How to Wrap | Learn How to Wrap with Our Reusable Tokki Gift Bags + Wraps

Did you know that most gift wrap is not recyclable because it is too thin, too laminated, too saturated, or too sparkly? This is exactly why our founder, Jane Park, decided to create Reusable Tokki Gift Wraps. She knew there was a way to make gifting more sustainable, without sacrificing the beauty of a wrapped gift. Thus, Tokki Gift Wraps were born, and have now evolved into the stunning Reusable Tokki Gift Bags you see sold on our site today!  

The Beginning: Tokki Gift Wrap 

This evolution began with the idea that a simple piece of high-quality cotton could be used as a reusable wrap to encase any gift. Our traditional wraps were designed with a zipper pouch for added flexibility, and mirror traditional Korean wrapping styles that Jane grew up learning about and using around the holidays.  

wrapping gif

“I started Tokki because I was so sad seeing the mountains of gift wrap on Christmas Day being thrown into landfills because it's either too color saturated, too sparkly, too coated in plastic, and none of that can be recycled. I really wanted to revive this Korean tradition of wrapping in Pojugi in beautiful square cloths, so I did!" 

The Creation of the Tokki Gift Bag 

After about a year of selling our reusable gift wraps, Jane saw an opportunity to take traditional Korean wrapping a step further. She decided to create a reusable gift bag that mirrored the adorable wrapping style of more traditional fabric, without the hassle of learning how to wrap it up.  

Our new gift bags hold onto that same gifting magic and stick to our sustainable principles. We use high-quality cotton (same as our face masks), which is one of the most biodegradable fabrics, and can be reused again and again. Jane even managed to include our signature bunny ears in the gift bag design 🐰 (did you know? “Tokki” means “bunny” in Korean). 

Our mission is to make gifting more memorable and sustainable, and our gift bags are the perfect way to do just that. So now that you’re ready to wrap, let’s find out how to create the most beautiful gifting presentation. 

Table of Contents 

1. Find the Perfect Fit

2. Wrap it Up 

3. Make it Memorable – creating your gift message

Find the Perfect Fit

Having trouble choosing the right size? We’ve become gift wrap wizards and can totally help you out. Whether you choose to wrap your gift in a Tokki Reusable Gift Bag or a more traditional Tokki Reusable Gift Wrapwe’re here to help you figure out the perfect size for your gift. 

Tokki Limited Edition Gift Bags

Our latest Reusable Gift Bags have been designed in five sizes, so whatever you’re giving can be wrapped beautifully without hassle. Check out what each size can be used for (and of course, these are just suggestions. Fit whatever you like, we won’t tell).  

Bag Dimensions 
Inside bag - 8” X 9” Bottom of bag - 4.5" x 4.5" 
This small reusable gift bag is the ideal size for mugs, jam, candles, bud vases, jewelry, candies, socks, cosmetics, body lotion, and more. 
Bag Dimensions 
Inside bag - 7.5” X 11” Bottom of bag - 4.5” X 3.75” 
This tall and slim reusable gift bag is the ideal size for wine, champagne, vases, paperback books, olive oil, coloring books, paint brushes, coloring pencils, hot chocolate, and more. 
Bag Dimensions 
Inside bag - 11.5” X 13” Bottom of bag - 4” X 8” 
This medium reusable gift bag is the ideal size for books, chocolates, clothing, art supplies, puzzles, cookies, and more. 
Bag Dimensions 
Inside bag - 16” X 17” Bottom of bag - 6” X 11” 
This large reusable gift bag is the ideal size for stuffed animals, sweatshirts, shoes, wine glasses, tea cups, cheese boards, decorative plates, sheet sets, and more. 


Original Tokki Gift Wraps

Our original Gift Wraps are more than meets the eye. They include a zippered pouch for added flexibility, which means you can fit more than you would think.  

Wrap Dimensions 16.5” x 16.5” 
When wrapped traditionally (aka, without using the zipper pouch) you can wrap gifts like candles, jam, or cozy socks. When using the zippered pouch, larger gifts like wine, books, and stuffed animals fit snuggly inside. 

Wrap Dimensions - 26” x 26” 
When wrapped traditionally (aka without using the zipper pouch) you can wrap gifts like wine, books, or stuffed animals. When using the zippered pouch, this bag transforms into the ultimate big-gift wrapping solution. Our large size wrap (when unzipped) can fit things like games, clothing, or electronics.  

Wrap it Up  

Wrapping with a Tokki Gift Bag 

Step 1: Place your gift inside the Tokki gift bag. You can choose to place the gift directly inside, or include a box for added structure.  

Step 2: Cinch the grosgrain ribbon on each side.  

Step 3: Tie the perfect bow. You can also use the ribbons as carrying straps, they look cute either way!  

Wrapping with a Tokki Gift Wrap (Using Zippered Pouch and Traditionally)

Zippered Pouch:

Step 1: Find the zipper on the top edge of Tokki Wrap and unzip.

Step 2: Place gift into bag and zip shut.

Step 3: Gather the fabric on top edge (where zipper edge is).

Step 4: Attach your Tokki band around your gathered Tokki wrap, snuggly against the gift.  



Step 1: Place your gift in the center of your Tokki Wrap. If your gift is rectangular, place it diagonally so that each edge of your gift faces a corner of your Tokki Wrap. 

Step 2: Pull up one set of opposite corners. 

Step 3: Then the other, gathering all corners around your gift. Smooth out your Tokki Wrap from the bottom up. 

Step 4: Attach your Tokki band around your gathered Tokki wrap, snuggly against the gift.  


Make it Memorable – Creating Your Gift Message  

The next and final step of gifting sustainably and memorably is to add your personalized gift message. You will add or retrieve the message by tapping or scanning the tokki tag attached to the gift bag (or on the magnetic mesh band if wrapping with a Tokki gift wrap). 

Now, tap the tokki tag with your smartphone. For older phones, simply open your camera app (no download required!) and point it at the QR code at the center of your Tokki band (TIP: don’t press the snap photo button!). 

Tapping the Tokki Tag 
Scanning the Tokki Tag

A link to your gift message will float up on your screen. Tap to unlock memorable gifting magic. 

Gift givers:  create an account to access your gift card.  Add an emoji, text, photo, video or the perfect custom GIF to make them smile.  It’s just a few clicks to create meaningful connection. Check out this blog post to learn how to create the perfect digital card (we’re self-proclaimed experts in this department).  

Gift receivers: will go straight to view the message, no account necessary (until you are ready to regift). 

We created Tokki with the mission of creating connection through gifting in a more sustainable and memorable way. Since connection is so important to us, we would love to connect with you! Please reach out to with anything you may need, or find us on Instagram @tokkigifting and send us a DM. Any questions, suggestions, or gifting brainstorm sessions are welcome. We’re a small and friendly company, come say hi!