The Ultimate Teen Gift Guide | Memorable Gifts Teenagers Will Love

The Ultimate Teen Gift Guide | Memorable Gifts Teenagers Will Love

This might have been the toughest gift guide EVER to put together, but we tackled it anyway to bring you the ultimate teen gift guide. These ideas have been tested, tried, and are totally eye-roll proof.

The teenager in your life might shriek with joy, or they might still only grunt their gratitude, but whether on the surface or deep, deep, deep inside you can bet they will be wowed when they receive these totally cool, buzz-worthy gifts. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: We were NOT paid by anyone for these opinions (even by ourselves as it turns out…).

Special Occasion Gifts Your Teen Has Probably Already Been Bugging You to Buy

Think: Graduation, Sweet Sixteen (or Eighteen), or this year’s super-awesome gift from Santa.

Bose Rose Gold Wireless Headphones

Bose Rose Gold Wireless Headphones

Gone are the days when minimalist headphones reigned supreme. Now, big, bold, cordless Bluetooth headphones like this limited edition rose gold pair from Bose are the new in-thing.

These headphones have three noise-canceling options to create the optimal sound in any environment. They are also able to be synced with Alexa and produce high-quality sound.

Rose gold not their thing? The same pair also comes in black and chrome. If you’re going to get your teen headphones this year, these are the ones.

Shinola Watch – Specially Engraved

Shinola Watch

Shinola makes a variety of chic, handsome watches for your teen at a mid-tier price point. This isn’t a drugstore Timex – this is the gift you give to your son or daughter to commemorate a major life event.

Have their new watch specially engraved with a message from you, their name, or the important date you’re celebrating. This is a timepiece that will serve them for decades. Make the gifting experience even more memorable by wrapping it in a size small Tokki wrap.

Ergonomic Backpack from REI

Backpack from The North Face at REI

Whether your teen needs an ergonomic-yet-stylish backpack for college or a heavy-duty pack for hiking, REI has you covered. Shop their collection of men’s and women’s backpacks to find the perfect style for your teen.

They have everything from a simple, comfortable pack, to a high-tech, multi-strap backpack for long days out on the trail. They even have smaller cross-body bags for those days when they only need to carry a little with them.

GoPro Camera Bundle

Hero7 GoPro

For the extreme-sports lover in your family, grab them a GoPro so that they can document their adventures in real-time. GoPro offers a variety of packages and bundles that allow you to snag not only the camera but all the accessories your teen will need to record an epic time riding waves or hitting the slopes.

LED Lights for Their Car

This one’s for the car-lovers. We debated adding this gift idea to the guide because it is edgy, but we know it is a gift that teens absolutely love. These are internal lights from Govee that your teen can hook up under their dash for an instant boost in vehicular awesomeness. They’re easy to install and change colors with the click of a button inside the company’s downloadable phone app.

The lights also have a built-in microphone that picks up the music playing in the car. It will produce an Impromptu light show that matches the mood, speed, and vibe of each song your teen plays. How cool is that?

The Ultimate Gaming Chair

If your teen spends hours gaming, then they need the right equipment. This chair from Hbada is ergonomically designed to protect your teen’s lumbar curve and helps to place them in the most comfortable possible for long gaming sessions.

The high backrest ensures that your son or daughter’s neck and head are taken care of as they engage in some serious playtime. It also reclines and even comes with an extendable footrest. We love the red and black version, but there are other color options available if your child isn’t into red.

Mix & Match Gifts for the Perfect “Grab Bag” of Goodies

These items can be packaged together in our medium-sized Tokki gift bag for efficient, eco-friendly wrapping that packs a present-full punch. The ultimate teen gift guide must include a cool water bottle and socks, teenager essentials.

A Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Keep your teen hydrated with one of Hydro Flask’s many water bottle options. They’re made with food-grade stainless steel (hooray for eco-friendly!) and are entirely BPA-free.

Their water will stay cold for a full 24 hours, and hot drinks will stay warm for up to 12 hours. These trendy water bottles come in a wide range of colors, so you’ll have no trouble finding an option your teen will love to use.


Amazon has a huge selection of beanies, from simple and classic black, to wild and crazy Viking-inspired options. There’s something for every teen out there no matter if they’re looking to make a fashion statement or just want to keep their head warm.


Washington Huskies Retro Husky Socks from Stridline

Socks make great gifts, especially branded in his or her favorite sports team or college. We love these socks from Strideline - they are comfortable and made to last. Plus, you are bound to find the perfect sock match for your teen in their fan wear options. These socks fit perfectly in a size small zippered Tokki wrap.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Anything

RBG Dissent Collar Pin from The Found Retail

We know her, we love her, and we just can’t get enough of her. If your teen is inspired by this famous icon of justice, include an RBG-themed gift in your grab bag of goodies. We love this RBG mug, as well as this subtle-yet-stylish ‘dissent’ pin, but there are loads of options out there to choose from.

Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's Cube 3x3

Let your teen train their brain with the new-and-improved Rubik’s Cube. It now comes with slightly looser cubes for a faster way to solve the puzzle. You can even purchase a Rubik's Cube with a stand so your teen can display their solved puzzle.

Your Favorite Book from When You Were Their Age

This is a way to connect with your teen without saying a word. You can give them a brand-new copy, but it’ll be extra-super-special if you give them the copy you read and loved when you were a teen.

They may or may not show it, but we can bet it’ll mean a lot to them – and will bring a smile to their face even years later.

