Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2024

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2024

Embrace the spirit of love and connection this Valentine's Day with our curated gift guide that goes beyond the ordinary! It's not just about romantic relationships – this year, celebrate all your cherished connections, from partners to parents, children, friends, and those special individuals you can't wait to spend time with. Break away from the cliché flowers and candy, and discover a range of thoughtful gift ideas suitable for every budget. Whether you're keeping it economical or ready to indulge, explore our handpicked selection of the best Valentine's Day (or Galentine's Day) gifts to make this year's celebrations truly memorable.


Gifts under $100

Custom Couple Portrait

Capture the essence of your love with our custom watercolor digital print – the perfect Valentine's Day gift! Personalize your masterpiece with your names, anniversary date, and special location. Act fast and get the digital file for just $6.95. Upgrade to a poster, canvas, or framed version for an extra touch of romance. Celebrate your unique love story with this heartfelt keepsake.

With over 11,000 5 star reviews, you cannot go wrong with this one-of-a-kind gift.

Red Rose Gift Plant

Elevate your Valentine's Day gesture with the timeless beauty of this miniature potted Red Rose Gift Plant. This exquisite plant boasts bold, fragrant flowers in a stunning display, making it a perfect symbol of love and romance. Delivered in a sophisticated gold container, it adds a touch of elegance to any space. What makes it even more special is its lasting charm – come spring, you can transfer this beauty into the garden, ensuring a perennial bloom of radiant red roses for seasons to come. This red rose plant is a living and enduring token of affection and a perfect way to say "I Love You".

Gifts under $75

Love Language Gift Box


Give the gift of self-care and social impact with Untold's thoughtfully curated gift boxes. Tailored to your loved one's love language, these boxes feature products exclusively sourced from BIPOC-owned small businesses. Untold goes beyond providing self-care essentials by actively working towards a more socially inclusive economy. Each box tells the unique stories of the entrepreneurs behind the brands, creating meaningful connections with every purchase. What makes it even more special is Untold's commitment to environmental responsibility. From packaging tape that contributes to global reforestation to paper sourced from sustainably grown forests, every element is chosen with a focus on ethical and eco-friendly practices. The box filler is embedded with wildflower seeds, encouraging a beautiful bloom that symbolizes growth and positive change. Gift a box that not only nurtures the soul but also supports a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Gifts under $50

Custom Bracelet from Little Words Project

Gift the power of kindness with a custom bracelet from Little Words Project – a thoughtful and empowering gesture. Founded after overcoming years of bullying, these bracelets are wearable affirmations of self-worth and kindness. Create a personalized bracelet with a word or phrase that resonates with you or choose from their signature best-selling collection. Each piece embodies the mantra 'Just Be Nice,' inspiring not only the wearer but also contributing to over $545,000 in donations for causes like cancer prevention and mental health awareness. This Valentine's Day, share the love with a meaningful accessory that makes a difference.

Gifts under $25 

Paint & Sip Night (at your home!)



Transform your Valentine's Day into a canvas of love with a DIY Paint and Sip night at home. Head to your local crafts store and gather two canvases along with some vibrant paint supplies. Set the mood by choosing an inspiring picture to replicate or take the creativity outside and paint the hues of a romantic sunset. With your favorite bottle of wine in hand, enjoy the experience of getting crafty together without the splurge. This intimate and personalized activity not only sparks creativity but also creates lasting memories as you both express your love on canvas. 

Organic Wine


Elevate your Paint and Sip night with a touch of organic sophistication by gifting a bottle from Choose from their exquisite selection of organic wines or sparkling wines, crafted by producers dedicated to environmentally conscious farming practices. Say cheers to a healthier planet as these wines are cultivated without inorganic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Dive deeper into the world of sustainable winemaking by exploring the diverse processes, certifications, and environmental contributions of each winery on their website. With options priced under $25, you not only find wines that suit your palate but also support the natural wine movement, ensuring a more sustainable future for generations to come. Gift the joy of organic indulgence this Valentine's Day, creating a perfect harmony with your Paint and Sip night.


Enhance your gift with Tokki's reusable wine bags – the perfect pairing for a bottle of wine to make your Valentine's present extra special. Simply attach a QR card with a photo, video, or GIF, along with a few heartfelt words, and create the most memorable Valentine's gift they'll ever receive.

Gifts under $10! 

Homemade Heart Brownie or Cookie Cake

Whisk up some love this Valentine's Day with a DIY heart-shaped cookie cake or brownie using the $5.99 heart-shaped cake pan from Hobby Lobby. Here's a delicious cookie cake recipe they'll be sure to love as much as you. Infuse sweetness into every bite by adding your partner's favorite candies to the batter, creating a delightful surprise. Personalize your creation even further by crafting a sweet note with icing on top. This thoughtful and budget-friendly gesture is not just a treat for the taste buds but a heartfelt way to show your love. Get ready to spread the joy of homemade happiness with a touch of sweetness! 


Give Back Together


Share the love this Valentine's Day by dedicating a day to volunteer together for a cause that resonates with both of you. If you don't have a favorite organization, a simple online search can reveal volunteer opportunities in your area. From sorting food and clothing for nonprofits to participating in park cleanups, there are various ways to make a positive impact. Engaging in activities that benefit others not only strengthens your connection but also spreads love and kindness within the community. This Valentine's, experience the joy of giving back together and create lasting memories rooted in the spirit of compassion.   

Do the Thing They’ve Been “Meaning to Get Around To”


Sometimes, the most meaningful gifts come from tackling the little tasks that never seem to find their way off the to-do list. Surprise that special someone in your life by taking care of a couple of items they've been putting off or dreading. Consider organizing their closet to perfection, giving their car a thorough cleaning, or decluttering their space. There's a unique charm in saying 'I love you' through the act of scrubbing away the day-to-day grime or conquering a task that's been looming. This Valentine's Day, show your love with the gift of a refreshed and organized space.

Give a Massage or Back Scratch


Valentine's Day is all about creating moments of love and intimacy, and what better way to do that than with the gift of a relaxing massage or soothing back scratch? This thoughtful and cost-free gesture is not only a way to unwind but also a demonstration of your care. Set the stage for a truly special surprise by adding some candles, creating a cozy ambiance with mood lighting, and playing their favorite calming music. Here's an article on how to give a great massage at home. Transform your space into a sanctuary of tranquility, and let the power of touch speak volumes. This Valentine's, embrace the simplicity of connection, making it a day filled with love, relaxation, and cherished moments.

Share the Love This Valentine’s Day

Tokki is committed to supporting our planet through sustainable, eco-friendly gifting options. If you’ve picked out that perfect gift for the one you love, check out our gift bag + qr card or new gift card holders that takes your gift to the next level - you can add videos, photos or GIFs to make your gift forever memorable. And you are helping take care of the planet too. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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