Gifting From a Distance | Best Gifts to Stay Connected From Afar

Gifting From a Distance | Best Gifts to Stay Connected From Afar

After months of isolation, let’s face it: we miss each other. We haven’t seen some of our favorite people in person all year long, and those of you who are out in the world as essential or frontline workers are dealing with more stress now than perhaps ever before (THANK YOU). We all need a little more love.

Show the most important people in your life how much they mean to you while still respecting social-distancing measures with these “give anytime” gifts. No matter how far apart you are or what your loved one is going through, you can stay connected with them by sending one of these meaningful, heartfelt gift ideas straight to their door.

Tokki was NOT paid by anyone for these opinions (even by ourselves as it turns out). Each product has our "Tokki Tested" stamp of approval. Check out what that means. 

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For The Homeschooling Parent

Here's to Surviving Homeschooling Candle from Tokki

here's to surviving homeschooling candle

Hand-poured with skincare grade ingredients, our candles are perfect to soothe the nerves of a homeschooling parent throughout the (at home) school day. You can custom select your candle’s message, but we recommend the Here’s to Surviving Homeschooling option. Take a peek at the thoughtful message on the back: 

Here’s to realizing that we don’t have teaching degrees, and teaching kids is hard, oh why is it so, so hard.  Here’s to appreciating our teachers more with each passing minute of quarantine.  And most of all here’s to knowing that our children will be just fine, so let’s go have another cocktail.  Here’s to us.

The candle can be wrapped in a reusable Tokki gift bag, complete with a digital gift tag so you can send them a photo or video message along with their gift. Check out Tokki Wrapped Candle Gift Sets for a thoughtful gift that can be wrapped and shipped for you. 

Driftaway Coffee Sampler

coffee sampler alt image

Homeschooling kids requires a lot of coffee. Spice up their daily coffee game with this coffee sampler 4-pack from Driftaway. The single-origin roasts are fair-trade and sustainably grown and packaged. They’ll be able to enjoy complex flavors from around the world and may even find their new favorite roast. The school day may be hectic, but this coffee will make sure they start the day off right.

For The Stressed Out Student

Color by Candlelight Gift Set from Tokki

color by candlelight gift set

Students are spending a lot of time in front of screens these days. Online classes plus all the disruptions for students have brought about more stress than normal. Help them decompress and find their center with this Color by Candlelight gift set. 

The set comes with a gorgeous adult coloring book by Johanna Bradford as well as a set of double-ended colored pencils and a custom candle of your choice. We suggest the Here’s To Breathing In and Breathing Out candle to support their peace of mind.

A Sustainable Weighted Blanket from Luna

luna sustainable weighted blanket

Anxiety leads to poor sleep and poor sleep leads to lack of focus, exhaustion, depression, and a lowered immune system. Combat all of that by getting the student in your life this eco-friendly gift from Luna. This weighted blanket is sustainably made and comes in a variety of weights so you can choose the right one for their needs. Weighted blankets have been shown to improve sleep and serotonin production - both very important for a student’s wellbeing.

For The Friend Who Needs Some Words of Encouragement

Tokki's Wrapped Candle Gift Set 

candles and reusable gift bags flatlay

We could all use a little more encouragement in our lives these days. For that friend who is going through a particularly difficult time, send them the pleasant surprise of a sustainably wrapped candle from Tokki.

Select "start customizing" to put it all together. First, select your favorite candle message, like this Here’s to Finding Peace in the Chaos option, pick a gift bag print, and lastly include an uplifting gift message they can save and view whenever they need a little mood boost.

Things Are Looking Up Card Deck from Goop

things are looking up card deck

To pump up the joy in your friend’s everyday life, get them these optimistic intention cards from Dr. Deepika Chopra. Each card in the deck comes with a positive message and encourages a mindfulness practice that will help them cultivate more presence, hope, and excitement about what life has to offer.

