The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Gift Guide for Men, Women, and Kids

The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Gift Guide for Men, Women, and Kids

Here at Tokki we love to make gift-giving memorable and create less waste along the way. We decided to put together a list of our favorite eco-friendly gift ideas for men, women, and kids. With many companies these days choosing to create sustainable products, we can honestly say that less-waste gifting has never been easier. But which presents are the best for your loved ones? We’ve scoured the marketplace to source some wicked-awesome gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion.

There’s something for everyone on our list of top eco-friendly gifts of 2019 in this ultimate eco-friendly gift guide for men, women, and kids. Grab yourself a cup of fair trade hot cocoa and get ready for some serious shopping, with less waste and less time. Here we go!

For Him

Sleek Reusable Tumbler

KeepCup Cork Edition Reusable Cup from Anthropologie

One of the easiest ways to go green is to swap out those single-use coffee cups with an eco-friendly tumbler. We like this one from Anthropologie – it’s completely plastic-free and made from glass, cork, and silicone.

It won’t keep your coffee hot (or cold) all day like an insulated steel mug will, but the glass ensures that the delicate flavors of your favorite brew remain intact.

Eco-Friendly Phone Case

Eco-friendly phone case from

We have filled our world with plastic – and not all of it is recyclable. However, no new plastic has been used to create this slim-yet-protective iPhone 11 case.

Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, this case includes an ID/credit card holder and is water-resistant. Speaking of water: 5% of every case sold is donated to organizations dedicated to protecting our oceans and marine life. You can make this gift even more special by wrapping it in a size small Tokki wrap and adding an e-gift card message with a photo or video.

Organic Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

Outerknown Organic T-Shirt

This is an eco-friendly gift idea that is certain to be a hit. A well-fitting, well-made basic tee is a staple in a man’s wardrobe. If the man in your life is in need of a T-shirt upgrade, go for this sustainable option from Outerknown. The company’s motto is “For People and Planet.” They put great care and consideration for our earth into every decision they make, so you can feel good about purchasing one of these soft, organic cotton-jersey tees.

Vegan Cork Watch

Vegan Cork Watch from

Cork watches are super trendy right now. Completely vegan and sustainable, this style from Cork Culture (sold through Etsy) is chic, minimalist, and entirely handmade.

The 100% cork watch straps are both flexible and durable, which makes it a great choice for the man who values comfort along with style.

Reusable Bamboo Safety Razor

Reusable Bamboo Safety Razor from

Plastic razors are so passé, but perhaps your man isn’t about that straight-razor life. Find the happy medium with this reusable bamboo safety razor from Jungle Culture (sold through Etsy). This company boasts a “Zero Waste” policy and its durable razors are meant to last a lifetime.

When you order, you receive a pack of two, so you can even keep one for yourself – they’re designed to be used by all genders!

For Her

Zero-Waste Starter Kit

Zero Waste Starter Kit from

This might be the ultimate eco-friendly gift idea. For the woman who is looking to enter the world of zero-waste but isn’t sure where to begin, get her this starter kit from Package Free. As the name suggests, the company is on a mission to reduce (or remove!) the need for disposable packaging.

This kit includes a bunch of eco-friendly goodies like a reusable tumbler, water bottle, produce bag, tote bag, straws, utensils, straws, and stainless-steel containers. This is the perfect gift for the girl who is ready to start 2020 as a go-green goddess.

Kantha Throw Blanket

Sprink Kantha Throw from

Fair Trade Winds is all about, you guessed it…fair trade! Every one of their products is handmade and has a story to tell – and this Kantha throw blanket is no exception. Made from recycled saris (so cool!) these throws are colorful and one-of-a-kind. Choose one of these pieces for the vivacious female in your life.

Bamboo-and-Cork Storage Jars

Bamboo and Cork Storage Jars from

Another way to go green, these reusable storage jars from Urban Outfitters can be used as anything from food containers to pots for herbs or succulents. They come in sets of two and are dishwasher safe. However, be sure not to put them in the microwave as that will compromise their bamboo-fiber composition. This reusable jar will fit perfectly in a Tokki wrap to create a truly memorable gift-giving experience.

