The Ultimate Sustainable Gift Guide | Best Gifts for Low-Waste Living

The Ultimate Sustainable Gift Guide | Best Gifts for Low-Waste Living

Here at Tokki, we're doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint through our purchasing habits. We’re looking to eliminate plastic, buy higher-quality products that may never need to be replaced, and find alternatives to traditional gift wrap options that almost always end up in a landfill

We want to do better for the earth, and for each other. 

Help support your loved one’s pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle with one of these eco-conscious gift ideas. They are all great to give for any occasion and are built to last far longer than their single-use, plastic, or paper alternatives. 

Wrap it all up in a sustainable gift wrap or bag and you’ve got a gift that’s good for the planet - and for bringing a smile to your friend or family member’s face.

For the Avid Reader: Digital Membership to

A digital membership to means that they can still enjoy all their favorite books without contributing to paper waste. Your loved one can choose from a multitude of audiobooks across a wide range of genres when you give them a 1, 3, 6, or 12-month subscription.

For the Super Socially Conscious: A Donation Made in Their Name to a Sustainably-Minded Organization

food chain workers alliance logo      ecotrust logo

For some, there is nothing more special than to know that they are making a difference in the world. If this is your loved one, give a donation in their name to an eco-based organization like Food Chain Workers Alliance or EcoTrust. These organizations help us move toward a more sustainable world - a cause your globally-minded friend will love to support.

For the Eco-Feminist: Female Form Necklace

recycled brass female form necklace

Made from 100% recycled brass, this female form necklace shows that style and sustainability go beautifully together. This is a great gift for the body-positive, environmentally-minded feminist in your life who also appreciates a killer accessory.

For the Low-Waste Newbie: Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags 

silicone stasher bags

Transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t happen all at once. Little steps lead to big change. If your friend is looking for a way to start living their best zero-waste life, these reusable silicone bags are a great choice. They do away with the need for single-use plastic bags and come in a variety of sizes. Non-toxic and dishwasher safe, these bags get them started on their journey toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

For the Ocean Lover: The Coraball

cora ball

If they’ve already got some low-or-no-waste habits in place, take them to the next level with the Coraball. The Coraball snags the microfibers that come loose from clothes in the wash and stops them from floating down the drain and into the ocean. As many of the microfibers contain plastic, this little ball goes a long way to help keep our oceans clean.

For the Captain of the Kitchen: Swedish Dishcloth Gift Set 

tokki swedish dish cloth gift set

If you’re looking for an unforgettable and completely sustainable gift, this is the one. Made of earth-friendly cellulose and cotton, these pretty dishcloths absorb up to 15x their weight. That’s some serious cleaning power! Just a single cloth replaces up to 17 rolls of paper towels and are a staple in any environmentally-conscious kitchen. 

The gift set also comes with a vegan, clean-scented candle. All pieces of the set are wrapped in a Tokki reusable gift bag with an accompanying tag that allows you to leave a digital message for your loved one. Our bags can be reused again and again, reducing the mountains of gift wrap waste American's produce each year. 

For the Cocktail Lover: 100% Recycled Copper Martini Set

recycled copper martini set

For the cocktail aficionado in your life, this recycled copper martini set ensures that they will serve their top-shelf libations in eco-friendly style. This set is made to last a lifetime and consists of two eight ounce martini cups, a cocktail mixer with base, 12 inch bar spoon, a butler bell and a double sided jigger. They will have everything they need to serve Gatsby-worthy cocktails in style for years to come.

For the Organization Addict: Airtight Stainless Steel Containers from Package Free

package free metal containers

These stainless steel containers from package free give your loved one a sleek, attractive way to reduce plastic use in their kitchen. The containers are airtight and are constructed to last a lifetime. They come in a variety of sizes to replace any and all plastic containers they may currently use.

For the Matcha Lover: The Ultimate Mindful Matcha Gift Set

tokki ultimate mindful matcha gift set

Single-use paper cups from coffee shops are one of the biggest culprits in landfill waste every year. We love our coffee and tea, but many are looking for a way to enjoy their favorite beverage without adding to the waste. This matcha gift set lets your loved one prepare their own matcha at home, which not only eliminates their need for paper cups, but also gives them a daily ritual to look forward to. 