Cool AND Practical Gifts Your Teen Will Love to Use

Because why not give them something they need and want – all in one gift? This ultimate teen gift guide would not be complete without these essentials.

Soft, Luxurious Towel from Parachute

Classic Towels from Parachute

They have to bathe (even when they don’t want to!) so why not sweeten to deal with a towel they’ll look forward to using? These towels feel like a warm hug every time you use them.

Not only are these towels soft, but they’re quick-drying and they are also free of synthetic dyes which makes them a positive choice to help the environment. We recommend that you pick up a couple for yourself as well. After all, you deserve some pampering, too!

Plushy Blanket

Bertte Ultra Velvet Plush Throw Blanket

For cozy nights at home, or in prep for their new adventure off at college, gift them the gift of infinite warmth and comfort. This plushy blanket by Bertte is made from luxurious fleece. It’s lightweight, but it is snuggly. It also comes in a bunch of colors and sizes to suit your teen’s needs. 

Eco-Friendly Bean Bag Chair from Jaxx

SAXX 4' Bean Bag Chair from Jaxx

Jaxx prides itself on its sustainability practices. Made from up-cycled materials, these beanbag chairs are fashionable and good for the environment. They also come in multiple sizes and shapes depending on what your teen wants to use it for.

Pick a big, round-shaped style to replace the need for a chair, or a smaller, floor-pillow style for when they want to get comfy reading on the floor of their bedroom. There are even gamer options for the teen who can’t get enough Super Mario Party.

Retro Polaroid Camera

When digital came on the scene, many thought Polaroid cameras were going to go the way of the dodo. Not only did that not happen, but the retro-style Polaroid cameras are making a serious comeback. Give your teen the gift of instant, tangible photo gratification with this classic Polaroid model.

Not only is it analog, (meaning it gives you a physical photo and is not digital in nature), but it comes with Bluetooth capability and saves your photo to your phone with the click of a button.

Camping Hammock

Kammok Roo Double Hammock

There’s camping and then there’s camping with a hammock. Your teen will love reading, dozing, or daydreaming while swinging from their very own hammock. Even if they’re not a camper, this hammock from Kammok can be set up in the backyard for lazy summer days.

Eiffel Tower Jewelry Holder

Eiffel Tower Jewelry Organizer

Combine style and storage with this super cute Eiffel Tower jewelry holder from Beautify. Your teen can organize their rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings on the stand’s 17 hooks and multiple bars.

Another cool thing to note - while there are many Eiffel Tower stands out there, this one was designed entirely in-house, so the design won’t be found elsewhere.

Timeless Air Jordans

If they don’t already have a pair, make these iconic sneaks the top priority on your list of gifts to get your teen. The updated version of this footwear classic has a carbon fiber plate in the sole and patent leather details for top-notch style. On or off the court, these shoes will up-level your teen's entire fashion game.

Gifts You and Your Teen Can Use Together

Let’s face it – quality time with your kids gets harder as they get older. Deepen the bond with your teen with these experiential gifts that both of you can enjoy. Include the experiential gift on the Tokki band digital gift card for an extra special gifting experience.

Paint and Materials to Paint Their Room

This is an interactive gift that they’ll get to enjoy every single day. In preparation for this gift, take a trip to the hardware store and pick up a bunch of paint swatches. Next, bundle them up, along with painting supplies.

When your teen opens the package they’ll not only receive the gift of a fresh coat of paint – they’ll get to pick their color right at home.

“New Wardrobe” Shopping Spree

Have a fashionista in the family? Odds are they’ll want to have a say in whatever they wear, right? So, rather than buy a bunch of clothes that you’ll just have to return or exchange later, give them a series of gift cards to their favorite stores.

Add in a note that promises an action-packed day of shopping and you will have officially earned best mom (or dad!) ever status.

Tickets to See Their Favorite Band

This one’s a no-brainer. Teens love, love, LOVE their music (just check out the BTS craze if you don’t believe us) so the gift of seeing their favorite band live is an easy way to score some major cool points. 

Cooking Class Package

If your teen is a budding Gordon Ramsay or Christina Tosi, sign them (or both of you!) up for a cooking class. These days you can find offerings for the basics – such as knife skills – all the way through complex cake decorating courses.

The best part? They’ll have a skill the whole family can benefit from – with tasty treats and up-leveled home-cooked meals. Yum!

Escape Room Package for the Whole Family

Escape rooms have popped up all over the country, offering themed room puzzles for a small or large group to solve.

Grab a set of tickets and work together to get out of the room before the time runs out – it’s fun for all ages and exercises important “muscles” like teamwork, critical thinking, and more.

Pottery, Jewelry-Making, or Other Crafting Class

Does your teen have a hobby they’ve been wanting to try? Try it with them by purchasing tickets to a crafting class. You can learn something new together, and who knows – maybe they’ll finally open up to you about what’s going on in their lives. (We can dream, right?)

Spa Day

Stress and anxiety are on the rise – beat them both with a spa day for you and your teen. Think: massage, facial, mani/pedi, or even a sea-salt scrub. When you’re done, both of you will be ready to face the world with light hearts (and smooth skin)!

We hope this ultimate teen gift guide gives you inspiration for gifts and experiences to give to the teenager in your life. When it comes time to wrap your special gift, consider making the gifting experience even more memorable with a Tokki wrap and band. You will save the hassle and waste of paper, scissors, tape, and ribbons and be able to create a super cool digital gift card. Check out our styles here or learn more about us at

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