Unique and Meaningful Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend 2020 | 20+ Gift Ideas She Will Love

Unique and Meaningful Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend 2020 | 20+ Gift Ideas She Will Love

Best friends are those ride-or-die types who will laugh with you in one moment, cry with you in the next, and dance crazy to Dua Lipa with you in your living room three minutes later. They’re also the ones you’re probably sending GIFs and funny cat videos to 24/7 right now. We get it - we love funny cat videos, but every now and then they deserve a little something extra special.

We had so much fun bringing together this list of our favorite best friend gifts for 2020. From fashion to self-care to cocktails, there’s something in here for every bestie. Now, grab yourself a glass of wine, throw on some Lizzo, and let’s dive in.

For the One Who Knows How to Shelter-in-Place in Style

1. This Double Chain Bracelet from Boma Jewelry

Lucia Double Chain Bracelet Photo Courtesy of Bomajewelry.com

Boma is a woman-owned, ethically sourced company. This double chain bracelet comes in sterling silver or 14K gold and is the sort of wear-with-anything piece that your bestie will put on and never take off.

2. One of These Minimalist Mantra Bracelets

These casual bracelets from MantraBand come stamped with a sweet saying that will hype your friend up the morning, noon, and night. Statements like “breathe,” and “she believed she could, so she did,” are available, but you can also customize your own mantra. The bracelets come in a variety of metal finishes and can be adjusted to fit multiple wrist sizes.

3. These Bliss Hoops from Noonday Collection

Noonday collection bliss hoops
Bliss Hoops by Noondaycollection.com

Sometimes the right pair of earrings makes all the difference. These “Bliss” hoops from Noonday Collection are bright, joyful, and just the thing to pump up your best friend on a random Tuesday. They’ll look great with her trademark PJs and slippers. This is what we call “Stay-at-Home Chic.”

4. A New Bra From Love And Nudes

Comfort is crazy important while stuck at home, and this new brand is bringing us comfortable underwear and bras in a size and skin-color inclusive design! Their Ultimate Wire-Free bra gets great reviews. Why not gift your friend some comfortable support?

For the One Who Needs Something to Occupy Her Mind

1. This Time Garden Adult Coloring Book

For years now, meditative adult coloring books have sat on our bookshelves collecting dust. Let’s be serious - when did we really have time to sit and color in our endlessly busy schedules? Now, though, those adult coloring books have their time to shine. 

Get your best friend a copy of The Time Garden - a whimsical journey through a fantastical land of clocks and nature - along with these plantable colored pencils and a plastic-free metal pencil sharpener. She’ll be set for multiple hours of boredom-shattering creative bliss.

2. An Original Art Puzzle from Jiggy Puzzles

Sasha Pivovarova Puzzle
Sasha Pivovarova Puzzle Courtesy of jiggypuzzles.com

Puzzles are another classic way to pass the time. They also keep your mind focused and calm - much needed during these wild days. These puzzles from Jiggy Puzzles are fresh, funky, and fun to put together - no 18th-century snowy landscape images in sight! 

While they have their standard collection of modern puzzles, they also auction off new puzzles each week featuring original art by working artists. The profit from each of these 500-piece puzzles goes directly to the artist and to a COVID-19 relief fund.

3. A DIY Gift Box of Books

Now is the time to catch up on some reading. Send her a few of your favorite books from your own library, or order her a package of titles from a company that supports local and independent bookshops like IndieBound. Here are a few titles we love:

For the One Who is All About Clean Living

1. This PhoneSoap SmartPhone UV Sanitizer

Right now, nothing says “love you, friend” more than an effective way to stay safe and healthy. This gadget is designed to quickly and safely sanitize your phone with UV light. The PhoneSoap is said to kill 99.9% of the bacteria and germs found on phones. Bonus: it’s also a charger. If there’s a downside here, we sure can’t find one.

2. A Pink Anthurium Potted House Plant

pink anthurium
Pink Anthurium Plant Photo Courtesy of Tezula Plants

Keep your friend’s home full of life with one of these sprightly house plants. The Anthurium is the world’s longest blooming houseplant, boasting up to eight weeks of bloom at a time. Though their “blossoms” are bright pink, they’re not actually flowers. They’re waxy leaves, so allergies won’t be a problem here. 

As an extra perk, you can customize the color and shape of the pot the plant comes in, and if pink is not your friend’s jam, they also have red as an option.

3. This Vanilla Orange Hand Cream from Grown Alchemist

We give more frequent and thorough hand-washing two thumbs way, way up, but we also know that it wreaks havoc on our skin. Even mild soap will start to dry out the hands after a while. Make sure your best friend’s hands are happy with this intensive hand cream from Grown Alchemist. 

The texture is thick - but not greasy - and the scent is a light vanilla orange. We suggest snagging a bottle for yourself while you’re at it - your hands and cuticles will thank you!

For the One Who Self-Cares Like No Other

1. A Face Mask from Acure

Listen, face masks may have been a luxury before, but they are essential these days. Stress, worry, and mental-and-emotional exhaustion tax your skin as well as the rest of you. But they’re no match for one of these 100% vegan face masks. 
Grab one for you and your bestie and apply them together over Zoom with a glass of bubbly. Extra points if you sync up an episode of Insecure while you do it.

