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12 Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Valued Whether In-Office or Remote

Months into the global COVID-19 pandemic, It’s more important than ever to find small and large ways to show your staff your appreciation. As a business owner, you want to ensure that employees transitioning back to in-office work and those who will continue to work from home know that you value them and care about their safety, health, and wellbeing. Gestures that acknowledge their worth will go a long way - especially during this uncertain time of transition. 

There are many ways to spread the love with your team, and we’ve gathered a bunch of them right here. Uplift your in-office staff and your remote workers alike with these team-appreciation ideas. Your crew will be surprised, delighted, and more loyal than ever once you show them that their happiness is a top priority for your company.

For In-office Employees:

Provide Child Care Assistance

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Working parents with young children have had their hands especially full during this time. Make their return to the office easier by increasing options for in-office childcare. 

Accommodating parents who have lost their childcare or whose children still won’t be able to return to school in the fall will ease their stress, which in turn will help them to focus on giving their best performance at work.

Increase Sanitation Options and Take Extra Social Distancing Precautions

Top priority on many minds is how to ensure that in-office sanitation and social distancing measures are adequate to prevent the spread of the virus. Boost your team’s confidence with multiple sanitation stations set up throughout each floor of your office. You can also supply each desk with a box of tissues and hand sanitizer.

To improve social distancing, build-out higher protective barriers between cubicles, and adjust desks so that they are no longer right next to each other. Replace long community work tables with individual desks with partitions. Continue to refine your sanitation and social distancing measures as you learn what works best for your team.

Give Each Employee a Tokki x Gravitas Face Mask

tokki x gravitas face masks
Tokki x Gravitas Face Masks

Our comfortable 100% quilter’s cotton washable face masks are ideal for workplace environments. Partner with us to give each member of your staff a Tokki x Gravitas face mask. We will create a custom landing page experience for your team to visit to select their size and color and complete their $0 order.

Once your specified purchase deadline date is passed, we will send a list of the names and number of masks ordered to your corporate contact to check. Once the list has been approved and payment has been received, we will ship the masks to each individual team member’s home. 

The gift of face masks will absolutely thrill every employee who receives one. Check out some of the outstanding reviews companies who have partnered with Tokki have received so far and learn more about our corporate face mask gifting:

tokki corporate face mask gifting landing page
Tokki Corporate Face Mask Gifting Landing Page

“I put mine on right away – I was so happy that it wasn’t just another T-shirt for the donation pile.”

Joseph L. , New York, NY

“This was the best morale gift ever.  It’s so useful, and it’s great that a mask got donated for each one purchased for us.”

Gteg S. Redmond, WA

“I love that BlinkUX let me pick my own masks for me and my family.  It was so thoughtful, and my kids loved their masks, which is so helpful to getting them to wear one.”

Jennifer S. Seattle, WA

“It was great to be able to pick the size and print.  I have a big head, so none of the other masks have fit me well.  This might be the most useful gift I’ve ever gotten from a company.”

John B. Everett, WA

Treat Them to Small Surprises

tokki gift wrap on front door mat
Tokki candle wrapped in tokki gift wrap with digital gift tag

Leave each employee a $10 Starbucks gift card on their desk one morning to offset the fact that the company coffee station is shut down for right now. Announce that a weekly individual boxed lunch will be delivered to their desk to replace the weekly lunch buffet. 

Small, thoughtful treats like this will surprise your employees in the best way, especially early on in the return-to-work phase when the daily routine may feel a bit overwhelming or stressful.

Upgrade Equipment

What better way to welcome your staff back to the office than with some brand new equipment that instantly improves their work experience? Small changes could include ergonomic mice or keyboards or fully stocked desk drawers with high-quality office supplies. Large changes could include motorized desks that allow workers to transition between sitting and standing desks and ergonomic chairs. 

You can even poll your employees either before or soon after they return to the office to get a majority consensus of what change would have the greatest impact.

Host a Socially-Distanced Company-Sponsored Lunch

In-office socializing might be at a minimum right now, but that just means your team can enjoy the great outdoors together. Host a company-sponsored parking lot a happy hour, or take your team to a nearby park for a long Friday afternoon lunch and break in the sun. You may even find that your team will want to make this a tradition in the warmer months after social distancing has come to an end.

Give Them Extra Time Off

Getting back to in-office work might be a stressful and delicate process for your team. Show your employees you value their wellbeing with additional time off, like a full Friday or Friday afternoon so that they can take care of themselves and their life. They will no doubt appreciate the extra grace during the transition back to the office.

For Employees Working From Home:

Provide Home-Office Allowances

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Many people who had to make a fast change to remote work were not prepared with home offices. Stories of employees working from their tiny couch or receiving aching backs from too much time sitting on their dining room chairs are everywhere. 

If they’re going to be working from home for the foreseeable future, help them out with an allowance they can use to create a better work-from-home environment. They may opt for a standing desk, an office chair, or updated office supplies and equipment that help them increase their productivity and decrease their irritation and stress.

Be Visible

Company leaders need to ensure that their remote workers still feel like respected members of the company - not like invisible afterthoughts. Send out regular encouraging messages to remote workers that they can access on their own time to check in with them and to let them know what is going on in the company. Make it clear that you are there if they need anything and provide easy ways for them to communicate with you via various connectivity tools.

Send Them a Care Package

Tokki Ready-To-Gift solution
Tokki's gifting solution

Create a care package to be delivered to their front door - they’ll never expect the surprise and they will be so touched by your thoughtfulness. Include a blend of practical and fun gifts such as Tokki Face Masks, gift cards, hand soap and moisturizer, a Tokki Candle Gift Set, chocolates or candies, and a new pair of earbuds or a portable Bluetooth speaker. Do this, and get ready to be tagged in their next Instagram post.

Increase Connectivity

Leverage Slack and other company connectivity applications to promote social interaction as well as increased productivity. A blend of work-only and humor/entertainment channels allows remote workers to feel like they’re still a part of the company culture, even as some employees begin to return to the office. 

You can also increase connectivity by creating in-house content that shows how much the remote workforce has helped the company. Send out an inspirational video with a message from top executives. Provide graphs and stats that clearly display how much the company benefits from the remote workers. Inform them about forthcoming changes to your remote management procedures and how your work-from-home staff stand to benefit.

Hold a Morale-Boosting Company-Wide Video Call

This gift can be enjoyed by both in-office and remote employees. Replace your standard all-hands meeting with a company-wide morale-boosting call. Allow each of your top execs to speak to the staff and uplift them with from-the-heart messages that instill them with a sense of conviction to continue to persevere. 

The most important thing is to ensure that your at-home employees feel included and integral to the continued success of the company. You’re all in it together - make sure remote and in-office employees alike never forget that.

Tokki x Gravitas Face Masks | The Perfect Gift for Employees Working from Home or in the office

Whether your employees are returning to the office or continuing to work from home, everyone needs well-made, comfortable face masks. We make it easy for you to offer your staff a morale-boosting gift that will keep your employees safe and healthy. Our 100% quilter’s cotton masks are high-quality, durable, and comfortable. For every mask purchased we will donate a medical-grade mask to a frontline worker in need. Learn more about our corporate face mask gifting solution or get in touch with us to set up your corporate account.

tokki x gravitas face masks
Tokki x Gravitas face masks

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