The Best Holiday Corporate Gifting Ideas for 2021

The Best Holiday Corporate Gifting Ideas for 2021

The holiday season approaches! That means it’s corporate gifting time. Take this opportunity to show your clients, coworkers, employees, and boss how much you appreciate them for all they do with a sustainable gift they’ll love.  

Corporate gifts can be tricky. You don’t want to keep it so generic that it’s forgettable, but you also don’t want to cross the line into territory that’s too personal. The perfect gift reflects the relationship you have, strengthens that relationship, and is memorable enough that they may even bring it up to you later on in the year.  

Stay away from plastic-riddled throw-away gadgets and do something a little more special for the important business relationships in your life. This corporate holiday gift guide for 2021 breaks down the best sustainable gift ideas for any member of your team or client roster. Best part? We have created the Tokki Bow-Card that can make ANY gift feel personal, memorable, and thoughtful. Simply add a personalized message to the QR code and clip the bow onto the gift, your gift recipient is guaranteed to feel the appreciation.  

Tokki was NOT paid by anyone for these opinions (even by ourselves as it turns out). Each product has our "Tokki Tested" stamp of approval. Check out what that means.  
tokki tested seal

For the Client You’ve Known Forever 

A Tokki New Home Candle 

Tokki New Home Candle 
If your long-time client has recently bought a new home, this is the perfect housewarming holiday gift. This vegan, soy wax candle has a cozy home scent and burns for 50 hours. Select “make this a gift” and it will be completed with a Tokki Bow-Card of your choice (NO ADDITIONAL COST). After selecting your bow color, you will add a message during checkout that can include a video or photo for an extra special touch. When the recipient receives the gift, they simply tap the Tokki tag (attached to the bow) with their phone to view the message. 

The Miir Camp Cup 

The Miir Camp Cup with Tokki Bow-Card Greeting Card 
We love this reusable, stackable coffee mug from a fellow Seattle company, Miir. Whether they use it for a cup of coffee or tea, they will be happy to keep their beverage warm all morning long. Plus, it comes with a lid to make it easy to enjoy their favorite drink on-the-go – whether dropping their kids at school, commuting to a meeting, or sitting next to the campfire. Make it easy and beautiful to wrap by clipping on a Tokki Bow-Card and adding your video or photo message using your phone and the QR code. 

For the Budding Client 

Daily Harvest Custom Gift Box or Gift Card

daily harvest  
If you want to build a better bond with a new client, you can’t go wrong with goodies from Daily Harvest. Nourishing, healthy, and delicious food delivered to you. From smoothies, to harvest bowls, to ice cream and beyond, this is one box of treats they’ll remember well after it’s gone.

A Tokki Holiday Candle or Appreciation Candle  

Tokki Making Spirits Bright Holiday Candle with Red Tokki Bow-Card 
Even though we’re entering into a traditional holiday time, not everyone celebrates the same way - or at all. If you want to give your new client something special but you aren’t sure how they celebrate, give them a candle from Tokki. There are a variety of messages available, making this gift feel personal. Starting November 1st, the holiday candles will be available and every candle order comes with a Tokki Bow-Card to add your personal greeting card.  

For the Entire Office 

A Whoop Membership

Gift wrapped with red tokki bow-card 
Whoop is a new way for your team to monitor their vitals, check their sleep habits, and make sure their next gym session is optimal. The strap and accompanying app gives the wearer the opportunity to make quality changes based on personalized data that will help them improve their habits, be more productive, and have more energy in the day-to-day. This is a great gift for the whole office to enjoy for a healthier year ahead. Print the gift certificate / membership purchase and complete it with a Tokki Bow-Card, easily scan the QR code and add your personalized greeting card message. 

 An Insulated Tumblr or Water Bottle  

S'well tumbler with Tokki bow-card 
Your coworker will love a sustainable, long-lasting beverage holder. Whether they want to keep their coffee warm or water cold, a S’well tumbler or water bottle is a major treat. Plus, we think S’well’s female founder, Sarah Kauss, knows what she is doing on her mission to rid the world of single-use plastic bottles and more. Pair it with a Tokki Bow-Card for the ultimate greeting card with a personal photo or video message from you. 

For the Stellar Employee 

This Fair Trade Coffee Sampler

For your fave employee, put together a gift bag of four fair trade coffee samples that will keep them running all through the holidays. The coffee from Grounds for Change is made using 100% renewable energy 

Fran’s Chocolates  

fran's chocolates with pink tokki bow-card  
Don't we all want to be showered in chocolate over the holidays? Your stellar employee deserves some sweetness, and this box of Gray and Smoked Salt Caramels from Fran’s is sure to excite their sweet tooth. Don’t forget the Tokki Bow-Card to make this box of chocolates extra sweet and memorable.  

For the Colleague or Coworker  

Jungalow Handmade Modern Ceramic Cups 

These modern cups can be used as cocktail tumblers as easily as they can be used as small vases. Some even use them as chic pencil holders on their desk. Whatever the application, these glossy little cups are a sophisticated gift to give a respected colleague. 

A Potted Plant or Succulents  

potted plant with white tokki bow-card 
For that coworker who you value, but who you’re not particularly close to, give them a little pot of joy. We love supporting our local nursery or you can order online from Lula’s Garden or The Sill. Succulents have become a passion for many, and for good reason. These little beauties are easy to care for, even for the one who is convinced they have zero green thumb to speak of. Your coworker can place it on their desk for a little extra brightness that also happens to purify the air.

For the #1 Boss 

Tokki Best Olive Oil in the World Gift Set 

Olive oil with red tokki bow-card 
There’s olive oil and then there’s olive oil. Perfect for a colleague who appreciates the finer things in life, this olive oil gift set comes with specialty dipping cups and a limited edition Tokki gift bag and signature QR-code greeting card tag. The small-batch oil from Spain is loved by chefs the world over and goes great with meats, pasta, veggies, and well...almost anything. It’s that good. 

How to Make Your Corporate Gift Personalized and Memorable 

Gift wrap contributes to a large amount of waste each year. Skip the throwaway paper and paper greeting cards and put a Tokki Bow-Card on any gift – it is the gift wrap and the greeting card all-in-one. It can easily attach to any bag, bottle of wine, candle, tumbler, or gift card. 
The Tokki Bow-Card is high-quality grosgrain ribbon made from recycled water bottles (how cool is that?!) and can be reused again and again... and again. The bow is attached to a patented clip and completed with a unique QR tag where you can upload a photo, video, GIF, or some sweet words for your giftee. We’ve seen first-hand how joyful a personalized message can be, and believe The Tokki will revolutionize the way you gift. 

Now Available on Amazon!  

We are thrilled to let you know that it is easier than ever to purchase your Tokki Bow-Cards. Find our singles and 4-packs on Amazon. Want a bulk discount? Contact us directly at and we will get you all setup.  

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