcrafted Afrotanicals that are homegrown in the tropical rainforests of Ghana, West Africa. They use toxic-free ingredients that are simple and potent and work to incorporate the ancient African beauty practices that are an integral part of Africa’s rich culture.  

A key ingredient in their skincare is Ylang Ylang oil, which is proven to reduce stress and anxiety with continued use. They carry toner, serum, and balm all infused with this wonderful ingredient—or you can buy it straight form the bottle!  

The London Plane

A café, bakery, and flower shop all in one! They are located right in downtown Seattle’s Pioneer Square and offer quality goods to their loyal customers.

One of our favorite parts of The London Plane are their beautiful floral arrangements, and we highly recommend signing up for their Friday Flower Delivery! Fresh flowers are a great way to liven up your space, and this company makes creating something beautiful easy and fun.  

Dawson Salon

Leigh Dawson created this salon after discovering her passion for working with individual style. She loved the intimacy of working with clients one-on-one and bought the space to harness the powerful energy of human connection.

Leigh and her stylists provide beautiful hair and beauty services that will leave all of us feeling fresh after many months of quarantine. Reach out to them to book an appointment or grab a gift card—your hair will thank you later!  


As we continue to connect with other women-owned businesses, it's become clear that pivoting and asking for help are two very important aspects of surviving during this time. We've seen that in action here at Tokki when our founder, Jane Park, teamed up with her friend Lisa at Gravitas New York to create the Tokki x Gravitas Mask. Then, she decided to create our candle connection, in hopes of sparking joy and connection between us and the people we love. If you'd like to hear more about our own pivoting journey, check out this blog post.
These products and services are our favorites for a reason. Each of these businesses prioritizes sustainability and mindful shopping, which is what we look for in every product we promote. We put a ton of time and care into bringing our audience brands that are worth supporting. These women-owned businesses are more than deserving of our support, and any of their products would make a lovely gift to a friend (or to yourself!). 

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