Sustainable Loose-Leaf Tea

Loose-Leaf Tea image courtesy of Stephanie Wilson, RDN

Tea bags actually contain plastic, which makes them sneakily not-so-sustainable. Yet tea is delicious, and we want to drink it, so…what to do? Ditch the bag and go for a high quality, fair trade certified loose-leaf tea like these from Arbor Teas.

Certified organic and shipped in compostable packaging, the tea-lover in your life can rest easy knowing that they are supporting our earth with every sip.

Plastic-Free Essential Oil Diffuser

Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser photo courtesy of

For the woman who loves her essential oils and wants a way to receive their soothing properties for hours on end, this plastic-free nebulizing diffuser from Organic Aromas gets the job done with a stylish flair.

No heat or water is used to diffuse the oils. Instead, the oil is atomized (much like a perfume) to spread the scent without disrupting the healing properties. Made from glass and wood, this diffuser is perfect for the home or office.

For the Kids

Organic Cuddle Blanket

Organic Cuddle Blanket from

Babies need blankets. It’s just a fact. But not just any blanket. Babies want to be cuddly, snuggly, and warm. Make it happen with this 100% organic cotton baby blanket from Little Lentil. Made to be adaptable, this soft, eco-friendly blanket can be used to swaddle your little one just the same as it can be used as the perfect stroller cover.

It comes in a multitude of colors and patterns and is made with non-toxic dyes. At 33” x 31” it is a great size for spreading out on your living room floor for playtime, or just for snuggling your baby anytime, anywhere.

“What Does it Mean to be Green?” Picture Book

"What Does it Mean to be Green?" book from

It’s never too early to learn how to help sustain our earth. This whimsical, fun picture book written by Rana DiOrio and illustrated by Chris Blair is a great way to teach your tot about green living. A Mom’s Choice Gold Medal Award Winner, “What Does it Mean to be Green” depicts a variety of ways to support the planet as your child grows. Consider wrapping this book in a medium-size Tokki wrap. You can add a photo or video to the Tokki band for the ultimate e-gift card.

Global Green Plush Dolls

Global Green Plush Dolls from

If you’re going to get your young one a doll, let it be one of these organic dolls from Global Green Pals. Made from organic cotton and stuffed with recycled plastic bottle PET stuffing, each of the six dolls has its own story that describes how they practice sustainable living.

We’ve chosen to feature the Water Princess, Pani Rani, as we love that her story represents the importance of water conservation. No matter which doll you choose, a portion of your purchase will go toward earth-saving efforts.

Plantable Colored Pencils

Plantable Colored Pencils from

This eco-friendly gift idea is perfect for kids of all ages. These colored pencils are also seed capsules that you and your child can have fun planting together after the pencils are too short to use any longer. Step one: color. Step two: plant. Step three: watch your colored pencil grow into an herb, flower, or vegetable plant.

Each pencil from Sprout is labeled with the type of plant it will grow, and the pencils themselves are made from 100% eco-friendly material. With these pencils, your child’s creativity becomes an opportunity for the world herself to create – how cool is that?!

Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette

Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette from

The beauty industry is booming, and more and more teens are clamoring to get the latest and greatest eye palettes to practice new looks. However, much of the makeup packaging that exists, as well as the products themselves, are harmful to our planet. That’s not the case with this gemstone palette from Aether Beauty.

The palette contains no plastic or magnets, which makes it 100% recyclable (just make sure you take the metal shadow container out before you toss it). Each shadow is highly pigmented and made with non-toxic ingredients like organic coconut oil and shea butter. Your teen will go nuts for this 12-shade, eco-friendly palette full of dazzling colors.

For other eco-friendly gift ideas check out our Best Baby Toys and Toddler Toys Gift Guide or The Ultimate Teen Gift Guide. Part of giving with less waste is finding the perfect way to wrap your special gift. Tokki creates beautiful, eco-friendly wrapping options for every occasion. Browse our selection of limited-edition gift wrap to find the design that speaks to you. And don’t forget about the card! Our reusable Tokki mesh bands let you send the perfect gift message without wasting so much as a scrap of paper. Happy gifting!

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