The Tokki: A Reusable Bow-Card That Makes Gifting Unforgettable

The Tokki: A Reusable Bow-Card That Makes Gifting Unforgettable

Whether you’re a serial-greeting-card-giver or you dread writing in the little white space inside brightly-colored cardstock, The Tokki is revolutionizing the way we gift. We believe in gifting as a way to create meaningful connection, and our mission is to make that easier and more fun for everyone. We use thoughtful technology and sustainable design to make gifting more memorable. By combining a beautiful bow (made of recycled water bottles!) with a unique QR code tag, The Tokki makes gifting easy, beautiful, and unforgettable.

The Basics

What is a bow-card?  

It’s not just a bow, or just a card. It’s both! Our bows are made from recycled water bottles, and they are connected to a sleek patent-pending clip that attaches to anything (think pillowcase, paper bag, colorful napkin) to transform it into a gift. But the true magic is the QR code tag, where you can upload a photo, video, or GIF to your digital card. No need to buy a bow and card separately, we’ve combined them for the easiest and cutest gifting experience.  

How is it different from traditional cards?  

greeting card store aisle

So many ways! Traditional cards can be made out of anything from recycled paper (the good stuff) or have sparkles (the pretty but not-so-good stuff). When they’re made from the latter, they can’t be recycled—and The Tokki reduces waste made from many traditional cards. We designed our bow-cards to be reused again and again, spreading joy from gift to gift and friend to friend.  

The Tokki also transforms whatever it’s clipped to into a gift. If you stick a traditional paper card on a bag, it’s just an envelope taped to a paper bag. But put a Tokki on it and it’s suddenly a beautiful, magical, meaningful gift. 

Stuck for words or in a rush? Copy and paste a passage from Virginia Wolf, or from any writer who speaks to your heart. Or add a cute GIF and you’re good to go. Even better, upload a photo or video of your cute dog/baby/plant/self. No more staring at a wall of cards wondering which they’ll like most. It only takes seconds to achieve a huge WOW. 

After you’ve been showered in compliments for your killer gifting skills, they can save their digital card forever in their Tokki Album. We noticed how many cards of ours end up deep in the backs of closets or stuffed in old boxes—and we wanted a way to admire the memories we’ve made with the people we love. The Tokki Album allows you to save your digital card forever and see your Tokki’s history—it's like sisterhood of the travelling Tokki!  

How much waste is it really saving?  

Buckle up, because these stats blew our mind a little bit. When we wrap a gift, it’s tough to think about anything other than how pretty it looks. You want your gift to say “I appreciate you” before they even open it—so wrapping it beautifully is important. But adding wrapping paper and ribbons and sparkly cards to our gifts has a major impact on our planet.  

holiday waste

  1. If every American family wrapped just 3 gifts in re-used materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields 🎁
  2. If we all reused just two feet of holiday ribbon, the 38,000 miles of ribbon saved could tie a bow around the entire planet 🎀 
  3. The 2.65 billion Christmas cards sold each year in the U.S. could fill a football field 10 stories high. If we each sent one card less, we’d save 50,000 cubic yards of paper 📄 
But what if we told you there was a way to celebrate the people we love without harming the place we call home? That’s where The Tokki comes in!  

The Tokki is designed to make gifting anything easy & fun. It replaces traditional wraps, bows, and cards. Plus, the bow is made from recycled water bottles—no virgin plastic here! Each Tokki can be reused over and over again, spreading joy and reducing waste along the way. There’s no limit to how much waste our bow-cards can keep out of landfills—so keep scanning, saving, and repeating ♻️ 

Will it save me money?  

On average, we give about 42 gifts per year. Let’s say half of those are wrapped in wrapping paper, and the other half given in gift bags. If we assume $7 for the bag (or sheet of nice wrapping paper), $5 for a stunning bow, and $6 for the perfect card—we're spending $18 just to wrap each gift.  

The Tokki is a one-time purchase that takes out the hassle of wrapping and reduces the cost.  

In a year, Tokki can save you $294—enough to buy a ticket to Bali in the winter (a girl can dream) or a new TV! And over 10 years, that $2,490 price tag could go towards a down payment on a car or your dream vaycay. It’s the little things that add up!  

Why is it called “The Tokki”? 

tokki logo

“Tokki” (pronounced toe - key) is Korean for Rabbit! Our Co-Founder Jane was born in Korea and immigrated to Canada with her parents when she was four. "San-Tokki" (mountain rabbit) is a popular children’s song in Korea, one that her parents sang to her and she sang to her own kids.   

Tokki represents tradition and connection between the people we love most. We hope our Tokki’s will “hop” around the world, bringing joy from gift to gift and friend to friend.   

How do I use it? 

1. Scan The Tokki 

scanning the tokki

QR codes practically run the world now, but if you haven’t used one before—we got you. No need to download a new app, your camera works just fine! Open up your phone’s camera app and point it at the little black square. A magic link will pop up at the top of your screen. Just click it and get ready to create! 

2. Create Your Card

example tokki digital card

Follow the prompts on our site to get started! First, you’ll add you & your giftee’s names, choose a few emoji’s (a few of our favorites right now are 💖🌸🌿🥂🌈), then personalize with a message to your giftee. You don’t have to be a wordsmith to write a meaningful message. As cheesy as it sounds—speak from the heart (:  

Then all you have to do is decide between a photo, video or GIF. A quick photo of you “cheersing” to your co-worker, or an old silly video of you and your bestie make your card unique and special. You’ll see once they open it—the reactions are the best part!  

