College Graduation Gifts to Celebrate Our Seniors | Gift Ideas Your Grad Will Love

Celebrating our loved ones is more important now than ever, and the graduating seniors in our lives deserve a little extra love this year. With graduation ceremonies being canceled all over the country, we want to give the class of 2020 something to celebrate. 

These gift ideas are tailored to college graduates who are ready to start doing some adulting, and we’re here to ease the transition. Many students spend the four years of college with nothing but a fork and bowl for kitchen utensils and have had the same backpack since freshman year of high school. We’ve given you some ideas for gifts that can build their “adulting” portfolio and give them something to look forward to post-graduation.

For the grad who thinks tongs will make them a real adult 

basic kitchen utensils flat lay
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We all have that friend that never seems to have the most basic kitchen utensils and ends up using a butter knife to eat their ramen. Most college students have never had a reason to buy their own kitchen equipment, so this is a great opportunity to provide them with some high-quality basics. 

This awesome cookware brand Material Kitchen has great options for the modern cook and prioritizes the importance of connection in the kitchen (much like Tokki’s mission of connection through gifting). They recognize that not everyone is cooking in a Michelin-star kitchen, and finds the right balance of quality and affordability.

For the grad that doesn’t want a fraternity flag to be their only decor piece 

white framed photo of towels

Get things framed 

Home decor can be a hard thing to shop for when it comes to anyone but yourself, we all have such different taste! One option to help out a recent grad’s barren walls is offering to frame some of their photos. Framing can get expensive, and many college students would rather leave the memories they’ve made over the past four years deep in a box somewhere. Helping them preserve these memories and decorate their new spaces is an invaluable gift.

white circular mirror beside chairs

A mirror 

Another great decor option is a mirror, probably the most universal wall decoration. This one from Target is affordable and cute! It’s also a great size, not too big and not too small, just in case they’re limited in space.

For the grad that never quite got the hang of organization  

acrylic desk organization set
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Especially now that many jobs are moving online, organization of your desk space is more important than ever. This acrylic desk organization set from the container store is sleek and professional, with plenty of space for work supplies.

For the grad that wants to make their alcohol consumption classy 

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Red solo cups are a thing of the past. It’s time to move on to something a little more mature, and this mixology kit from West Elm is perfect! It’s on the smaller side, and great for the grad that has a limited amount of space. It has all the essentials for making a grown-up cocktail, and consider adding a bottle of their favorite alcohol to complete the gift.

For the grad moving to a new city after graduation  

white vitamin d lamp

Vitamin D Lamp 

Is your graduate moving to a place they’ve never lived before? Many of my friends moved to places where the weather was less than cooperative ( cough cough—Seattle) post-graduation. This can be a really hard transition for people that are used to more frequent access to vitamin D, so a lamp that makes artificial light and can boost your mood is a great gift option.

Tokki Graduation Candle 

Our most recent candle collection was launched to celebrate our 2020 graduates. We've written thoughtful messages into our new graduation candles to let them know we see them, we celebrate them, and we can't wait for their leadership. We wrap in a reusable tokki gift wrap (2 gifts in 1), you personalize with a digital message, and we ship it. The perfect way to toast and commemorate this special milestone.

For the grad that hates people (or loves music) 

Sony noise-cancelling headphones
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These noise-canceling headphones have been voted best headphones on the market for two years running! These are for the grad in your life that needs to tune out the world sometimes (and don’t we all). Whether they hate people or just love great sound quality, these will be a gift they will value long after graduation.

Jane's Pick

Jane Park, CEO and Founder of Tokki

"I love this portable speaker because you can take your music with you to the beach, or from your main living room to your back deck.  A first apartment might not have that much space, so filling it with music or being able to take your music with you can be a great way to help the grad feel at home in a new environment."

For the perpetually under-caffeinated grad 

coffee beans spilling out of bag onto bed
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After years of buying low-quality coffee that both fueled their caffeine addiction and didn’t break the bank, recent graduates are sure to appreciate a monthly coffee subscription. Bean Box is a Seattle startup that ships high-quality coffee to your door each month! You can choose to try their coffee of the month or choose the “Bean Box Sampler” for their most popular roasts.   

For the grad that’s had the same Jansport backpack for the past 10 years 

black tote bag

Everlane Tote

Not that there’s anything wrong with the classic Jansport backpack, but it might be time to transition to a more professional work bag. This one from Everlane is simple and sleek, with the right amount of space to fit their laptop, keys, and whatever else they need to throw in there.

black backpack

Filson Backpack

This backpack is a great alternative to a briefcase or tote bag situation. A more ergonomic approach to the traditional work bag, this allows easy transportability and style all in one. Filson bags were created to be able to brave the weather of the northwest, so they won’t have to worry about rain on their commute!

For the grad that’s always late 

rose gold watch on wrist
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A part of adulthood is taking on the responsibility of being on-time, and some of us are just not naturally inclined to do so. A watch is a great practical and beautiful gift, and to make it a little more personal adding an engraving is a special way to show them you care. These Vincero watches have the option to customize an engraving but are also stylish and classy.

For the fit (or trying to be fit) grad

cork yoga mat
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These awesome cork yoga mats are a unique gift option that helps the environment all in one! The more time we spend at home, the more necessary at-home workout tools are. So whether you have a grad that’s already a yogi or is looking to explore the fitness world, a yoga mat is a great option. 

Yoloha Yoga was created out of a deep love and respect for the earth, and we fully support their mission of creating eco-friendly and high-quality yoga products! 

Tokki Gift Wrap | The Eco-Conscious Companion for Every Gift

No matter who is celebrating their graduation in your life, Tokki wraps and bands help you celebrate them in the best way possible. Choose the limited-edition wrap that celebrates that special person, and don’t forget to include a custom digital message to commemorate your special day. For every Tokki that gets gifted or re-gifted, we plant a tree to celebrate. Learn more at

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