What is Galentines Day and How Can We Celebrate in 2022?

What is Galentines Day and How Can We Celebrate in 2022?

There’s something uniquely exciting about this made-up holiday, especially for our team of girlfriends at TokkiFor some, February has been reserved for cozying up with a significant other and thanking the love-gods you didn’t end up alone for another Valentine’s Day. For others, it means fielding questions from family members about why you’re still single and stocking up on discounted candy come February 15th 

Somehow society deemed this love-filled holiday exclusive to romantic partners, but what about all of the other beautiful forms of love we get to experience? The massive importance of platonic love is often pushed to the side when Valentine’s Day rolls around, but we think it’s time to start romanticizing friendship the way media does romantic relationships. This time of year is truly the perfect opportunity to celebrate all of our relationships—romantic, platonic, and everything in between 

That’s why the creation of Galentines Day was (in our opinion) GENIUSand it came from one of our favorite TV characters no less! Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation is a bundle of joy that gives generously and loves fiercely, especially when it comes to her female friendships. She was the originator of the term “Galentines Day” in Season 2, Episode 16 of the popular American TV show—where she dedicates the day before Valentine’s Day to “ladies celebrating ladies”.   

“Every February 13, my ladyfriends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.” 

— Leslie Knope 

Leslie spends February 13th showering her lady friends with handmade mosaics, lengthy love-letters, and several rounds of mimosas. She goes a little wild showing them just how much she cares, but we really resonate with the energy and passion she infuses into her friendships.  

This year, we want to take a page out of Leslie’s book and do something extra-special for the friends that stuck around for the crazy year we’ve hadWhether you’ve been facetiming in moments of crisis, learning the perfect route for your socially-distanced walk, or even living together—this year has tested our friendships in a way none of us could have imaginedThis Galentine’s Day, we want to share a few ways you can love up on your lady friends from six feet away.  

Start a Shared Journal 

writing in shared journal

We’re obsessed with this idea, especially if you have considerable distance between you and your bestie(s). A shared journal or scrapbook is an amazing way to stay connected and updated on each other’s lives, and you’re left with a beautiful keepsake once you’ve filled its pages. Write about your favorite moments from the week, things you've been struggling with, anything that makes you feel connected. You can add little pieces of your day and glue them to the pages—like dried flowers you find on your morning walk or a receipt from your favorite restaurant. Then just send it off to a friend you love and see where the journey takes you!  

Movie Night, But Add Rosé 

watching movie with wine

Luckily, the tech-geniuses of the world have made it possible to stream movies online at the same time as our friends. You can download Netflix Party (a chrome extension) or any number of easy-to-use apps that allow video and chatting while watching your favorite movie. Cozy up in your own bed and pour a glass of rosé (or you can just drink from the bottle, nobody's telling you no). Harp on trashy rom-coms or escape with an action-adventure movie, anything goes!  

Send Her A Thoughtful Gift  


There’s something about receiving unexpected mail that just never stops feeling like Christmas, no matter how old you are. Sending your girlfriend a gift is a simple token that signifies just how much they mean to you, but what to send 

Some sweet macaroons, a bottle of rosé, and this hilarious (albeit useful) wine holder from uncommon goods is what we're getting our girlfriends this year. Clip The Tokki on and add a sweet note, photo, video, or Galentines GIF to your digital message and make the memory last forever 

Create a Shared Spotify Playlist  

spotify on iphone in hand

Did you know you can curate a playlist together with the shared feature on Spotify? We have had such a fun time creating playlists with our friends and finding out which songs make the cutWill it be current favorites, middle-school throwbacks, old-school party tracks? Find out what makes them smile and hop on a zoom call to dance it out together! You can keep adding to the playlist long after Galentine’s Day has passed, and you have a cute keepsake to look back on.  

Write Her A Love-Letter  

letter writing

It doesn’t have to be 5000 words like Leslie Knope’s in Parks & Rec, but a sweet letter that tells your friend how much you appreciate them can mean the world. This is the perfect way to start romanticizing platonic love, I mean—who doesn’t want a love letter? Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be swept off your feet, and we forget that our friends can do the sweeping tooEven if you’re not a wordsmith, simply making a list of all the things you love about them will be invaluable.  

Brunchin’ & Zoom-mosas  

mimosas on pink background

When in doubt, set up a Zoom party! This one can consist of making your favorite brunchy treats and sipping on mimosas, emulating the OG Galantine's Day. Make Leslie proud and go all out with décor, music, the whole nine yards. It’s a love-fest that involves 0% drama and 100% good vibes.   

Women are freaking awesome, and friendships between them are something to be cherished and celebrated. This has been an especially hard year and we encourage you to grab your lady friends and make the most of Galentine’s Day!  


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