The set comes with a matcha bowl, whisk, and glass tea cups - everything they need to prepare a delicious cup. The Flying Bird Botanicals matcha blend is made from organically farmed and ethically wildcrafted herbs and is a delightful citrus, mint, hibiscus combo that will perk them up no matter the time of day. Along with their matcha set they will receive a sustainably-made candle with a message of your choice, all wrapped in a Tokki reusable gift bag + attached gift tag with a meaningful digital message. 

For the Foodie: Garden Jars from Modern Sprout

mason jar plants

If they love herbs but have lamented about buying a bushel from the store only to have them wilt in the fridge a few days later, they need these garden jars from Modern Sprout. They can grow anything from mint to parsley to oregano and beyond. Think they may not have a green thumb? Doesn’t matter. The self-watering hydroponic system ensures that the herbs will grow to be healthy and robust, even if over or under watered.

For the Environmentally-Friendly Fashionista: Minimalist Earrings from Ocean Plastics

 recycled minimalist earrings

These fashion-forward earrings are made from marine plastic debris and eco-resin. Each piece is one of a kind, as no two earrings contain the same color pattern. The company also uses completely compostable, plastic-free packaging. These simple, stylish earrings will become a staple in your loved one’s wardrobe.

For the Constant Traveller: Tubo Duck from Mafia

trubo duck mafia bag

This duffel is made entirely to order from kite and boat sails and is great for anyone on your list who likes to travel, or who needs a new gym bag. The bag is also waterproof inside and out, so it’s great for taking to wet-weather places, or out sailing.

For the Clean Shaven: Zero Waste Shave Kit from Eco Collective

zero waste shave kit from eco collective

Billions of plastic razors are thrown out each year. Replace your friend’s throw-away razor with an eco-friendly zero-waste starter kit from Eco Collective. The set comes with a razor, extra blade, and a shave bar. It even includes a travel tin for the shave bar so that they never have to buy any travel-size shaving cream canisters ever again.

For the One Who Likes to Set the Mood: A Tokki Wrapped Candle

tokki candles and reusable gift bags

Our Tokki candles are hand-poured using eco-friendly vegan wax. Their clean scents and wooden wick ensures long-term relaxation with over 50 hours of burn time. 

You can customize your candle to feature the perfect message. Whether you want to offer words of encouragement (like the “Here’s to Saying Yes to Yourself” candle), show them how much you value them (like the “Here’s to Your Thoughtful Leadership,”), or celebrate their unique self with our Zodiac collection, these candles will spark eco-friendly joy. 

Don’t Forget About the Sustainable Gift Wrap!

 tokki gift bags group image

Many are unaware that traditional wrapping paper is not recyclable. Though they may put it in the recycling bin, the truth is that wrapping paper is so full of plastic, ink, and glitter that it is useless to try to recycle it. Instead, it ends up in landfills by the tons. 

Our Tokki gift bags and wraps give you a more sustainable way to give gifts to your loved ones. Our limited-edition bags are designed to be reused time and time again. The unique design of the our gift bags makes sure your gift will stand out. 

The accompanying digital gift tag lets you send messages to your loved ones with photos, videos, and text. The messages can be saved to be viewed over and over, and create a sense of connection whether you are giving from near or far. 

Whether your gift is fully sustainable or not, a reusable Tokki gift wrap or bag ensures that you’re still doing your part to reduce waste and encourage a more environmentally-conscious future for all of us.

Find The Perfect Gift with Tokki

We’re here to help you give a thoughtful, memorable gift to all your loved ones any time of year. Our Tokki candles, face masks, and gift sets let you show your loved ones how much you care all while benefiting the planet. Wrap it all up in a Tokki gift bag with a digital gift tag and have it shipped directly to their door for distance-friendly giving. No matter the occasion, Tokki has a gift to help you celebrate all the important people in your life.

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