Welcome to Tokki

Welcome to Tokki

Thanks so much for joining me at the very, very beginning of this exciting new step.  More than just about anything, I believe whole heartedly in the power of connection. Tokki is built on this passion. 

To me, the best gifting is all about celebrating and strengthening connection.  The best gifts say, “I get you.”  Like the homemade kimchi my husband made me for my birthday one year, even though he doesn’t eat the stuff.  

Although I love love love both giving and receiving gifts, last Christmas I found myself horrified by the piles and piles of gift wrap carnage that buried our living room. Most gift wrap and gift bags can’t be recycled, especially if they are laminated, too thin, too sparkly, too color saturated, or too covered in scotch tape. So over 4 million tons of gift wrap, cards, and ribbon ends up in landfill every year.

I started thinking that there had to be a better way. What if gift wrapping could be more beautiful, environmentally-friendly, fun and social? What if regifting could become a ritual?  Tokki is my best answer.  

May you find wrapping beautifully super easy (mess free and scotch tape free). May your loved ones find unwrapping more joyful (and save the personalized message you created for them to replay when they need to hear your voice). May we collectively reduce waste by millions and millions of tons each year by taking this whole category off the “single use” list. May we save a few otters along the way because a contribution is made to protect these critters with every Tokki product sold. 

This, and more, I wish for all of us.  With so much love and gratitude,

Jane Park

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