The Inspiration Behind The Candles

The Inspiration Behind The Candles

“Here’s to you!" I love my girlfriends, and I love a good cocktail, so there’s nothing I love more than the chance to toast amazing women.  Toasting their tenacity, creativity, warmth, compassion, and how they show up for their loved ones. Over the past month, as I’ve grappled with our changing world, finding ways to double down on connection has become even more important to me.  Because I can’t toast my mom and my first responder friends in person, I created these candles to send so I can “cheers” to them from afar.

Here's to being next to you soon candle

Inspiration for the Appreciation Candle Collection

Like everyone, I’ve been craving coziness lately as I shelter-in-place.  I miss my book group and my girlfriend getaways, and I’ve really been thinking about how much I appreciate the important women in my life more than ever.  During this time, my daughter and I have been dropping off gifts on doorsteps wrapped in tokki gift wraps. These have included homemade candles. I started making candles because I wanted to create a physical vehicle for sending my love to my girlfriends.  I wrote unique messages on each one and played with different environmentally friendly waxes and essential oils. In many ways, it felt like being back in my beauty company days! I'm excited to make these Appreciation Candles available for others to give. To keep our community in mind with every step we take, we are donating 10% of proceeds from every Appreciation Candle to the American Red Cross.

“Here’s to you” hand-poured candles

here's to your big bodacious heart candle with tokki gift wrap
Back of here's to your big bodacious heart candle

Each candle in our launch collection has a message of appreciation.  I really believe in gratitude as the antidote to anxiety, and I’m so grateful for friendship above all.  I had specific women in mind as I created candles like, “Here’s to your big bodacious heart” and “Here’s to your crazy AF resilience”.  I hope they will remind others of their moms, sisters, and girlfriends too. Our eco-friendly coconut soy candles are hand-poured with love and feature clean, modern skin-care grade fragrances designed to inspire connection.

The first responders' candle: here’s to all. you. give.

here's to all. you. give candle with tokki gift wrap
Back of here's to all. you. give candle

We created the "here's to all. you. give." candle to salute first responders.  The stories of health care professionals and their teams have been so inspiring to me. I admire the way my doctor and nurse friends show up every day and keep giving.  There are so many sacrifices being made by health care professionals today – of time, energy, emotional strength, and family connection. They are truly the best of us.  We’re offering these at our cost + 10% donation to the American Red Cross to make it easier to recognize the first responders in our lives.  

Complete Gifting Solution - Ready To Gift

It is more important than ever to provide new ways of gifting to someone while being able to maintain distance. We have created a complete gifting solution that can hopefully make your gift feel as personalized and special as giving it in-person.

Ready To Gift and Ship Candles
Tokki Ready-To-Gift Candles

How it works

  1. You select the candle that you want to give and place the order
  2. We send you a link and you create a personalized message - using words, video, photos and/or gifts
  3. We wrap your candle in a tokki reusable wrap + tokki digital gift tag (this is where your personalized message lives)
  4. We ship the gift to your recipient
  5. Your recipient receives the gift, scans the tokki digital gift tag with their camera app on their smartphone and views the special message.
  6. Not only do they receive a candle, but also a beautiful reusable tokki gift wrap. Bonus: every time a tokki wrap is gifted, we plant a tree.

Here’s to you!

Here's to your crazy AF resilience candle

In everything we do right now, we are motivated by two goals:  1) to be of service to our community and 2) to support our small but mighty team.  We hope that these new Here's To You Appreciation Candles will help you connect more memorably with someone special in your life.  Thanks for being part of our “us”.  

Here’s to getting through this together.  Here’s to you!


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