Ultimate Gift Guide for High School Graduates | Let’s Celebrate the Class of 2020

Ultimate Gift Guide for High School Graduates | Let’s Celebrate the Class of 2020

Don’t think we forgot about our high school graduates! This time is hitting us hard, but the class of 2020 is feeling this pandemic in a different way than the rest of us. Not being able to stand on stage at graduation is a huge disappointment, and we want to make this year special however we can.

We’ve put together some gift ideas that your grad will appreciate wherever they’re headed next year, and will hopefully help smooth the transition into the next chapter of their lives.

For the grad on the go 

Photo courtesy of www.libro.fm

An audiobook subscription is a great gift for a recent graduate that’s on-the-go and wants to learn along the way. Audiobooks allow us to connect with words through a convenient and enriching platform. 

Libro FM is an awesome audiobook subscription company that partners with small independent book stores and brings you the titles you love without the commitment of a full-time membership. The subscription plan is a great gift idea and gives your grad the freedom to choose the books they’d like to listen to.

Jane's Pick

Jane Park, CEO and Founder of Tokki

"I’ve loved giving this hybrid backpack/rolling suitcase for my nieces and nephews for graduation.  I hope that the backpack component makes it easier to travel off the beaten path, across cobblestones and dirt roads to fascinating spots to meet fascinating people (someday when we can travel again).  But it’s always nice to have wheels for getting around airports. "

For the grad with a small disorganization problem 

pink passion planner


We don’t have to call it a problem! A personality quirk, lets say. For the grad that could never quite stick to a planner or calendar, this is a great opportunity to give them one that’s easy to follow and can be personalized for their needs. Passion Planners are a personal favorite of mine, and give you the freedom of customization. Disorganization doesn’t have to follow them after graduation!

two grey storage cubes

Storage Cubes

Even though this is a seemingly boring gift, your grad will appreciate its versatility! When living in a small space, storage is everything and these storage cubes make it easy to move and shift things around their space.

For the grad we want to toast from afar

Our most recent candle collection was launched to celebrate our 2020 graduates. We’ve written thoughtful messages into our new graduation candles to let them know we see them, we celebrate them, and we can’t wait for their leadership. We wrap in a reusable tokki gift wrap (2 gifts in 1), you personalize with a digital message, and we ship it. The perfect way to toast and commemorate this special milestone.

For the memory-hoarding grad 

journal with green palm leaves


This journal from Papier is not only adorable, but it’s something your grad can look back on for years after use. A journal isn’t something that everyone can make a habit of, but writing down memories during this time of growth and transition is a lovely practice.

white polaroid camera

Polaroid Camera

If they aren’t into writing, suggest filling the journal with photos and quotes, memories don’t have to be described word-for-word! 

A polaroid camera is a gift that keeps on giving. They can take photos and hoard memories to their heart's content.

kodak disposable camera

Disposable Camera

A disposable camera is a great option if a polaroid is a little too pricey, or if you’re worried about damage while your grad is on their adventures. 

Add a cheap disposable camera to any of the gifts in this guide to really make your gift shine!

For the grad that can’t make it without a kitchen

KitchenAid pistachio electric kettle
Photo courtesy of www.crateandbarrel.com

This gift might seem random, but having hot water when you don’t have much of a kitchen is very helpful. Whether your grad is off to college or living with roommates, an electric kettle is a great functional gift. There are tons of affordable meal options that just need some hot water added and they’re ready to go, or make some cozy tea or instant coffee. Plus—this pistachio color from KitchenAid will look cute on their desk!

For the grad that doesn’t want to sacrifice aesthetic 

hanging string lights beside record player

Hanging String Lights

As you can see, these string lights can really brighten up a space! If your grad is feeling the doom of the blank white walls and prison-like atmosphere of a dorm room, fairy lights are a great alternative (or addition) to art. 

These are also a gift that could be added to their polaroid or disposable camera, and they can string their photos along the lights!

abstract mountain wall tapestry

Wall Tapestry

If string lights aren’t what your grad is looking for, a wall tapestry from Society 6 is another beautiful decor option. Tapestries make it easy to cover large wall space and aren’t crazy expensive like many large art pieces. 

Society 6 is a cool online shop that allows independent artists to sell their work on anything from coffee mugs to pillow-cases! They have seemingly endless options to choose from so you can pick something that’s just right. 

command hooks

Hanging Utensils 

Don’t forget a way to hang it up! Both of these are awesome gift options, but your grad is bound to be stuck without a way to get them on the wall. 

Try throwing these command hooks in with your gift and they will thank you later!

For the dehydrated grad 

sky blue hydroflask water bottle
Photo courtesy of www.hydroflask.com

Whether they are perpetually dehydrated or are still using single-use plastic bottles (sigh), a water bottle from Hydro Flask is sure to be a winning gift. These water bottles took college campuses by storm a few years ago, and for good reason! They keep cold stuff cold for 24 hours, and hot stuff hot for 12. I didn’t believe it until I tried them, and indeed, my ice was still there the next day!

For the grad that just got their first laptop 

rose gold laptop case

Laptop Case

They gotta protect that thing! A laptop case might not be something that’s top of mind if your grad just got their first computer of their own, and this gift is a fun way to show off their personality too. This simple rose gold case from Amazon is a great safe option, and is ready for some personalization (check out our next gift idea).

yellow sticker pack


Here’s where that personalization comes in! Redbubble is a cool company with thousands of sticker options that give us the ability to show off our personal style. This is something you could add on to a gift like the laptop case or water bottle, and your grad can choose what stickers fit their personality the best! I love this yellow collection for the springtime.

Tokki Gift Wrap | The Eco-Conscious Companion for Every Gift

No matter who is celebrating their graduation in your life, Tokki wraps and bands help you celebrate them in the best way possible. Choose the limited-edition wrap that celebrates that special person, and don’t forget to include a custom digital message to commemorate your special day. For every Tokki that gets gifted or re-gifted, we plant a tree to celebrate. Learn more at www.tokki.com.

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