For The Frontline Healthcare Worker

Revitalize Body Oil from Naked + Thriving

revitalize skin oil

When time is scarce and work is constant, a few moments to show a little self-love may be all these frontline workers have. This Revitalize body oil from Naked + Thriving gives them a chance to breathe and to protect their skin with vegan, natural, and cruelty free ingredients. The scent is divine and the oil absorbs quickly and with no residual greasiness - perfect for the healthcare worker who has little time to spare.

Tea Drops Gift Set from Tokki

tea drops gift set

After a long day (or maybe during a long day) a cup of tea can help an overworked frontline worker relax. This Tea Drops gift set comes with dissolvable tea pods that give them the loose leaf experience without the extra hassle. In addition, you can choose a vegan, hand-poured candle with a heartfelt message. We like Here’s to Your Crazy AF Resilience to show support for these essential and profoundly inspiring workers.

The Essential Employee Who is Managing it All

The Centeredness Gift Set from Tokki

centeredness gift set face sheet masks and body scrub

From grocery store employees to restaurant workers and beyond, our essential workers are under major pressure to support us. They deserve the same amount of love and care they give to us every day. This Centeredness gift set from Tokki shows them that love. It’s perfectly designed with a full night of pampering in mind. 

The two nourishing sheet masks and grapefruit and ginger scrub exfoliates and nourishes their skin till it is supple and glowing. Add to that a clean-scented custom candle (we like Here’s to Your Inspiring Strength), and a reusable Tokki gift bag and digital card, they will have everything they need to rest, restore, and get ready for another busy day.

SHEbd Comfort Cream

cbd hand cream

Many essential workers are on their feet all day. Some may be asked to bend, lift, and twist throughout their day as well, which puts strain on their muscles and joints. This Comfort Cream by SHEbd will help to soothe them. A woman-owned business, SHEbd provides CBD products specifically created with a woman’s body in mind (though they can be used and loved by anyone). This cream helps reduce joint inflammation, smells bright and fresh, and is the perfect size to tote with them to work, in case they need relief during business hours.

For The Family Member You Miss So Much

Here's to Your Unconditional Love Candle from Tokki

here's to your unconditional love candle 

Sometimes a simple reminder of how much you appreciate someone is all it takes to brighten their day. If there’s a family member you haven’t been able to see in a while, show them you’re thinking about them with candle from Tokki. You can select your favorite message, like Here’s to Your Unconditional Love, and create your own additional message with the digital gift tag.

Select "make it a gift" and we'll wrap it in one of our sustainable gift bags. Send this for a special occasion, or just anytime as a surprise gift that will warm their heart and make them feel connected to you, no matter how far apart you are.

Hug Kantha Throw from Dignify

quilted blanket made from saris

If a real hug is out of the question, this Hug throw blanket is a great substitute. A Kantha throw is made up of multiple layers of recycled Saris and are hand-stitched by at-risk women in Bangladesh. Each blanket purchased supports the makers and their children, as well as multiple programs to help educate and provide outreach for women and children who are or have been victims of abuse or human trafficking.

For The Isolated Activist

Here's to The Ginormous Difference You Make Candle from Tokki

here's to the ginormous difference you make

It’s been a tough year, and many have continued to fight for justice even while in quarantine. A wrapped candle set from Tokki lets you share how much you value their work and their heart now and always. We like the Here’s to the ginormous difference you make, but there are many other positive messages from which to choose. Select your favorite and ship it right to their door wrapped in a reusable Tokki gift bag complete with a custom gift message (attached to the bag).

Free to be Kind Tote Bag from The Tote Project

be kind tote bag

The Tote Project is a woman-owned business with serious purpose. Every tote purchased from The Tote Project supports formerly sex-trafficked individuals who are working to rebuild their lives. While they have many inspiring messages to choose from, we like the joyful, positive “Free to be Kind” message on this eco-friendly bag. Each bag also comes printed with “Hold on to hope that together we can end slavery” on the bottom. This is perfect for the friend who wants each piece they wear or carry to promote the missions they work so hard for.

