Our Favorite Spring Gift Ideas From Women-Owned Businesses

Our Favorite Spring Gift Ideas From Women-Owned Businesses

Spring is one of our favorite times of the year, especially for gift giving. The spark of new, fresh energy lights us up and inspires fun gift ideas for every special occasion. Whether it’s a spring birthday, a new job or home, or just for fun—these gifts are thoughtful and unique. And they’re all from women-owned brands we love!  
While you browse adorable picnic baskets and high-quality cookware—don’t forget that Tokki is the way to go for gift wrap. Customize with a personal photo or video, or choose a springy GIF to match their beautifully wrapped gift!

Colorful Wine Glasses from Estelle Glassware

colored stem wine glasses cheersing

Have an April or May birthday coming up? These colored wine glasses from Estelle Glassware are the spring-inspired wine glasses of our dreams. The founder, Stephanie, was inspired by "treasure hunting” with her grandmother (aka antiquing on the weekends). So she started creating treasure of her own!  

birthday reusable gift bag with digital greeting card

Pair it with their favorite bottle of wine (if you need a recommendation, Flowers Winery is one of our favorite vineyards). Then slip them each into one of our gift bags for a cohesive, classic birthday gift. Our All. The. Candles. gift bag is perfect for spring birthdays! 


This Picnic Basket from Made Trade (and fill it up if you feel like it!)

picnic basket
You can get them this picnic basket from Made Trade, then if you’re feeling it—stop by your local grocery store and fill it up with their favorite snacks! You can either drop it off or enjoy it together and leave them with their new picnic setup. We love some time spent outside in springtime.  
Also, can we talk about Made Trade for a second? We just discovered this online marketplace and love so many of their products. They’re women-owned, fair trade, climate neutral, and care about how and where their products are sourced. They call it being “ethically elevated”—which we LOVE! Take a moment to check them out for other cool gifts.

Get Their Favorite Album Framed  

framed album covers

This is the perfect gift for somebody that seems to have it all. We all have walls. Most of us like to decorate those walls with things we love. Gifting them an upgraded version of something they care about? Yes please!  
We love Frame Bridge because it’s super easy to navigate, is woman-owned, and has fast shipping!

The cutest apron EVER

Hedley & Bennet makes aprons that are both functional and beautiful! They partner with artists to create gorgeous prints that make cooking an extra-special experience. They're owned by half Mexican, half English Ellen Bennet who feels strongly that you shouldn't need to choose between function, comfort, and aesthetics. 

A Thrifted Mug and Coffee  

be my yang ceramic mug

So ideally, we would go to the thrift store and find that mug with the perfect degree of funny vintage-y cuteness and feel good about not buying new—but dreams don’t always come true in time for your best friend’s birthday party. So if you can’t find something to upcycle, consider this “be my yang” mug from Etsy. Or any number of her other cute phrases! We love the “cute but aries” one too.
Then add a delicious coffee brand (our new favorite is Nguyen Coffee Supply) and your bestie or teacher or boss or mom or coworker will be thinking of you while they sip their morning joe! Nguyen is owned by an incredible Vietnamese-American woman who is passionate about introducing people to specialty Vietnamese coffee. It’s delicious!

girl smiling opening daisy reusable gift bag

These would fit perfectly in a Tokki! This cute daisy print bag would make an already great gift shine that much brighter. Then just upload a video of you saying “happy birthday!” and you’re good to go! Or if you’re camera shy, use a fun or funny GIF from GIPHY.  

Badass Habits by Jen Sincero

A good book is always a welcome gift on the Tokki team, but especially one that gives you actual advice on how to better yourself and your life. Jen Sincero writes a fantastic and motivating book about how we can upgrade our daily routines and stick to them! 

And can we talk about bookshop.org for a sec? It's our favorite place to shop for books, because you can choose a local bookstore to support and have the same access to a huge selection of books shipped right to you. If you don't have a favorite local bookstore, we recommend Semicolon Books, a black woman-owned non-profit bookstore in Chicago. They're committed to community building and sharing the stories of underrepresented authors! 


You’ve probably heard of this one. It’s all over the internet and claims to be the best, most versatile pan on the market. And it’s sustainably made. And has cute packaging. And from a woman-owned company. Is it too good to be true?  
The short answer? No. This was recently gifted around the Tokki office and comes with high praise from yours truly! It’s practical, comes in beautiful colors, and is a great gift for most genders and occasions.  
If you have someone moving into a new place, are in their 20s-30s, or just feel like they might benefit from a nudge toward getting their s&*% together—this is it.  

Spring Cleaning Set from L’avant

This Home Essentials bundle from L’avant is the gift they wouldn’t buy for themselves, but will be so grateful for. With four products they will use daily (our favorite is the multipurpose spray—it smells DIVINE!). These luxury cleaning products will make their spring cleaning so much more satisfying.  

And while you’re getting them a squeaky-clean gift, you’re supporting a woman-owned business with really incredible humans behind it. One of the coolest things about L’Avant is that their products are refillable and designed to be displayed on your countertop-reducing the single-use plastic waste that piles up in our bins. The women who created L’Avant have been ardent supporters of Tokki and we love watching them grow along with us!  

Candles and plants. Plants and candles. A tale as old as time. Modern Sprout has brought these two iconic gifts together and created a fun way to glow and grow! Whether you spruce up their kitchen with an herb garden or add some greenery to their living room, this is a sweet way to elevate their space this spring.  
We love innovative, reusable products like this one. Modern Sprout is reimagining what it means to “be done” with a candle jar – just like we’re reinventing what it means to “be done” with a gift bag. What if we not only continued to use what we had, but we made that reuse even more fun? Our patented technology is doing exactly that.  

When you upload a message and give your gift, they can scan and save your message—then upload a new message of their own. This chain of reuse is so much fun to be a part of, and we can’t wait to help you give your gifts this spring!  
We hope your spring birthdays, graduations, promotions, and every moment you’re celebrating is filled with love! Here’s to a more sustainable, memorable season of gifting.  

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