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Empower | Medium | Reusable Gift Bag + QR Greeting Card

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Give memorably and sustainably with Tokki’s Reusable Gift Bag + QR Greeting Card. Scan the QR code and customize your card with photos, videos, and GIFs. When the recipient scans, your digital card will instantly appear! Then scan again to add new cards and reuse, endlessly.

Also available in WINE size!

how to

1. SCAN the qr code on the front of the bow.

2. CREATE a message and add a photo, video, or GIF to make it memorable.

3. FOLLOW your qr card's journey as it's given from friend to friend. Give endlessly!


Made from 3 water bottles!

100% recycled & recyclable

Durable - designed for endless reuse


Medium - 8” x 4.25” x 10.5” - fits books, clothing, jewelry, candles, etc.

Bottle - 4.25” x 4.25” x 15” - fits wine, olive oil, reusable cups, rolled t-shirts, etc.

Large - 11.75” x 6.5” x 16.25” - fits appliances, stuffed animals, plants, etc.


It's the gift wrap, tissue, & card in one!

Our high-quality, regiftable bags include a snap that hides the gift just like tissue paper would (becuase what would a gift be without the surprise?).

Then scan the QR code to add the most memorable card you've ever seen. Paper could never 😎

the most personal way to gift

QR cards connect us in a way paper never could. Add a sweet video of your kids or send a GIF to your best friend—this is gifting, reimagined.

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