2. A Shiatsu Massager

shiatsu Massager
Photo of Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Courtesy of Snailax

Can you say “ahhhhhhh?” Your best girl will love you forever if you ship her one of these Shiatsu chair massagers. We’re talking massage heaven for her neck and full back. Even the glutes and thighs get some love with this bad boy. There’s also a smaller version that targets just the neck and shoulders if that’s more her speed.

3. Ice Cream Delivered Directly by Blue Marble Creamery

Give your friend the gift of a freezer fully-stocked with organic, rich ice cream. Blue Marble is a woman-owned ice cream company that will deliver fresh ice cream right to your best friend’s door. Their delectable ice creams come in traditional flavors like strawberry and vanilla, as well as more unique flavors like nitro cold brew and banana cream pie. (PS: They also sell our Tokki masks!)

For the One You Zoom with Over Coffee and Cocktails

1. This Self-Heating Mug


The KOPI mug from OHOM is basically AI that holds your coffee. (Okay, it might not say “Good morning, Dave” or anything, but still). The mug itself is self-warming, but it comes with a USB charging base that will not only heat the mug but will also charge your cell phone. Top it off with a ceramic heat-sustaining lid as well as a titanium-coated coffee/tea filter and we’re talking the Kingpin of mugs here.

2. These Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glasses

Salt-on-the-hand Tequila are so pre-coronavirus. Enter the new normal with these Himalayan salt shot glasses. These pink beauties are not only functional, they’re super cute as well. They naturally resist bacteria and are all-organic and hand-carved. All that’s missing for your friend is the lime (and a Zoom happy hour date with you, of course)!

3. A  “Here’s to more zoom cocktails” Tokki Candle

more zoom cocktails candle

Jane’s Pick

Jane Park, CEO and Founder of Tokki

"Here's to cocktail hour no matter what. Here's to the lasting positive energy of seeing your face and hearing your voice. Here's to showing up.  Here's to you."

The “Here's To You" Appreciation Candles help to reinforce what you’ve been telling her all along. From the unique “toasts” to the clean fragrances, each candle is designed to bridge any distance to connect to the amazing women in your life. 10% of proceeds will go to support the American Red Cross.

4. Hand-Blown Wine Glasses

Photo courtesy of www.estellecolloredglass.com

These beautiful hand-blown wine glasses come in an array of colors that you can mix-and-match to send a set of six! Estelle Colored Glass was founded by Stephanie Summerson Hall and inspired by her grandmother's colored glass cake stands. You can tell that a lot of love and care goes into their work, and your bestie is sure to notice as well.

5. This DIY Sharpie Mug

Get crafty with your bestie and make these DIY Sharpie mugs. All you’ll need are some oil-based paint pens, a stencil, and a dollar store mug. Send your friend the supplies, schedule a Zoom date, pop open a bottle of wine, and get crafting! For extra fun, make your mugs for each other and swap them in the mail after you’re done.

For the One Who Misses You the Mostest

1. These Long-Distance Friendship Frames

Long Distance Friendship Frame
Long Distance Friendship Frame Photo Courtesy of uncommongoods.com

These long distance friendship frames let each of you know when you’re on the other’s mind. Keep one for yourself and send one to your bestie. When you feel that pang of “I miss you” in your heart, you can touch the frame and the other person’s frame will light up. Want to share with multiple people? You can assign each person their own color of light so you’ll know who’s thinking of you and when.

2. Make Them an Original Spotify Playlist

Craft a special playlist full of songs they love or that remind you of them. They can pop it on while they’re cleaning, working, or on a walk and feel super special that they have someone who just gets them.

3. Create Something Crafty and Unexpected for Them

Have you been learning a new skill or brushing up on an old creative talent? Put it to good use by making your bestie something one-of-a-kind inspired by them. Draw or paint them a picture, write them a poem, knit, or crochet them a blanket...the options are endless. They’ll be so surprised when they open up the mail and see your unexpected gift. It’ll be a little bright spot during a tough time.

4. This Elegant Vase from Anthropologie

Sunset Vase
Sunset Vase Photo Courtesy of anthropologie.com

Sometimes an empty vase is all the statement you need, like with one of these glass vases from Anthropologie. We think they’ll look stunning in her space all on their own, but of course, they’re ready to be filled with fresh-cut flowers should your friend want them. We love the pink option, but the vase also comes in turquoise, white, and yellow.

Make Sure Your Best Friend is Covered with Tokki Masks and Gifts

Tokki Face Masks Photo Courtesy of Tokki.com

We have loved serving you during this time. Our 100% cotton masks are cute, sustainable, and designed with your safety in mind. For every mask purchased, we will donate one to a worker on the front lines. Read Pivoting with Purpose, a post from our Founder, Jane Park, to learn more about Tokki’s newfound mission to do our part during this time of crisis. Want to see more of what Tokki has to offer? Check out our website. Stay safe and healthy, friends. We’re with you!

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