three tokki eco gifting sets qr cards and reusable gift bags

Introducing The QR Card + Reusable Gift Bag | Easy, Earth-Friendly, Joyful Gifting

Gift like you never have before...  

It’s joy-filled, planet-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and oh-so-FUN... it’s the Eco Gifting Set! We launched a new product last week that is ready to transform your gifts and create a meaningful wrapping (and unwrapping) experience for all. From the beginning, we have searched for the very best way to connect through gifting. We’ve tried different materials and designs and have finally found the one. We took the best parts of past Tokki products while keeping in mind our core mission: ignite joy.  

hand scanning tokki qr card and reusable gift bag


Our reusable gift bags were our first step in transforming gift wrap. We found a material that both looks & feels high-quality, but just so happens to be made of the plastic water bottles littering many trash bins. Hooray for modern recycling!

three recycled water bottles


Our existing bow-cards took on their own transformation—they are now “QR Cards” and adorn our reusable gift bags. These two products coming together are a powerhouse for easy & joyful gifting. They can be reused over and over again, making them the most eco-friendly gifting option. Plus, our bags have an easy snap at the top to hide your gift—goodbye tissue paper!  

What makes the Eco Gifting Set different from other gifting options?


Connection is at the core of what we do. It’s what ignites the joy we seek in every gifting moment. Our QR Cards are connectors. They’re joy-bringers. They’re what takes a gift from generic to personal with the click of a button. 

tokki reusable gift bag and qr card with video message of dad and daughter


You can upload anything—whether you’re the star of the show and film a monologue or hate the camera and pick a quick GIF. It’s an endless greeting card aisle at your fingertips! And since YOU were the creator, it’s instantly more personal than any store-bought card. Need some inspiration? Check out this blog post on how to create the perfect gift message.

three tokki reusable gift bag floral prints by corinna ren


And with a variety of beautiful prints, the gift bag you choose will speak to the uniqueness of the human you’re gifting to. Our prints are inspired by the incredible people in our own lives, and several were designed by PNW women artists.  


So it's 5pm, you just got off work, and your kid is in the back of the car excitedly chatting about the birthday party they got invited to...and it’s tomorrow. You’re stressing about the Target run you’re about to make—trying to pull together a presentable gift that doesn’t look like you forgot about the birthday until... well, the birthday.  

tokki reusable gift bags and qr cards kid collection


We’ve been there. Heck, we were there yesterday! But we were lucky enough to have an Eco Gifting Set on hand. We chose a few books and toys for our kiddo’s classmate and placed them in their new ready-to-gift home. Then we sang “Happy Birthday” in the car at the top of our lungs in front of an iPhone, clicked “upload”, and we were on our way to the party. Thoughtful gift ✅ 

tokki reusable gift bag and qr card with video message of kids singing happy birthday


Each of our sets replaces the gift wrap, card, & tissue you would normally run around the store trying to find. We’re busy, and we love easy!   


We can’t be happy people without a happy planet. Our environment is a key element to igniting joy—and we always keep it at the forefront of our decisions at Tokki.  

regift and rejoice side print of reusable tokki gift bag


When we sing “reduce, reuse, & recycle”—it’s good to remember that those three words are in a specific order. Reducing is the #1 option for a healthier planet, but when we do want to consume—reuse is the next best thing. We knew reuse could be made more fun & memorable, which is why we started Tokki in the first place (and why "regift & reuse" is printed on the sides of each bag). 

The third R is special to us. We were thrilled to find our new favorite fabric: rPET. A recycled plastic material made with 100% post-consumer recycled water bottles! Each of our medium size gift bags saves 3 water bottles from ending up in the landfill. That’s a win in our book.

From the beginning, we've stayed true to our mission... 

It was Christmas of 2019—and our founder, Jane, was sitting in piles of gift wrap up to her neck thinking: “What the f*#$?!” She went straight to all-knowing Google and found article after article explaining just how harmful gift wrap and greeting cards can be. Any paper that’s too sparkly, shiny, or color saturated (so basically, all the fun stuff) goes straight to the landfill. One stat stood out: we could wrap the earth 9 TIMES with all of the non-recyclable gift wrap used each year!  

gift wrap trash on christmas morning


As she sat hunched over her laptop in a sea of gift wrap, the image of a tiny Jane unwrapping presents came to mind. As a kid, she remembered her Korean grandmother wrapping all of their important gifts in squares of silk called “pojagi”. It was a special memory for her, and she knew that these two revelations didn’t come together by mere coincidence. This was something worth sharing, worth creating, so she got to work.  

tokki reusable gift bag and qr card with video gift message for christmas


Tokki weaves together her grandmother’s wrapping tradition with modern tech that makes regifting fun! It’s joyful, sustainable, and seeks to eliminate the Christmas morning gift wrap aftermath.

We hope to have these “aha” moments over and over again, and to keep learning and growing with you as we create memorable gifting moments. THANK YOU for sticking with us through a global pandemic, and for continuing to ignite joy—together!

P.S. - we can't wait to launch our holiday collection 👀🎄

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