3. Attach to Gift

tokki on tea drops

Our bow-cards have a metal clip on the back that makes it (almost too) easy to slip onto any gift. A cup of coffee, a gift card, a shopping bag—you name it, we’ve giftwrapped with it. We encourage getting creative with your giftwrapping materials!  

4. Celebrate 🎉 

tokki reaction photos

OK—we've probably said every part of gifting with a Tokki is “the best part”... but we really mean it this time. Celebrating with your giftee and getting to see their reaction when they open the gift is invaluable. Whether you’re near or far (highly recommend facetiming while they open it if you’re not close by)--The Tokki creates a lasting connection and gives us a new way to celebrate!  

5. Rescan & Repeat!  

See how far your Tokki can go or keep it in the family—all we ask is that you have fun!  


How do YOU #putatokkionit?  

It has been so amazing getting to see the creative ways you all use your Tokkis! We started the #putatokkionit to share each other’s cool, weird, funny, exciting, and beautiful things you can put a Tokki on. Check out some of our favorite ways The Tokki is used in our customer’s lives!  

Baby’s First Tokki  – Clip The Tokki onto a swaddle and give the gift that keeps on giving. Choosing to keep a Tokki for each kiddo is a wonderful way to collect memories for every special occasion. Scrolling through the Tokki album with them as they grow is so special 💗 

Long-Distance Besties – Having a place to document you and your best-friend's adventures is the perfect way to connect from afar. The Tokki takes a shared journal to the next level and can capture photos, videos, and memories so you can both hold onto them forever.  

On-The-Go Gifter – No judgement here, last-minute gifting is our forté. The Tokki makes any gift (even gift cards) feel thoughtful and fun. Keep a few gift cards + Tokki’s in your glove box and whip them out on your way to the next birthday party! 

The Bookworm – Our Founder Jane uses Tokki’s in her family all the time—but her favorite tradition is their annual book exchange. They challenge each other to get creative with reusable wrapping materials (colorful scarves, used shopping bags, magazines, etc.) and make each book a gift by attaching a Tokki.  

Give the Gift of Caffeine – A morning pick-me-up is a simple gift that is always appreciated. Adding a Tokki will spark joy and transform their coffee into a meaningful moment.  

Trick or Tokki – Tokki's can be used for more than just gifts! We had a customer put their Tokki on a Halloween candy bowl and greet their trick-or-treaters with a video message. COVID-safe and so much fun! 

Tips on Creating the Coolest Card Ever   

blue tokki with baby message

Writing a Meaningful Message 

Words can be hard, but they don’t have to be. Here are some ideas from real Tokki cards to get you started. Take a risk and dive in! 

I love waking up (or cycling, or walking, or cooking or...) next to you.   
Next to you is my favorite place to be ❤️  

Happy best day of the year to the best friend in the world 😉💖  

I love this excuse to remind myself why our love story is still my favorite. Happy Anniversary!  
Thank you for inspiring me to be me in everything you do. I am truly, madly, deeply grateful for you 💘  

Happy birthday! I’m so happy I’ve gotten to know you. You deserve to be celebrated every day 💕  

Mother’s Day   
When I think about what I’m grateful for, you are at the very top of that list. I appreciate all the little things you do to make my life easier, and I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day. Thank you for bringing me into this world and being the best mom ever ❤️  

Employee + Client Appreciation   
Thank you for your dedication, grit, and positive spirit! Looking forward to the year ahead 🥂  

YOU MADE IT 🙌🎉 Here’s to your hard work and determination. You are so ready for the exciting road ahead.
Sending you love and wishing you strength. 

Just Because  
I saw this skincare brand and totally thought of you. Let’s do a zoom spa session sometime soon 💅 Missing you!   

New Baby  
Congratulations on sweet baby Harper! We can’t wait to meet her 💗  

New Home   
Congrats on the new space! Can’t wait to watch you make your house your home.🍾  
Thank You   
I wouldn’t have made it through this year without your continued support. You have given me more than you know. THANK YOU for being you!   

Congrats! Here’s to becoming stronger and finding joy together.  


Choosing the Right Photo or Video  

This is totally up to personal preference, but we thought we would share some of our favorite go-to's for our digital cards.  

Our Founder, Jane, opts for a photo of her “cheersing” when she sends a celebratory bottle of wine!  

jane cheersing

Co-founder Taylor loves taking a video of her boys (Wells & Brooks) singing “Happy Birthday” when they’re headed to a bday party.  

Our Marketing Specialist, Jayna, recently gave a coloring book to her nephew and sent this pic along with it!  

Jayna and eli 

Celebrate Any Occasion with a GIF 

One of the easiest additions to your digital card is a GIF. We have thousands to choose from with one for every occasion. Here are some of our favorites!  
home sweet home gif


Unique Additions 

Technology has made it even easier to take your digital card to the next level. One of our customers suggested adding a Spotify playlist link to their digital card, which we thought was such a cool idea! You can even customize an “album cover” on Canva and upload that as your digital card’s photo. Coolest. Gift. Ever. 

spotify playlist

You can also look into Cameo, an app that allows you to purchase personalized messages from your favorite celebritiesOur co-founder Jane sent this one of Deborah Messing to her friend back in November and it was SUCH a hit!  

Save & Share 

One of our favorite parts about The Tokki is that you can save your digital cards to your Tokki album forever. We’re working on a feature to share directly to your socials, but for now screenshot & share away! Be sure to tag @tokkigifting and #putatokkionit so we can celebrate with you 🎊 

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