For The Remote Work Warrior

Rosemary Shortbread Gift Set from Tokki

lemon rosemary shortbread cookies

Sometimes you just need a cookie. This Rosemary Shortbread gift set will be a welcome treat for the remote worker in your life or the coworker who’s really been getting it done. Choose a custom message for the included candle (we like Here’s to Business on Top, PJs on Bottom). Then, have it shipped it straight to their “office” (AKA: their house) for a sweet surprise that is bound to make you their new favorite.

Monstera Deliciosa Potted Plant from The Sill

monstera deliciosa potted plant

Remote workers do a lot of sitting at their desks. Give them something green and alive to brighten their work day. This Monstera potted plant from The Sill comes ready to go in a pot of your choice and requires very little maintenance. They have a lot on their desk to take care of, but this is one addition that will remove stress rather than add to it.

For The Best Friend Who’s Had Your Back

A Sustainable Activewear Set from Girlfriend Collective 

green activewear set sustainable materials

Looking for some virtual fun with you and your bestie? Joining the same live workout class online can be a unique way to spend time with your friend from afar! Send over this adorable and sustainable activewear set from Girlfriend Collective and they'll be ready to sweat it out in style. 

The Better Together Bracelet from Fair + Simple

better together bracelet set

Whatever challenges this year held, one major blessing was having your best friend there (even if only virtually) to help you through. This Better Together sustainably-crafted bracelet set from woman-run Fair + Simple symbolizes your complementary differences. The two bracelets are dainty and made to be worn together, alone, or stacked with other pieces. It’s the bracelet set that goes with everything - just like your friendship.

For The Teacher Who Needs Some Love

Tokki Wrapped Candle Gift Set

here's to everything you taught us candle

Teachers have gone above and beyond for their students this year. From managing online courses to providing extra support for kids who are struggling through this time, teachers have served their communities in invaluable ways. Let your kids show them some appreciation with a Here’s to Everything You Taught Us candle wrapped in a reusable Tokki gift bag. This is also a great gift for a teacher in the family who could use a little pick-me-up.

Framed First Edition Book Print from Uncommon Goods

first edition book print cover art

Every teacher needs that special piece of art in their space that travels with them throughout their entire teaching career. This may just be the one. Find their favorite book from the long list of options offered through Uncommon Goods and ship a print of the first-edition cover directly to them already framed and ready to be hung on their wall. Whether it’s a novel that spoke to them as a child, or a recent favorite, they’ll cherish the daily visual reminder of the story that moved them so much.

To Your Long-Distance Love

The Puzzle It Out Gift Set from Tokki

wooden puzzle it out gift set

One of the hardest parts of right now is being without your partner. If you’ve been doing long-distance, give your love an extra-special gift that will help them to fill their time till you can be together in person again. This Ultimate Puzzle It Out gift set comes with a uniquely designed colorful jigsaw puzzle from Bewilderness as well as a candle with a message of your choosing. We suggest Here’s to Being Next to You Soon to share with them how much you miss them. 

The Long Distance Friendship Lamp from Uncommon Goods

friendship long distance light lamp

This lamp lets your partner know whenever you’re thinking of them throughout the day. Each of you can place one of these lamps in your home and tap them whenever you want the other person to know they’re on your mind. When you touch your lamp, your partner’s lamp lights up and vice versa. It’s like a game of “I love you” tag from afar.

Wrap Your Gift Sustainably and Beautifully 

woman knocking on door with reusable gift bags    phone reading gift message   

Our Tokki gift bags are designed to be beautiful, functional, and sustainable. When you choose to wrap with Tokki, you’re helping to reduce the large amount of wrapping paper waste that goes straight to landfills each year. The gift bags are meant to be used again and again for years, as are the Tokki digital gift tags. 

With our tags, you can send a digital message with pictures, video, and text that the recipient can save to watch again and again. This personalized message creates a deep sense of connection between the giver and receiver no matter the distance between them. 

Stay Close From a Distance with Gifts from Tokki

Times like these don’t require special occasions to send a gift. If someone is on your mind as a person who could use a little cheer, the best time to find a great gift for them is, well, right now. Tokki offers a variety of gift sets, candles, and face masks to help you show your appreciation for the most important people in your life. Shop our selection and find the perfect gift today.

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